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Matt Parrott reviews Confessions of a Reluctant Hater at The Occidental Observer

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Matt Parrott has published a positive review of Greg Johnson’s Confessions of a Reluctant Hater at The Occidental Observer. Read it here. You can purchase Confessions of a Reluctant Hater here or at Copies of the numbered, signed hardcover edition of 100 copies are also still available from this website only. Thank you Matt Parrott!


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    I just posted a slightly edited version of the below comment at TOO (which is still awaiting moderation):

    @ “If the people who are most informed about the ‘Mexer’ problem don’t personally hate them, then is it such a big problem after all?” – G.J.

    Hate is a natural sentiment. As natural as love. And the fact that in today’s totalitarian culture the elites want to suppress a natural sentiment speaks for itself.

    “Nacos” is White Mexican slang for Indian mestizos. Like “nigger” it is pejorative in Mexico. But, and here’s the difference, I have never heard this epithet used by a white on a brown person as a personal insult. But many White Mexicans use the word every day while speaking with each other in reference to the Indians.

    Any Iberian White that uses the word obviously hates the sea of nacos that has engulfed the country since the last century. But the fact that they don’t use the word in the presence of the beaners themselves demonstrates that their intent (our intent) is not to hurt feelings.

    Do some of my close friends hate the nacos? Yes and no. While we are extremely shocked about how their reproductive capabilities destroyed our town, at the same time we don’t direct our hatred against them, but against the liberal principle that made their biological reproduction possible in the first place.

    Do I hate the nacos? Paradoxically, I am the member of my family who better treats the brown servants who help them, and at the same time my dream is a white ethno-state in some part of the continent (even if that would mean the ethnic cleansing of some of them in the case of an ethnic war). On the other hand, one of my liberal brothers doesn’t feel the same empathy and compassion toward the servants during their conflicts with their bosses, but he freaked out when I dared to speak my mind on racial issues. According to PC, I would be the “hater” and my bro the “normal” guy, even though the servants trust me above any of the other family members…

    This paradox shows that the whole case on “racial hatred” is just newspeak from a culture that doesn’t allow the existence of basic immunological instincts such as self/non-self discrimination.

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