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Counter-Currents Matching Grant Update 
Coming Down to the Wire

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As you probably now know, Counter-Currents is doing a fundraising drive from now until Halloween. We are now going into full telethon mode.

Remember: we have also found a benefactor who will match donations made between now and Halloween up to $6,000.

Since our last update, we have received $574 in additional donations, in amounts ranging from $10 to $100. So that is $1,148 in additional support. I want to thank all of you for your continued generosity and faith in our efforts.

Between now and Halloween, we are trying to reach $25,000. It is coming down to the wire, and if we don’t start getting a few larger donations, we are not going to make it. So by all means, donate what you can afford. But those who can afford more: we need to hear from you. Donate here [2].

However, our benefactor will only match donations that are actually made before the end of the month. We cannot ask him to match pledges of monthly support, which can go on indefinitely — or be cut off after a couple of months. But if you sign up for a monthly payment program, your first month’s payment will be matched. (You can sign up at our donate page: https://counter-currents.com/donate/ [2])

Thank you for your readership and support.

Greg Johnson