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The Prague Treason Trial

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Published in December 1952 as “What is Behind the Hanging of the Eleven Jews in Prague?”

On Friday, November 27, there burst upon the world an event which, though small in itself, will have gigantic repercussions in the happenings to come. It will have these repercussions because it will force a political reorientation in the minds of the European elite.

That event was the conclusion of the treason trial of the Jews in Prague, and their condemnation to death. During the years 1945 and 1946 the coalition Jewry-Washington-Moscow functioned quite perfectly and frictionlessly. When the Israel “State” was established as the result of armed Jewish aggression, the entire world, dominated by Moscow and Washington, sang hymns of praise and congratulation. Washington recognized the new “State” de facto within a few hours of its proclaimed existence. Moscow outbid Washington in pro-Jewishness by giving de jure recognition. Both Washington and Moscow vied with one another in seeking to please the Israel operetta-state and aided it by all means moral and material. Russian diplomats boasted that at last, in Haifa, they had a warm-water port.

And now, after a few short years, Israel is recalling its “ambassadors” from Russian vassal-states, and intensifying its anti-Russian policy from its American citadel. Volatile Jews in Israel and America cry out that Stalin is following in the footsteps of Hitler. The entire American press boils with fury at anti-semitism in Russia. Anti-semitism, warns the New York Times, is the one thing America will not tolerate in the world.

Why this bouleversement?

It began early in 1947 with the Russian refusal to surrender a part of its sovereignty to the so-called “united nations” for purposes of “control” of the atomic weapon industry. Jewish statesmen, being materialistic in their metaphysics, believe strongly in the “absolute” military power of atomic weapons, and considered it thus indispensable for the success of their policy that they control these weapons unconditionally. This control they already possessed in America through the Atomic Energy Commission, specially created and constituted so that it is beyond the reach of Congress, and responsible only to the President, who is, by the practical rules of American inner-politics, an appointee of the Culture-State-Nation-People-Race of the Jew. They sought the same degree of control of atomic weapons in Russia, and used the device of the “united nations” to submit an ultimatum to the Russian leadership on this question.

This was in the latter part of 1946, when the tide of atom-worship was at its height, and the minds of nearly all of the poor crop of statesmen who today conduct the political affairs of the world were fantastically dominated by a mere explosive bomb. A similar mania reigned for a short time after the invention of dynamite, after the invention of the machine-gun. The Russian regime also believed in atoms with the same religious faith, and thus regarded the abdication of its “atomic” sovereignty as equivalent to the abdication of its entire sovereignty. Thus the Jewish-American ultimatum in late 1946 was rejected, and in early 1947 the preparation for the Third World War began.

This Russian refusal stymied the plans of the Jewish leadership, which aimed at a surrender of both Russian and American sovereignty to the “united nations,” an instrumentality dominated by the Jewish Culture-State-Nation-People-Race. Even supine, politically-unconscious America could hardly be expected to give up its sovereignty when the only other world-power unconditionally refused, and the entire policy had to be scrapped.

The next policy of the Jewish leadership was to persuade the Stalin regime by the encirclement and pressure of the “cold war” that it was hopeless to resist. The same tactic was used against the regime of Adolf Hitler from 1933 until 1936, when war was decided upon at the earliest feasible moment.

Because of the Russian rejection of the atomic weapon ultimatum, Russia now found its policy opposed everywhere, in Austria, in Germany, in Korea, in Finland. Those same American publicists who had become so deft at explaining Russia’s need for “security” as Russia seized one landscape after another, suddenly turned against Russia the accusation of “aggressor.” The faithful Russian servants in the West, like Truman, Acheson, Churchill, Attlee, Gaulle and the rest became suddenly — almost — anti-Russian. Naturally they did not use the same sort of language against Russia, the peace-loving democratic people of yesterday, that they had used against Germany, and — naturally again — they did not yet use the language of “Unconditional Surrender” when it came to a military test, in Korea. Although they had eagerly sought Russian aid against Germany, they did not now seek German aid against Russia. That would be going too far, and it is one of the political weaknesses of the Jew that he is the victim of  idées fixes. The leading obsession of the Jew is his unreasoning hatred of Germany, which, at this present stage of Europe’s cultural evolution means: unreasoning hatred of Europe.

