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Last Week’s Riots in England:
An Open Letter to Gilad Atzmon

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Editor’s Note:

The following open letter was distributed to Martin Webster’s private email list. It is reprinted here by permission.

Dear Gilad,

As you see, I am copying this to our friends Israel Shamir and Paul Eisen (of ‘Dir Yassein Remembered’) whose company I enjoyed at a pub meeting in London last Friday (12th August), plus some other people in the ‘bcc’ line.

I read all of your e-bulletins with great interest and listen intently to such of your speeches at meetings I am able to attend. Where you turn your mind to subjects about which you are qualified to discuss (i.e.: what’s going on in Israel; the oppression of the Palestinians by the Israelis; Jewish ethnocentrism and hypocrisy on the race issue, philosophical topics, etc.) then in my opinion you talk a great deal of sense and, as an “ex-Israeli” and “a proud self-hating Jew,” display courage.

But . . .

(There’s always a “but” . . .)

Because you are committed to a ‘One Nation’ solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, and because this requires the full-hearted acceptance by Jews of what they want to practice in Israel (but what they want the gentile world to implement in the Diaspora): a multi-racial society, you feel called upon to defend the multi-racial concept in every place and on every occasion where events indicate that it is a far from perfect way of ordering human society and far from popular with those on whom it has been imposed by the power elites — most notably the Jews.

Thus you invite your subscribers to view a video which promulgates an explanation of last week’s riots in England which you summarize as follows:

“The statistics, sociology, police brutality, massive food price increases and economic catastrophes behind the recent and continuing riots in Britain.”

If I may use a good old-fashioned English expression: “What utter bollocks!”

Were food shops the principal targets of the rioting looters? Have our newspapers and TV screens been filled with pictures of people (80 per cent of whom were Afro-Caribbean blacks, 20 per cent of whom were white pseudo-anarchists and/or opportunist crook scum) making off with food?

No they were making off with large plasma-screen plasma TVs, mobile phones, and the like.

Once they had all the electrical goods they required for themselves or for re-selling via the Internet, they returned to ‘shopping’ for clothes — not practical clothing for England’s often wet and cold weather, but armfuls of track suits and expensive and equally impractical sports-trainer footwear.

Once they had their fill of ‘designer-label’ clothing, they turned their attention to bicycle shops, jewelers, and other luxury goods emporiums.

Plasma TVs & ‘designer’ sportswear at top of looters’ list — not food

When they did invade supermarkets — or, more often, family-run convenience stories and corner shops — did they emerge with bread, meat, tinned food and other items to stock their larders? No. It was the alcohol that they carried away. Food stocks were scattered and destroyed.

Shop-keepers who tried to protect their premises were beaten.

In Birmingham, three Asian men were run down and murdered by a car convoy Afro-Carrib looters who objected to shop-keepers trying to protect their livelihoods.

In London a Malaysian tourist was attacked, beaten, and had his jaw broken. Then other rioters pretended to assist, but only to help themselves to his possessions in his ruck-sack. So much for colored immigrant solidarity!

A lone elderly and white man in Ealing tried to put out a fire set by a gang of Black ‘hoodies.’ They kicked and/or stabbed him to death.

And if that kind of mayhem were not enough, furniture shops and other properties were set ablaze in Tottenham, Croydon, Hackney, and elsewhere in London leading to whole city blocks being turned into rubble and endangering the lives of innocent people, namely those living in flats above the shops and the fire-fighters who had to deal with the blazes. London has not seen visions of such fiery destruction since the Blitz during WW2.

So the fatuous attempt to draw on Marxian sociology-babble to try and explain away and excuse all this so as to salvage the concept of the multi-racial society is naïve and shoddy ‘thinking.’ Such tripe may go down well with the leftist student types who attend the Socialist Workers’ Party summer schools at which you used to give lectures in yesteryear, but as I think I have indicated above, such knee-jerk twaddle does not bear a moment’s adult contemplation.

