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More on the White Rioters in England

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There has recently been speculation about the involvement of whites in England’s racial riots, August 6–10, 2011. A partial explanation has emerged in the Establishment press.

The race riots began in London on August 6, quickly spreading to other sections of the city. On August 8 rioting and looting spread to Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham, Bristol, Medway and Leicester, and on August 9 to Manchester and Salford.


Richard Mannington Bowes after fatal mob attack

Many police officers were injured and at least five deaths were reported, including the vicious, fatal beating of Richard Mannington Bowes, a 68-year-old retired accountant described as quiet and shy. Ten years previously the government had fined him as a criminal for confronting “youths” who were urinating outside his home.

By August 11, total property damage was estimated at more than $320 million.

What Triggered the Riots

The race riots were triggered by the fatal shooting by police of a 29-year-old mulatto named Mark Duggan on August 4 in Tottenham, North London. The shooting occurred during a planned arrest that was part of Operation Trident, designed to combat gun crime connected with the illegal drug trade. Tottenham was the epicenter where the riots began and from which they spread to the rest of England.


Mark Duggan, right, with cousin Kelvin Easton, whose killing he sought to avenge

Nothing happened, however, until two days after the shooting, on August 6, when a “peaceful protest march” of 200 people ending at Tottenham police station was organized by Duggan’s “friends and family.” The crowd grew larger at dusk as people with weapons joined the group. Violence broke out, allegedly over a rumor that police had attacked a 16-year-old girl, and police vehicles were set afire. From there everything quickly spread.

Duggan was an alleged drug dealer and member of North London’s Star Gang. He was also the nephew-by-marriage of Irish gangster Desmond Noonan of Manchester, England, who was stabbed to death in 2005. The Noonans are a large clan regarded as one of the most notorious organized crime families in English history.

Desmond Noonan and the Noonan Crime Family

Mark Duggan’s uncle came from a family of 16 in which every one of the 14 children, boys and girls, had been christened with a name beginning with the letter D, after their father’s home city of Dublin. The Noonan gang, formerly run by brothers Desmond, Domenyk, Damian, and Derek (Desmond and Damian are both deceased), has dominated Manchester’s underworld for two decades.

The Noonan brothers built their criminal empire supplying private security for England’s night clubs.

In the 1980s and ’90s Desmond Noonan was aligned with the violent anti-white Anti-Fascist Action (AFA)/Red Action groups which attacked National Front and British National Party (BNP) members. The current Anti-Fascist Action, Ireland appears to be modelled on this British group.

In 1989 Desmond Noonan joined members of a Manchester anti-fascist squad in a brutal attack on a group of Ulster Loyalists (pro-Northern Irish). One of his cronies, Paddy Logan, bit the earlobe off one of the Loyalists.

Through complex, subterranean connections at that time, AFA/Red Action, in turn, had ties to Searchlight, a sort of analogue in Britain to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in the US. Searchlight, in the words of Peter Rushton [5], a writer for Heritage and Destiny magazine, maintains “intimate connections with the Jewish establishment and with British police, security and intelligence agencies.”

Because of its Establishment nature, Searchlight felt compelled in the early ’90s to cosmetically sever its links with AFA after the Irish Republican Army (IRA) bombed Harrods department store in London. One of the bombers, Patrick Hayes, was a leader of the anti-white Red Action group; less than two years earlier he had served as liaison with police for an AFA march through East London protesting John Tyndall’s BNP.

The South Manchester BNP collapsed in 1993 after its branch organizer was physically intimidated by an anti-white gang that included Manchester mobster Desmond Noonan, Mark Duggan’s uncle. Noonan personally threatened the BNP organizer, ordering him to tell AFA everything he knew about the party in the region.

At the time, Manchester’s Irish gangs controlled the ecstasy and amphetamine trades while the Negro gangs of Moss Side and Cheetham Hill dominated the heroin business. Desmond Noonan was part of a group that provided the Negro gangs with guns and other weapons.

The Noonan gang appears to exercise a Godfather-like influence over Manchester residents, which may embrace non-whites as well as whites. According to an older account:

People in Moston, a poor working-class district [in Manchester] whose residents complain of feeling abandoned by the authorities, including the police, have come to look to Dominic, Dessie and their gang for their own special kind of street justice. In the recent fly-on-the-wall documentary MacIntyre’s Underworld on Five [a British TV channel], Donal MacIntyre explained that when somebody was burgled, people would turn to Dominic Noonan to sort it out.

Noonan brothers Desmond and Dominic were glamorized in the British TV documentary made by Irish journalist MacIntyre in 2005.

Mark Duggan and His Uncle Desmond Were Close

In the words of the Sun (UK) [6]:

Dessie’s [Desmond’s] second wife Julie, 50, is the sister of Duggan’s mum Pamela.

 Duggan, 29, regularly visited his uncle and Julie—who he married in 1985—to babysit their children.

The pair divorced following Dessie’s 1993 acquittal for the murder of gangster Anthony “White Tony” Johnson [the white—presumably Irish—co-leader of a Manchester Negro gang] two years earlier. But Duggan continued to visit Desmond and [his brother] Domenyk [Noonan] for barbecues and family parties.

A source said: “They took Mark under their wing, they liked him, not just as a nephew, but as a mate. When he came to Manchester he’d see them, and if they went to London they’d have a night with him.”

Dominic Noonan and the Riots

While the English riots were of course primarily an expression of the racist dynamics of contemporary society, one cannot ignore the role of anti-white Irish mobsters in them. The original trigger for the riots was the Tottenham police protest organized by “friends and family” of Mark Duggan.

While specific information about the organizers of the initial protest march has not been revealed, the Noonans are certainly capable of gathering crowds.

When brother Damian Noonan was buried after his fatal motorbike accident in the Dominican Republic in 2003, thousands of mourners joined the procession. Due to the size of the crowd, parts of Manchester had to be closed off.

And after Desmond was knifed in 2005, hundreds of residents attended his funeral in South Manchester. Men from the family company, D. J. Noonan Security, wearing black jackets with the words “We serve to protect” written on the back were followed by an Irish pipe band and drummers. Behind them came a horse-drawn carriage topped with white flowers bearing Desmond’s coffin, and twelve black Daimlers filled with floral tributes.


Domenyk Noonan, left, and associates during riots

Another of the gangster brothers specifically mentioned by the Sun as being close to Mark Duggan is Dominic Noonan (a homosexual) who today goes by the name of Domenyk Lattlay Fottfoy. He was arrested on suspicion of violent disorder during the riots in Manchester city center on August 9, and subsequently charged with handling stolen goods and possession of marijuana. The camera caught him “chatting to a hoodie-wearing youth with a looted flat-screen TV.”

Indeed, the Telegraph‘s (UK) account strongly implies that the looting in Manchester was organized and orchestrated by Domenyk Noonan and his gang. Read the newspaper’s very revealing article [8] for yourself.

According to the Sun,

Hundreds of “Noonan Boys”—youngsters allied to the crime boss—were allegedly among [Manchester] city centre rioters. The source added: “Domenyk made sure there was a big crowd of them rioting last night.”

Domenyk has more than 40 convictions for offences including armed robbery, police assault, attacks on prison officers, deception, firearms, jail escape and fraud, and has spent 22 years behind bars. He is suspected of being involved in several murders but has never been charged.