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America’s Two Political Factions

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Edited by Kerry Bolton

Editor’s Preface:

Yockey wrote this essay in 1952 under his nom-de-plume, Ulick Varange. It appeared in two parts in Frontfighter,  the newsletter of the European Liberation Front, issue no. 22, March, and issue no. 23, April, 1952. Only the second part has been preserved, while the extracts and comments from the first part are taken from an FBI analysis.

Yockey here advocated a “neutralist” line in regard to the “Cold War,” and states that neither the “Communist” (i.e. “Jewish”) nor the “military” “factions” running the USA were friends of Europe.

US Intelligence services would have had particular interest in Yockey at this time, and in regard to these ideas, because there was widespread concern among the Allies of a resurgent German nationalism under the leadership of war hero Major General Otto Ernst Remer and the Socialist Reich Party. Remer was also advocating a “neutralist” position for Germany.

An FBI report on Yockey dated November 24, 1953 alludes to Yockey’s association with Remer and the Socialist Reich Party and to Yockey being “anti-United States.” The Report also cites one of Yockey’s key US contacts, Frederick C. F. Weiss, as possibly accepting funds from Soviet sources and as having rejected an anti-Soviet stance. The FBI Report also cites Yockey as having advocated even as early as 1949 an underground resistance movement in Germany which would collaborate with the USSR to oppose the Allied Occupation authorities.

In December 1952, only about half a year after writing “America’s Two Political Factions,” Yockey had attended the so-called “Treason Trial” in Prague, Czechoslovakia, which he regarded as the epochal turning point in Russia’s total break with Jewish world hegemony. The Jewish and military factions were soon conjoined, and many from the “Jewish faction” who had pursued a Communist course became some of America’s most avoid champions of opposition to the USSR during the Cold War.

On the other hand, “neutralist” Third World regimes, such as that of Nehru, whom Yockey had previously criticized as being pro-communist, would be praised a few years later for their statesmanship in opposing Judaeo-American hegemony. Today the US military acts as the policing arm of what Yockey had once called the “Jewish,” communistic faction. There is no longer any differentiation.

Part 1

FBI summary of Part One, from Chicago, Report dates July 20, 1953 (CG 100-25647), made by Agent Lloyd O. Bogstad.

The author states that Europe and South Americans are baffled by the United states’ rapid change in foreign policy.

Contained on page one:

The American inner-political scene is dominated by two factions, neither of which at this moment exercises dictatorship. The first, presently the more important of the two, is the Jewish or Communist faction (the two words are interchangeable in America). It is well organized, coherent, conscious of its power, conscious in its policy. It knows its objective, and even when temporarily set back, it continually return to it. The second is the Army or military faction.

VARANGE believes that the Jewish politics is everywhere and that it spells the destruction of Western civilization. He believes the Jews were instrumental in giving Communist spy HISS a light sentence as were the Communist leaders who were sentenced in this country.

Found on page two:

An “anti-communist” law required all Communists to register, but no penal provision was attached to it. It was defied by all communists with impunity. All this testifies to the efficiency of the Communist organization in America.

Contained on page two:

The Cabinet minister FORRESTAL, who resisted the official policy vis-à-vis Israel, was killed, and his murder portrayed as suicide. It is now known everywhere that shortly before his death, FORRESTAL was warned by BARUCH to abandon his resistance to the Israel policy.

The author believes that the Army is lacking in political plans. The top military leaders do what they are told, but they do not know or realize the objective is of what they are doing.

On page four:

There are traitors within it like EISENHOWER and the infamous MARSHALL. It was MARSHALL who, in 1941, when he was chief of staff, brought about the Pearl Harbor disaster. Though knowing when and where the attack was coming, he absented himself from his post and deliberately refrained alerting the garrison at Hawaii. For this direct treason, he received a promotion.

American foreign policy has become weaker and weaker because of the actions of our military in Europe and Korea.

The author believes that America cannot help Europe. Europe must help itself and develop its own resources.

Noted on page six:

Europe will not fight under the banner of its enemy.

Part Two

It was the military faction which insisted on the economic help to the Serbian butcher Tito, whose revolt against Moscow occurred through no connivance of the Washington regime, and who was at first denounced in the American press. It was the military faction which issued on the imposition of a war-alliance on Greece and Turkey. It was the military faction which intervened in Korea – it will be remembered that Acheson refused all comment during the early days of the war in Korea, for this Communist faction was still fighting hard against American intention. It is the military faction which is still fighting for the imposition of an alliance which Spain, and the Communist faction continues to sabotage all efforts to make this real.