For several years there have been grumblings and undertones in the American press against “anti-semitism” in Russia. These dark mutterings began after the Russian rejection in late 1946 of the Jewish-American ultimatum on the atomic weapon question. It was then that the Stalin regime began its inner-policy of dropping its numerous Jews from the highest positions, then working on down to the lower positions. Elastically, the Stalin regime tried all approaches to the Jewish leadership: it offered aid to Israel; it withdrew the offer and shut off emigration to Israel; it tried every policy, but still the Jewish-American encirclement policy continued. Wooing the Arabs did not change the mood of the Jewish-American leadership, nor did spurning the Arabs. The press campaign against Russia continued in America and all its European vassal-states. “Russia is anti-semitic” — thus thundered the American press, and, as political initiates know, this is the worst epithet in the American arsenal of political invective. As Eisenhower said, when accused by Truman of being an anti-semite: “How low can you get?”

* * * * * * * * * *

[2]The treason trials in Bohemia are neither the beginning nor the end of a historical process, they are merely an unmistakable turning point. Henceforth, all must perforce reorient their policy in view of the undeniable reshaping of the world-situation. The ostrich-policy is suicide. The talk of “defense against Bolshevism” belongs now to yesterday, as does the nonsense of talking of “the defense of Europe” at a period when every inch of European soil is dominated by the deadly enemies of Europe, those who seek its political-cultural-historical extinction at all costs.

That same barbaric despotism called the Russian empire and presided over by the fat peasant Stalin — Djugashvili, who rules by his cunning a Khanate greater than all those gathered together by the mighty Genghis is today the only obstacle to the domination of the entire earth by the instrumentality called “united nations.” This vast Russian empire was created by the Jewish-American hatred of Europe-Germany. During the Second World War, in order to prevent Stalin and his pan-Slav nationalist-religious entourage from concluding peace with Europe-Germany, the Jewish-American leadership gave Russian military equipment in unheard-of masses, and political promises, gifts and advantages with unheard-of largess. With the 14,795 airplanes; 375,883 trucks; and 7,056 tanks given it by America, Russia occupied all Eastern Europe for itself, and advanced into Magdeburg, Weimar, and Vienna. The American Secretary of State Marshall acted consciously and openly as a Russian agent in undermining the Chiang regime in China and delivering quietly to Russian vassaldom a quarter of the world’s population. It was only later that this conduct of Marshall’s seemed reprehensible; at the time, he was regarded as a distinguished diplomat, like Churchill and Roosevelt at Tehran, and was decorated for his service to Russia.

Gradually the picture changed, there was more talk of “anti-semitism” in Russia, and American public opinion, in prompt and unconditional obedience to the American press, switched over from being anti-German and pro-Russian to being anti-German and anti-Russian.

The epoch marked by the trials in Prague is not absolute; Russian papers still explain that the Jews condemned to death for sacrificing the interests of Bohemia to the interests of Jewry were “enemies of the Jewish people.” The American Jewish Committee takes the same line, so that people elsewhere in the world, in places like America and its English appendage, will not develop the idea that it would even be possible for a Jew holding public office in a host-country to behave like a Jew, and not like a loyal member of the host-country. The American Jewish Committee, however, gives no explanation whatever, not even in mere words, of what possible reason Russia would have for charging loyal Russian subjects with sacrificing Russian interests to Israel interests. They give us no clue. Apparently they would have the world believe that the canny peasant regime of Stalin is embarking on entirely unmotivated adventures in the same realm of world-politics which destroyed the political power of National Socialist Europe; the power of the Jewish Culture-State-Nation-People-Race.

The question of “guilt” or “innocence” in these, or any other political trials, like the stinking horror of Nürnberg, is historically meaningless. The Jewish victims in Prague, like the Rosenbergs in America, merely did not understand how late it was in the development of the “cold war.” The fashion of yesterday, of being pro-Russian in word and act, has changed. The Rosenbergs were not au courant. The Jewish officials in Prague also were living in yesterday and felt far more secure than they were. In 1952 they behaved as though they were in 1945.

Anyone who knows the simple meaning of the world “politics” knows that these trials were not spontaneous outbreaks of “race prejudice” on the part of politically wide-awake Stalin and his power-hungry entourage. These men want power and they will not attack on a front where, in the event of victory, no power could possibly be gained. For 35 years, Stalin has been pro-Jewish in his inner- and outer-policy, and if he now changes, it is for well-considered reasons of state-necessity.

