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The “Borean Alliance”


John William Waterhouse, "Boreas," 1902

484 words

The idea of a “Borean” Alliance — like the ideas of Eurosiberia and Septentrion — is a recurring theme in European New Right geopolitics. Like “Septentrion,” from the Latin term for the Big Dipper, “Borean” means “Northern,” after Boreas, the Greek personification of the North Wind. Both concepts refer to a political union of the white peoples of North America, Europe, and Russia, as a geopolitical bloc that can stand against the demographic and political challenges of the non-white world.

The passages below on the Borean Alliance are translated to supplement to quotes I translated under the title “Project Septentrion: The Last Line of Defense [2].”  I wish to thank a French comrade for making these quotes available and for suggesting the title. The French originals are here [3].

* * *

Against the prodigious onslaught of exotic peoples and the birth of anti-white racism, we may well one day need  to reconfigure the unity of the civilized world [sic], from Alaska to Siberia. Then European Europe could not define herself against the other white continents. She will, on the contrary, have to become the most solid bond between European Russia and European America.—Jean Mabire, 1965



We are witnessing (and can see it on the map) a rapid retraction of the “white,” i.e., Europeanized, world. Europeans are in the process of falling back to their native territories, which are all located in the North of the terrestrial sphere. . . . We can then orient ourselves toward a “Borean Alliance,” a Triplicity of three large blocs: North America (including Canada and the northern part of the United States), Europe (with or without the Ukraine, which is an unanswered question), and Russia (including at least part of Siberia, if Russia manages to preserve it). In this coherent geopolitical point of view, “Americans,” Europeans, and Russians can preserve their names and distinct identities, while being closely united in a great “Borean Alliance” with three heads (arriving, as if by chance, on the number three, the sacred number of the Indo-Europeans) down as by chance on the figure three, crowned figure of the Indo-Europeans: the North and the number three, two beneficial forces for the Indo-Europeans). . . . This Borean Alliance will, of course, be possible only when the United States gives up its “secession” (because, ontologically, the foundation of the United States really was a secession) with respect to the Mother civilization (Europe) and its biblical capitalist and multiracial Utopia. As long as the American Empire will not give up its multiracialist Utopia and its hostility towards Europe (the Mother civilization), the concept of Euro-Russian alliance (Euro-Russia) will remain valid (and necessary).

All whites of the Northern Hemisphere united in a triple Borean Alliance: here finally is a hope on the horizon, and a perspective that is simultaneously exciting and realistic, integrating ethnopolitics, geopolitics, and chronopolitics. — “Volchok,” 2010–2011