With the acknowledgement of the existence, the identity, and the interests of these two factions, the otherwise insoluble riddle of American policy becomes clear. Thus, in the Russian blockade of Berlin, summer 1948, the military faction wanted to send armed convoys through. This of course would have brought about a political defeat for Russia, since the Russians were in no position to challenge such a military demonstration. Therefore the Communist faction in Washington threw all its weight against such a move. The final result was the “air-lift,” a compromise between the two factions, which saved Russia’s face and destroyed American military prestige in Europe. Europeans no longer believe, even the democrats and America-lovers, that America has either the will or the guts to oppose Russia. It is the military faction, again, which is reoccupying prostrate Europe and going through the forms of rebuilding European military forces, including the German army. And it is the Communist faction which opposes, now openly, in debate and propaganda, now secretly, in sabotage and undermining, all these measures. Here is manifest the terrible weakness of this politically-unconscious military faction: at the very head of its wishful thinking so-called European army, it allows the enemy Eisenhower to make sure that under his regime at least, there will be no real European army. Eisenhower belongs by his personal history to the Jewish-communist faction, and he could no more be relied on to fight Russia than could Nehru or Togliatti.

The Communist faction ties the hands of the American forces in the Chinese war, refuses to use superior atomic weapons against the Communist enemy, and talks even now, in the American press, of the wisdom and expediency of extending diplomatic recognition to China in the middle of a war. Similarly, during the “air lift,” friendly diplomatic conversations continually went on between Communists from Moscow and State department Communists from Washington, to keep everything within bounds and make sure that all incidents would be minimized in order to assure Russia’s diplomatic victory.

The only question of interest to us is: what is the significance of these two factions to Europe? The objective of the Communist-Jewish faction is the destruction of the Western Civilization, including America. The military faction has no political objective whatever; its purely military objective is preparation of a successful war against Russia, securing in the process all possible strong points and bases, and utilizing to bring about its victory the man-power of Europe.  In its official doctrinal publications, this faction has referred to the former nations of Europe as “pawns” in the war-front against Russia. The military faction at the moment is stronger than it has been at any time since the War, as shown by forcing through the Spanish rapprochement and by its progressive reoccupation of Europe. Its conception of Europe is a heavily industrialized area of a numerous population, politically and spiritually will-less, whose only rational formation is that of a group of mutually hostile protectorates, united only in common allegiance to America. Europe’s main function in this estimate is that of furnishing military support – principally in manpower – to the plans of the American generalate in its self-imposed task of conquering the world. Pari passu with the American reoccupation of Europe proceeds an intensification of the persecution of European nationalist elements: in France and Belgium the secret police are ordered by the American colonial administration to discover “plots” and to make arrests; in Rome 35 are arrested by the Churchill regime; in Germany a new wave of repression is begun by Adenauer. All this is testimony to the spiritual leadership of the Liberation Front, the first European nationalist reorganization, whose policy is gradually being adopted all over Europe by the elements of tomorrow, and is therefore being attacked all the more bitterly by the elements of yesterday.

Both factions mean the subjection of Europe, both mean the thwarting of its organic destiny, both are animated by jealousy of Europe and the wish to prevent the coming Imperium of Europe. Future developments in the intensifying struggle between these two factions are unpredictable. In no case can Europeans play the role of spectators in a foreign struggle rather than actors in the poetry of their own destiny. Let no misguided European beguile himself into an utterly misplaced sympathy with the American generalate as an American nationalist group, for this it most certainly is not. It is no more nationalist than is the Ford assembly line at Dearborn. Nationalist means: placing the interests of one’s nation before the interests of a class, and before the interests of other nations; it is a political word, and in the political realm, it cannot be repeated too often, the American generalate is unconscious. It would as soon fight Europe as China – in fact a comparison of American tactics in 1941–45 and in 1950–51 indicates it would rather fight Europe; it would as soon bombard London as Berlin, Buenos Aires as Moscow. These generals are not men of the stamp as Molkte, Schlieffen, and Clausewitz, but rather the stamp of Henry Ford. Their contribution to warfare is the assembly line; their military faith is not in morale, love of Fatherland and iron discipline, but the belief that with enough industrial production Destiny itself can be set aside and History be made to come out the end of a tube.

The true American nationalism is not constituted as a party, nor a faction, and not even yet as a movement. It is still a mere feeling distributed among a certain spiritual level of the American population. This American nationalism is a spirit that recognizes America’s colonial status vis-à-vis Europe that has no wish to destroy the mother-soil and father-culture of Europe that could be counted upon always to assist Europe against Asia and the world Colored Revolution. This America still existed politically in 1900 and in that year sent an expeditionary force to china, there to act in concert with European forces, in the smashing of the Boxer Rebellion, the whose under the command of a German field marshal. But at this critical moment of our destiny, this American has no political existence. Europe cannot look to it for hope, leaderless, unorganized, unconscious as it is.

Friendless and alone, Europe is thrown upon its own resources for its own salvation. But these resources are mightier than all the accumulations of matter, and biological units to operate the matter, of which the enemy disposes. In addition to its unassailable superiority in will, instincts, and intelligence, Europe possesses within it that which the enemy cannot even understand, the invincible Destiny of the Western Civilization. The arrogant products of America’s human assembly line who call themselves at present the Allied high command have no past, they contain no unifying Inner Imperative, no Idea, they represent no Nation and no State, they have no future.

At this moment both of America’s factions are the enemy of Europe. Europe will not fight under the banner of its enemy.