The same Jewish press which says Stalin is “anti-semitic” says that his Jewish victims are “enemies of the Jews.” If they really believed this of his victims, the trials show that Stalin is pro-Jewish, not that he is anti-Jewish. However, nothing is easier than to catch the Jewish leaders in contradictions during these times when they are frantically realizing that perhaps their atomic ultimatum, their “united nations” front against Russia, their “cold war” encirclement of Russia, and their Korean war were gigantic blunders.

Up to now their objective within Russia has been to replace the Stalin regime, which the Jews consider as a traitor to the fundamental principle of Bolshevism, by a new Trotsky. Just as they constantly hoped for an internal revolution in Germany, so they have hoped for a revolution against Stalin, a revolution to return to Trotskyism and the fundamental principle of international Bolshevism, a revolution to wipe out religious, pan-Slav Russian nationalist-imperialism, a revolution which would embrace the “united nations” and bring about a Jewish millennium, the reunion of Baruch and Kaganovich, of Lippman and Ehrenburg, of Buttenwieser and Eisner, of Ana Pauker and Ana Rosenberg. But now, this hope has vanished. There is no way of bringing about the millennium by peaceful means, through coercion of Russia by “cold war” and “united nations.”

It is possible now to record the developments which have been rendered inevitable by the clear break signified by the Prague trials.

* * * * * * * * * *

[3]First, and most important of all to those of us who believe in the Liberation of Europe and the Imperium of Europe: this is the beginning of the end of the American hegemony of Europe. The shoddy structure of Morgenthau Plan and Marshall Plan, of Schumann Plan and Strassburg Plan, of the American flag flying over European capitals, of NATO, of the systematic subjugation and spoliation of Germany, of the satanic project of constructing a German Army to fight Russia on behalf of the occupying Jewish-American enemy, an Army without a General Staff, officered by democrats and armed with the weapons of 1870, the whole prolonged democratic holiday of churchills, gaulles, spaaks, gasperis, adenauers, and schumanns. For Europe, the Prague trials will act as a historical cathartic to flush out the historical waste-matter of churchills and their liberal-democratic-communist dirt.

The American hegemony is doomed because all Europe realizes with a start — what Imperium, The Proclamation of London, and the Frontfighter have preached for years — that the power on whose behalf Europe is asked to fight, “Bolshevism” is none other than the Jewish State-Nation-People-
Race, that entity which itself is the historical creator and leader of political Bolshevism.

It is obvious that events which were strong enough to force Stalin to reorient his entire world-policy and to become openly anti-Jewish will have the same effect on the elite of Europe. For the American hegemony to endure, it is necessary that the European elite be quite passive — it is of course quite impossible that the European elite would ever actively cooperate with primitive human material like McCloy, Truman, Acheson, or Eisenhower — and the Prague trials have gone off with an explosive roar to waken this elite to active resistance against the death plans being hatched for the European organism in Washington by the Jewish-American leadership.

America cannot undo the Prague trials any more than Russia can. From these trials there is now no going back. They are a war-declaration by Russia on the Jewish-American leadership no matter whether or not the Russian press still wraps its explanations in woolly words disclaiming “anti-semitism.” What matters in politics above all, is not what one says, but what one does. The fact is: the Russian leadership is killing Jews for treason to Russia, for service to the Jewish entity. Nothing can gainsay, or reverse this fact. The European elite will perforce note this fact and be governed accordingly. Russia has publicly before the world named its power-enemy, and has thus removed all controversy on the question of who is the real power-beneficiary of the American hegemony of Europe.

In the dark days of 1945, many Europeans embraced the American occupation as the lesser of two evils. During the past 7 years the comparative destructiveness of Russian barbarism and American-Jewish Bolshevism has appeared in its true proportions, the proportions set forth in Imperium, Volume II: a Russian occupation would be far less dangerous to Europe because of the abysmal cultural gulf between Russian and the West. This gulf would render impossible the erection of a vassal-state system, because there are no religious pan-Slavs in Europe, and the Russian barbarian leadership trusts no one else. The notion — fostered by wild American propaganda — that Russia could kill off the 250,000,000 people of Europe need not be taken seriously. It is a vile insult to European spiritual resources and masculinity, as well as being a historical nightmare and originated no doubt in the brain of some American writer of science-fantasy stories.

