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Reflections on 9/11, One Decade After

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I learned of 9/11 from the Internet. I’d gotten online later than usual that morning, and had not had television on. Immediately I was hit with headlines, news stories, and photos of the first tower of the World Trade Center in flames.

So I turned the television set on. It was a clear day, with perfectly blue skies.

Within minutes, the second tower was hit while I watched. Instantaneously, good video and photographic coverage of the event from all possible angles was piped to the nation and the world.

The collapse of the buildings was beautiful in the abstract, qualified way one associates with thermonuclear explosions or controlled demolitions of large structures observed from a safe distance. There was majesty, too, in seeing large airliners slicing into huge skyscrapers in the heart of Manhattan.

The most horrifying thing to watch was trapped, terrified people leaping to their deaths from unimaginable heights in a desperate attempt to escape searing flames.

Despite not being a fan of contemporary movies, and in fact watching little mass media, cumulatively I have been exposed to innumerable scenes from disaster flicks and TV shows over the years.

In retrospect, the effect of seeing countless Hollywood dramatizations of similar disasters psychologically and emotionally inures viewers to the real thing when it occurs. Instead, there’s a detached sense of watching a show one has seen many times before.

Thus, viewers worldwide were unconsciously programmed to experience 9/11 as quasi-“normal.” Because it was witnessed passively on a screen, as so many similar fictive events have been in the past, it is not completely “real”—there is a pronounced blunting effect.

The fact that these psychological/emotional processes are subconscious intensifies their power. I’m not suggesting that such conditioning is deliberate in this specific context (though film analyst Edmund Connelly has persuasively argued for such intentionality in other contexts—e.g., fictional depictions of Negro presidents), but that it exists and exercises its effects on everyone.

9/11 a Conspiracy?

In our Orwellian world, one must continually question centrally-mediated reality. The Holocaust, events in the Middle East, anti-white racist tropes, and Communism all teach us this. We are ruled by gangsters and liars, not legitimate statesmen or representatives.

Jewish philosopher Sir Karl Popper memorably remarked, “If you were to ask me how I know that China exists [he had never been there], I suppose I would have to say: ‘Because I’ve read about it.'”

Popper’s statement supplies the correct framework for the epistemological evaluation of contemporary social reality.

Fortunately, I don’t have to elaborate my views about 9/11 “conspiracy” theories because the editor of Counter-Currents inadvertently summarized them succinctly in a comment of his own.

As an aside, I admonish every reader of these words to cast the verbal aspersion “conspiracy theory” out of your mind forever. It’s no different from any other crimestop mental filter, such as anti-Semitism, racism, hate, or Holocaust denial. For God’s sake, jettison every last one of them and think for yourself. You’re men, not mindless automatons!

Greg Johnson wrote, and I agree:

1. 19 Arabs with box cutters hijacked 4 airplanes.

2. Israeli Jews were arrested filming the event, indicating that they had foreknowledge. My hunch is that Israel’s government at the highest level knew this was happening and let it happen to galvanize the US for new wars on Israel’s behalf.

3. An Israeli spy network was rolled up after 9/11.

4. Carl Cameron chronicled some of this at Fox.

5. Jewish power was used to shut down investigation of the Jewish angle in the press and law enforcement.

The Bush Administration immediately returned the dancing Israelis, art students, etc., to Israel so that no inquiry into their activities would ever take place. Jews are above the law.

However, I do not regard the 9/11 truth movement as a false flag operation. Most whites (indeed, most Gentiles of all races) are simply incapable, psychologically or emotionally, of dealing with facts about Jews.

Cracks in the System

The System’s response to 9/11 was predictable: the establishment (or intensification) of a police state, constant surveillance and monitoring of everyone and everything, more criminalization of thought, speech and association, denial of access to independent funds or equitable treatment in the media (which today equates to the public square), militarism, bombing and invasion of countries, the humiliation, assassination, and torture of heads of state, scientists, intellectuals, and dissidents.

The dilemma for today’s totalitarian ruling class is that the Jews now in charge cannot govern, dictatorially or otherwise, a state, never mind a globe-straddling empire, without an external sugar daddy to prop them up.

For those who regard the Jews as semi-divine beings, consider the strange fact that they, alone among the peoples of the Earth (except for Gypsies), cannot survive independently. They require a wealthy and tolerant host population — tolerant, that is, of every crime, evil, outrage and injustice associated with Jewish behavior. Never have they established a viable Jewish state.

Israel exists because it is subsidized by whites. The same was true of the ill-run Communist system, which survived only because of subventions and tolerance from the “West.”

A gangster state is an unstable and ultimately unworkable entity. Criminals cannot and will not sustain a civilization or a state for long.

9/11 signifies a major crack in a crumbling System — as do the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, Oklahoma City, the financial crisis of 2008, and anti-white riots and looting—cities burned as police watch passively. A great many subterranean cracks are concealed from public view.

It seems obvious, too, that replacement migration, economic transfer of wealth from whites to non-whites — no matter how much whites are hated by the government and elites — or the enraged destruction of country after country in the Middle East — no matter how much Israel and Jews are worshiped by the populace and the powers that be — are not economically or politically sustainable policies.

In 1938 Garet Garrett wrote in “The Revolution Was” that the New Deal overthrew the American system. In the words of Ryan McMacken:

It was not merely an incremental change in the size and scope of government, but a true revolution “within the form.” Garrett based these observations on the Aristotelian concept of the revolution that employs the “ancient laws” and claims to revere them while the true power has shifted from the traditional institutions to a new and revolutionary group hostile to the law they claim to defend.

The Cold War and the establishment of Israel caused a temporary diversion of elite attention and resources, leading to a brief reprieve, but were quickly followed by the cultural revolution of the 1960s-70s, and the post-1990 police state.

Each phase was a revolution from above, conducted and orchestrated by elites, with Jews constituting the core revolutionary element.

And what about whites? Have citizens in the heartland — Red Staters, the Silent and Dispossessed Majority, Middle Americans — learned anything at all about the realities of race, replacement migration, imperialism, the evils of totalitarianism, or Jews as a result of the massive social changes forced upon them in the decade since 9/11? Since the 1970s? Since 1933?

I see no evidence of it, and do not believe that they have.