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White Riot:
Assimilation & Cultural Death in England

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As an ethnocentric white man, well aware that the mainstream media do not report the racial character of non-white violence, I closely examined photographs of the recent riots that have occurred in England. To my dismay I saw new numerous white youths participating in the violence. Most of the rioter’s faces were concealed, making it difficult to determine their race, and though they were most probably a minority, the number of white rioters was sizable.

This is something many racialist writers have ignored, reacted on instinct, and attributed sole responsibility to the Negro colony. What I am writing is not to let the blacks of the hook but use this as a way of objectively analyzing the shortcomings of my own people, to illustrate the scale of our tasks in regenerating them. If you do not believe in my basic premise, take a look at these pictures http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2024120/London-riots-2011-suspects-Photos-released-know-looters.html [3]

How did this come to be? The sort of looting that occurred is normally something only done by Negroes. The simple answer is that a substantial proportion of English white working class youth have adopted Negro folkways in a very thorough and total manner. In the US the closest equivalent is the Wigger phenomena. This differs in that Wiggers are simply young whites who act black and do so as a youthful and foolish idiosyncracy, something they grow out of, because a grown man looks stupid with his baggy jeans round round his knees and a backward baseball cap.

We don’t have Wiggers in the UK, we have instead, chavs: alternatively known as rude boys, pikeys, townies, hoodies, or feral youths. For them, Negro speech, attitudes, dress, musical tastes, and disorganized criminality come to them completely naturally and spontaneously, and are a badge of social station and identity. They are not even conscious of imitating aliens. There is no affectation there; their negrification is deep-set. Can one imagine your typical middle-class American wigger joining a Negro riot?

I thought not, and that is the difference.

How is all this even possible? Well, one of the advantages of being primitive is that blacks have a natural and intuitive understanding of ethnocentrism. They refer to blacks who act white as “Bounties,” after the coconut-chocolate bar that is black on the outside and, white in the inside. These feral white youths on the other hand, are like a sandwich full of excrement: white on the outside and black on the inside. To put it in Evolian terms their race of the body is white, their race of the soul is Negro, and their like almost every one else in our society incoherently nihilistic.

All of this proves the point made by Guillaume Faye that assimilation is cultural death, which results not only in African and Asians being superficially Westernized but also in European culture being Africanized and Islamified.

Assimilation has done its work too well in England. Most middle-class English people have non-white friends, and I myself have met privately educated Asians with manner and outlook identical to native rahs (rah being slang for the tattered and plutocratic remnants of the English gentry). If worse is better, then better (i.e. “successful” assimilation) is also definitely worse.

One of the reasons that the British National Party has failed to enjoy the sort of breakthroughs that other national-populist parties have is that race relations in the UK are simply somewhat “better” than they are in the rest of Europe, i.e. less tense and therefore less likely to produce racial awakening. In turn, one of the reasons they emphasize Islam so much is that they are the one group to remain culturally as well as racially alien, and even many of them have been integrated into a basically bourgeois life style

There are number of reasons why this is the case.

The first of all is that the English, are still quite culturally confident in a sort of effortless way. Unlike Scandinavians or White Americans, they are not ashamed of who they are; white guilt is probably as uncommon as white pride. The English are too reserved for either to really resonate.

Despite this, they are unfortunately lacking in the aggressive ethnocentrism of the French, Italians, or Flems, which angers and humiliates the colonizing population, thereby further provoking a backlash from an already hostile population. The English are too polite.

A further factor is the strength of the class system, which results in non-whites being happy to imitate the manner of whatever class they belong to, for Blacks this is the feral underclass, whose manners they have changed in turn, for Asians either the lower or upper- middle classes depending upon whether they are Muslims or from one of the higher IQ groups.

A final factor is that much of the non-white population is dispersed in penny packets. There is no equivalent of America’s inner cities and France’s banlieus, which provide the territory needed to form strong non-white identities. Thus loyalty in the underclass is to soil rather than blood; specifically to whatever estate they live on. They refer to it as their “ends,” what Americans would call a housing project. The idea of multi-racial looters loyal to some ghastly warren of sub-Corbussian architecture may seem fantastical to Americans, but such is the poisoned fruit of our ever so successful assimilation.

In persuading the English people to put race before economic class, and blood before money; to persuade them to vote for a party willing to deport their non-white personal friends and acquaintances, in all these things English nationalists face an uphill task. Regardless, they must persevere or the English people will be dispossessed without resistance and go quietly into the night convinced that their Afro-Asian colonizers and future masters, are in fact, just like them: English.

We must therefore emphasize more than ever that a people is defined not by shared customs or legal status but by ancestry, continuous identity and a sense of a sacred presence. To appeal solely to culture or customs is to be disarmed, given that docile and intelligent non-white immigrants can absorb our culture, while stupid and surly ones can drag the lowest elements of our people down with them, to their convulsive and chthonic depths of post-modern urban ferality.