For political purposes, and increasingly for total cultural purposes, America is dominated absolutely by the Culture-State-Nation-People-Race of the Jew. America in Europe appeals to all the forces of Culture-Retardation and reaction, the forces of laziness and degeneracy, of inferiority and bad instincts. From the spiritual sewers of Europe, America can siphon up an endless number of churchills to do its dirty work of dividing, despoiling, and destroying Europe in a suicidal war.

Henceforth, the European elite can emerge more and more into affairs, and will force the Jewish-American leadership to render back, step by step, the custody of European Destiny to Europe, its best forces, its natural, organic leadership. If the Jewish-American leaders refuse, the new leaders of Europe will threaten them with the Russian bogey. By thus playing off Russia against the Jewish-American leadership, Europe can bring about its Liberation, possibly even before the Third World War.

* * * * * * * * * *

A second inevitable development from the turning-point of the Prague trials is the intensification of the American diplomatic offensive against Russia, the “cold war.” The press campaign will intensify in America and in Europe; Russia will become morally blacker and blacker; the American armament will be accelerated; all potential soviet agents will be liquidated by the “united nations.” Russia will naturally retaliate: today Pravda says “Zionism is a tool of American imperialism.” Tomorrow it will say: “American imperialism is the tool of Zionism.”

A third inevitable development: the collapse of the American-Jewish position in the Near East and throughout Islam. Since Russia will be unable to retreat from its anti-Jewish policy and the Jewish State-Nation-People-Race from its anti-Russian policy, since for each one there is no other power-opponent in the world, Russia will perforce ally itself with Islam, and Islam will perforce ally itself with Russia. Dark clouds of tragedy are gathering over the operetta-State of Israel, with its 1,000,000 population surrounded by a sea of 300,000,000 Mohametans in whose face it has just spat, emboldened by the brawn of its big American lackey. The lackey is still big, still stupid, still willing — but he is 5,000 miles away, and the concern will grow graver in Israel, and in secret places there, evacuation plans are being re-examined . . .

A fourth inevitable development is the weakening of the American position in Japan, and within a few years it is quite possible we will see the final expulsion of the American occupation troops from Japan. Even today these troops are ordered to wear mufti on the Japanese streets, and it is unavoidable that the coming intensification of Russian policy against the Jewish American regime of Washington will automatically heighten the nationalist activity of the politically-conscious Japanese elite.

Many other developments must follow, developments which no head in the Kremlin is now contemplating. Some are regular, and foreseeable, others are Imponderables and cannot even be imagined: one thing is sure — whoever declares war on the Jew will soon be engaged in a fight of world-wide dimensions and increasing viciousness, for the power of the Jewish State-Nation-
People-Race is widespread, and the leadership of this State-Nation-People-Race conducts its policy with its emotions rather than intellectually, subject as it is to obsessions and idées fixes.

To us in Europe, the trials are welcome; they clear the air. The opponents have now defined themselves. America recedes now to its proper position, that of the armorer and the technician, the world’s assembly line, the supplier of biological units called G.I.s to whoever is situated to pull the appropriate strings — in the First World War, it was England, in the Second it was Jewry. As far as Europe is concerned, the Jewish leaders may as well pull down the Stars and Stripes and run up the Star of David.

It was fatuous enough to ask Europe to fight for America, it was silly enough to ask it to “defend itself against Bolshevism” — under the leadership of Frankfurter, Lehmann, and Morgenthau — but now it is too absurd to ask Europe to fight to wipe out “anti-semitism” in Russia. Is there one European — just one — who would respond to this war-aim? But today, openly, without any possible disguise, this is the raison d’être of the coalition against Russia, for Russia has named its chief enemy, its sole enemy, and the sly peasant leadership of pan-Slavs in the Kremlin is not given to frivolity in its foreign policy.

The trials have made easier the task of the European Liberation Front. This Front was the first organ to warn Europe of the extinction in slavery promised for it by an alliance, supposedly with America, but actually with the Culture-State-Nation-People-Race of the Jew.

We repeat our message to Europe: no European must ever fight except for sovereign Europe; no European must ever fight one enemy of Europe on behalf of another enemy.

Europe has one aim: to actualize its Destiny. This means, to reconquer its sovereignty, to reassert its mission, to establish its Imperium, to give to the world an era of order and European peace. In the actualization of this mighty, irresistible Destiny, all extraneous events are mere material to be utilized. Inwardly, therefore, the words of the London Proclamation are as true today as they were in 1948, as they will be in 1960; “No, Europe is no more interested in this projected war than in a struggle between two negro tribes in the Sudan.”