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Nordic Rage:
Anders Behring Breivik’s Shots Across the Bow

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Predictably, the information about Anders Behring Breivik conveyed to us by the mainstream media has been a farrago of confusions and red herrings. He has been described as a “Christian fundamentalist” by some reporters. I would love for them to explain to me how somebody can be both a Christian fundamentalist and Freemason, given the antipathy of the former to the latter. But ignorance is epidemic these days, on both sides of the Atlantic, and I wouldn’t doubt that most reporters have only the vaguest notion of what constitutes a Christian fundamentalist (or a Freemason, for that matter).

Breivik is a European nationalist primarily concerned with the threat posed by Islam. As to his “Christian fundamentalism,” he simply affirms the importance of Christian history and culture for European identity. So far so good. (I’m a pagan, but even I will concede that, like it or not, Christianity has been the chief defining force of European culture for more than a thousand years.) But Breivik is also anti-racist and pro-Zionist. In short, we cannot claim him for our side – and thank God for that! Because the mainstream media has one thing definitely right about Breivik: he is a nut. Murdering 76 innocent Norwegians (mostly teenagers) was not exactly a step in the direction of saving his people. (Perhaps he was aiming at 76 Muslims but missed.)

To my mind, however, there is one and perhaps only one important and halfway positive thing to be seen in all this. Breivik’s actions, however awful and misguided and mad, are a volcanic eruption of rage against the anti-White, multicultural machine. And volcanic eruptions happen only when a lot of lava has built up under the surface of things (I remember this from college geology). Breivik’s actions are symptomatic of something bigger.

Right Wingers love to have dinner and hold conferences (when they’re not shut down by the apostles of tolerance). They spend a good portion of these get-togethers bemoaning the fact that White people won’t “wake up” to what is being done to them. “Why do they go along with multiculturalism so passively? Why do they simply seem to accept their displacement? Why do they act like lemmings?” Some Wingers become so disgusted they draw the almost irresistible conclusion that maybe White people aren’t worth saving after all.

But there is mounting evidence that a lot more people in Europe and America are awake than we’d previously thought. They wear masks of politically-correct conformity – but the masks are clay, and the clay is beginning to crack. Many, of course, especially in Europe (where there are laws against such things) are afraid to speak up. But when they can speak up anonymously, as on the internet, they do so with abandon – and with unconcealed rage.

And they have even started to speak out – many of them – in a much more public fashion. Consider the following story [2], reported by the Los Angeles Times on July 22. A “Latina” student has filed a lawsuit against the Bear Valley Unified School District, accusing her teacher of making derogatory remarks about her ethnicity. When the student wore a jersey with “Mexico” on it to class, her teacher is alleged to have said to her “Why are you here? Why are you in my country? This is my country. And because of people like you, I pay high taxes, and because of people like you, my insurance is sky high.” Needless to say, the teacher has apologized. But that she would ever have said this in the first place is remarkable. Of course, it was not a calculated act. It was an expression of pent-up rage.

Not unlike the rage of this Chihuahua who foiled an attempt by two Latino men to rob a convenience store:

Coincidentally, this was also reported by the Los Angeles Times. The robbers left most of the loot behind. Even our dogs have had enough.

Friedrich Engels had at least one thing right: when a number of quantitative changes amass, they can lead to a massive qualitative shift. As more and more people find their rage at the system harder and harder to control, as more of us see other people like us begin to speak up, the climate will begin to change. I believe that it is changing now. Though change may come to Europe quicker and sooner.

Recently, London’s Telegraph reported [3] that Lord Glasman, the leading policy adviser to the leader of the Labour Party, said the country should “draw the line” on immigration and put the needs of the British people first. Though the Labour Party has distanced itself from Glasman’s views, the fact that it was said at all by anyone in that camp is remarkable.

But why was it said? Why are such things now being said by politicians all over Europe? It is not because the politicians have seen the light. It is because they have glimpsed the darkness. They can sense the growing rage of their indigenous populations — who have now reached a point of such frustration that they are potentially becoming ungovernable.

Breivik’s homicidal lunacy cannot be justified, but it certainly can be explained. It is an explosion of White-European rage against a system which seems bent on the displacement and destruction of White-Europeans. And it is quite probably only the beginning.