But the twaddle is also an insult to the British working class who went through the Great Depression of the 1930s. The standard of living endured by poor out-of-work people in those days (still just about within living memory) was a quantum leap lower and more desperate than that experienced by those who went rioting and looting last week. Nobody is starving; nobody has to tramp from ‘spike’ (workhouse) to ‘spike’ for an overnight sleep.

Read Down and Out in Paris and London or The Road to Wigan Pier, or other of George Orwell’s chronicles of the desperate poverty of unemployed people in the 1930s. The wretched indigenous Britons of those days had a million more times the right to riot and loot than the mainly Black rabble who tried to put London and other of our cities to sack last week. But the poverty-stricken Brits of the 1930s they did not do so. They strived to remain decent and honest and respectful of their neighbors, in stark contrast to the current multi-racial society’s vile, murderous and selfish rioters.

So the explanations for last week’s rioting which you subscribe to and promote is not only a tissue of lies, it is a grave insult to our — or at least, my — immediate forbears who went through so much.

Gilad — you should be ashamed of yourself.

I conclude by inviting you to post these remarks on your blog and — if you can demonstrate your belief in free speech — post this URL for a video from New Zealand which gives an appraisal of the sloppy ‘thinking’ in which you have indulged yourself in defense of the multi-racial concept which, in England at any rate, has proved to be an utter failure and looks set to develop into a catastrophe.

Yours sincerely,

(Martin Webster)

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  1. Alaskan
    Posted August 19, 2011 at 1:20 pm | Permalink

    The question, as always, is “what does it take to finally wake up and take action?” If this behavior does not awaken the English (and all Europeans) to the myth of racial equality and the “fruits” of multiculturalism (as if the sheer economic drain, rape, and other crimes were not enough already), then perhaps nothing will. How much worse does it have to get? A massacre? Thousands of White bodies rotting in the streets, hanging on lamp posts ala San Domingo??

    • Joe Owens
      Posted August 20, 2011 at 12:39 am | Permalink

      Our people will never wake up (as you call it) while revelling in Sigmund Freud’s “pleasure principle.” Until white people drag themselves away from T.v and silly music, then all they will do is watch their own destruction. We need a new creed of MILITANT WHITE FANATICSIM!!! We need Real Men leading at the front and not silly football hooligans or white power bands. This crap has held us back for years.

      Oh, and what was the purpose of Martin Webster writing to this Jew??? Who cares what he thinks?

      • George
        Posted August 22, 2011 at 7:29 am | Permalink

        “Oh, and what was the purpose of Martin Webster writing to this Jew??? Who cares what he thinks?”


  2. Posted August 19, 2011 at 3:30 pm | Permalink

    In a manner of response to Alaskan, the following article which was written about the average ordinary contemporary Frenchman, but its content is valid for any present day white European. It is in French, sorry, but I believe it is easy to understand and does not require a perfect command of French.

    The title can be translated

    They don’t even know anymore how to kill a rabbit.

