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Why I Write

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Why do I write movie and television reviews from a White Nationalist perspective? It’s complicated.

First and foremost, I write because I love film. I think that film is the realization of Richard Wagner’s idea of the “complete work of art” (Gesamtkunstwerk), a form of art that incorporates all other art forms: music, dance, acting, sculpture, painting, architecture, etc. Film better realizes Wagner’s ambitions than opera, since film can show things that opera merely tells.

By integrating so many art forms, film can communicate more, and more deeply, to more people, than any single art form. (The same is true of television. The screen is just smaller.) I loved film long before I became a White Nationalist, and I had been intending to write a book on David Lynch before I had my political awakening.

Second, I write because movies are a force. They are the greatest tool ever invented for shaping people’s ideas and imaginations. In the right hands, they can be a force for good. In the wrong hands, they are a force for evil. Unfortunately, the film industry in the United States and Europe is overwhelmingly controlled by an alien and hostile people, the Jews.

Jews use movies as a tool to promote ideas and values that are destructive of my race and civilization: race-mixing and multiculturalism, white guilt and self-hatred, feminism and emasculation, the valorization of Jews and non-whites, etc. Film reviews are one way that I can fight back.

But I am often asked, “If the movies are full of anti-white propaganda, why not just boycott them altogether—and encourage others to do so as well? If you believe that Jews are using movies and television as tools of genocide against our race, then it is wrong to watch them, encourage others to watch them, or give the people behind them a single dime.” I reject this argument for three reasons.

(A) A complete boycott of movies and TV would be a quixotic and futile gesture. Boycotts only work if there are numerous participants who can monitor each other to enforce compliance. If I boycotted movies and TV, I would be the only one. Nobody would join me, and if anyone did join, they would cheat. They would enjoy warm feelings of righteousness for a few minutes, then reach for the remote.

(B) Moreover, movies and television are so much a part of people’s lives that any White Nationalist who seriously attempted to boycott them would end up even more socially isolated and alienated than is normal for our people. Socializing with friends and family often involves watching TV and movies, or at least discussing them.

There’s also a larger point here: We cannot change the world by disengaging from it. We need to engage it and turn it in our direction. If we want to make a difference, we cannot retreat from the world to preserve our purity. We need to find a way of being in the world, but not of it.

(C) Boycotting TV and movies is throwing away a golden opportunity to reach our people. The film, television, and advertising industries comprise a vast number of highly intelligent, creative individuals with many billions of dollars of capital at their disposal, with which they create a 24/7 matrix of genocidal anti-white propaganda. White Nationalists cannot compete with that. Sure, we can dream of having our own mass media someday. But that will be after the revolution, not before. So what do we do in the meantime?

We can’t get our people to turn off the propaganda. We can’t create anywhere enough of our own television and movie propaganda to counter the establishment’s. But we can teach our people to see through the propaganda. And all it takes is a few perceptive and talented writers, the cost of Netflix and a few movie tickets, and a few dollars a month to host a website. Yet for that small investment, we can negate the propaganda churned out by legions of enemies with billions in capital. This is asymmetrical cultural warfare at its best. Our power is limited only by our readership. But on the web, that can grow very quickly.

Furthermore, I don’t just talk about specific movies and TV shows. I also illustrate the general principles of anti-white propaganda, teaching my readers how to decode propaganda in general. This has two profound effects.

(1) Whenever a brainwashed person is exposed to propaganda, it reinforces the establishment message. However, when we teach people to see through propaganda, then each new exposure reinforces our message instead. Imagine a young man who stumbles across one of my reviews because he is reading up on a movie he wants to see. He might like my interpretation or hate it. He might even reject my claims about the propaganda content of the film. But if he is bright, he will carry away a template for viewing other films, and he will begin to see the same patterns again and again. Gradually, the establishment’s power over his mind will fade, and the nagging little voice of Trevor Lynch will get louder and louder.

(2) When people learn to see through anti-white propaganda, they are often shocked by its omnipresence. It is one thing to see propaganda here and there. It is another thing to see it everywhere. Even I am still shocked when I visit friends who have cable. The anti-white message is everywhere: in every cooking program, every cute animal show, every house makeover program. You can’t escape it, and that’s no accident. When you see the omnipresence of the lie, you have a concrete experience of the system’s totalitarian nature and genocidal intent.

There is, however, a sense in which I boycott television, and I recommend others do so as well. I don’t watch broadcast television, and I refuse to pay for cable. So I don’t watch commercials, and the only TV series I see are downloaded or on DVD. I don’t like being “programmed.” My slogan is “Program yourself.” And I just don’t want to spend the money.

It astonishes me how much money White Nationalists pay to people who hate them in order to have toxic propaganda piped into their homes. It is even more shocking when you compare your monthly cable bill to your monthly donations to Counter-Currents or other pro-white websites, where people are actually fighting against the lies. So if you feel the need to boycott someone, cancel your cable and subscribe to a monthly donation [2] to Counter-Currents instead. Don’t be the sort of person who pays to be poisoned but counts on the antidote to be free.

I don’t write reviews just because I want to pan bad movies. I also want to praise good ones. And from a White Nationalist point of view, there are a lot of good movies out there.

The best movies are what I call the Goebbels Awards laureates. These are movies made by mainstream modern directors that Joseph Goebbels would not change a frame of. These include The Lord of the Rings [3] trilogy, Gangs of New York [4], A History of Violence [5], Miller’s Crossing, Cabaret, and Quiz Show.

Of course, most good movies that are useful from a White Nationalist perspective are also flawed, some of them slightly (like Fight Club or The Dark Knight [6]), some of them deeply (like Pulp Fiction [7] and The Matrix [8]). It often takes some adroit thinking to separate the good elements from the bad.

But the potential rewards are immense. Many White Nationalists justifiably lament the decline of education and rampant cultural illiteracy. People used to learn Latin, but now they devote their brain power to memorizing sports statistics. People used to read Plato and Shakespeare, but now they stare at shining screens. Kids today know more about Batman than George Washington, more about the Battle of Helm’s Deep than the Battle of Lepanto, more about Middle Earth than the Middle Ages. How can reactionary old cranks live in the past if nobody knows anything about it?

Now, I would like nothing better than to write essays about Plato, Nietzsche, and Evola for the rest of my life. And I would be doing just that, if my race were not being marched into oblivion. I want to fight, and that means I need to communicate. So I stopped lamenting other people’s cultural illiteracy and started correcting my own: my pop-cultural illiteracy. Because there is no more powerful medium than film at implanting images in people’s minds, and if we know those images, we can use them to communicate our ideas. And as I have shown, one can use Pulp Fiction [7] to teach Plato, Batman Begins [9] and The Dark Knight [6] to teach Nietzsche and Evola, etc.

As a writer, editor, businessman, and community organizer, I have to divide my time finely and spread myself pretty thin. But if I could delegate some of my jobs to others so I could focus full time on just one thing, I would write movie reviews. Not because it would be the most personally fulfilling, but because there is nothing I can do for our cause that is more effective at unplugging our people from the Matrix [8] and showing them the path toward the White Republic.