    Ils ne savent même plus tuer un lapin

    L’histoire est simple, terriblement simple, et ce serait déjà bien suffisant si elle n’était pas terrible.
    Bon, nous connaissons le vaste chantier de destruction de l’Occident chrétien entreprit avec la révolution française. Après, le cahot des guerres fratricides est venu rythmer cahin-caha le développement des nations créées sur la fameuse table rase jusqu’au premier affrontement mondial, cette boucherie orchestrée par les princes de l’usure. Y furent éliminés une grande partie des élites, dans tous les domaines, des nations qui prirent part au conflit. Mais il en restait toujours, et comme ceux là menaçaient de refonder une Europe forte basée sur les nations, un deuxième affrontement mondial fut financé par les mêmes. Une bonne partie de ce qui restait des élites et des guerriers fut laminée dans le combat contre l’ogre bolchévique. La guerre mondiale fut perdue par les nationalistes dont beaucoup connurent la bienveillante justice des vainqueurs. Mais, il en restait toujours, on les envoya dans des endroits impossibles au Tonkin et ailleurs. Bien entendu, on commençait à voir la portion congrue des guerriers et des élites, celle qui avait survécu et que l’on envoya en Algérie, et ainsi de suite.
    Cependant, en Europe, à grand cris de « plus jamais ça », de culpabilisations et de repentances, on castrait joyeusement un matériel humain pas bien costaud, pas bien solide sur ses jambes. Et puis, pour être certain que ne renaîtrait pas un sauveur ou une Jeanne d’Arc, on perpertrait à nouveau par l’avortement le Massacre des Innocents, perpétuel celui-là, crime d’Etat financé par les impôts de ceux qui en sont les victimes. Spirituellement, on balançait un Vatican II aux conséquences désastreuses, la dignité et la fierté catholique ainsi que l’esprit des croisades étaient mis à terre. Alors, sans armes, sans uniformes et sans violence apparents ont fit envahir la vieille Europe, peu à peu et de manière croissante, par des hordes de barbares hébétés et brutaux qui salissent et qui cassent tout ce qu’ils touchent, et cela se passe sans problème aucun, car l’homme européen ne sait plus tuer. Il ne sait déjà plus tuer un lapin, le sang lui fait peur, alors tuer un barbare qui viole sa sœur ou sa mère… Au fil des générations le système nerveux des européens, déjà rendu débile par une consommation excessive d’alcool, a été annihilé, ce n’est plus qu’une carcasse avec de la viande dedans et des pulsions consomatrices. Dès que l’on énonce le simple fait qu’il faudra bien tuer tous ces envahisseurs qui chaque jour dévoilent un peu plus le pan de leur volonté de conquête, si on ne veut pas disparaître ou leur sevir de porteur d’eau, on rencontre des regards apeurés d’effarés qui vous prennent pour un fou, tandis que dans ce qui leur reste de cervelle on peut voir cliqueter les étincelles des reflexes pavloviens « plus jamais ça, homme blanc = criminel exploiteur universel, etc. »
    L’homme blanc ne sait plus tuer, il ne sait plus tuer un lapin, il sait encore moins tuer son ennemi. C’est là son problème fondamental.

    This article was widely circulated on the web, and, even among like minded readers, it was considered particularly tough. There we are.

  3. Junghans
    Posted August 19, 2011 at 7:42 pm | Permalink

    Ergo: London has been ‘blitzed’ again, by Negroes this time.

    • White Republican
      Posted August 21, 2011 at 3:46 am | Permalink

      Britain hasn’t simply been “blitzed,” it’s been colonised, and colonised by the scum of the earth.

  4. Mothergoose
    Posted August 20, 2011 at 6:00 am | Permalink

    What a breath of fresh air! Thanks for showing up that Jewish voice of reason, Gilad Atzmon whose implicit message is and has always been, “You see, we aren’t all the same”.

    Yes, you bloody well are!

  5. Robert in Arabia
    Posted August 20, 2011 at 10:30 pm | Permalink

    Bravo, Martin!

  6. Posted August 24, 2011 at 7:46 am | Permalink

    Those of us who have been arguing with leftist pro-immigration loonies since the 1960s, trying to get them to see the utter lunacy of allowing into our country millions of non-whites to outbreed us, interbreed with our less intelligent women, take over whole sections of our country and squeeze us out of social amenities that we and our forefathers have worked for, would like to know where these people are now.

    Where are they? Those who sneered at us and said we were just being alarmist, behind the times, or downright selfish and evil in opposing non-white immigration. They who knew better than us, who could see all the benefits of multiracialising us all, who refused to see any danger at all in what was happening and tried to make us feel intellectually inferior in failing to agree with them.

    I know where some of them are. In a land far away, trying to keep clear of the abortion of a mess they have helped bring about. And without the guts to come clean and admit they were disastrously wrong and that we were right.

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