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Jews Menaced by Comic Book

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Bursting into the wealthy house where the bris for baby Glick Sacks is being held, the Monster Mohel and his scowling Orthodox thugs clutching automatic weapons look just like real-life religious fanatics.

Grinning evilly, the Monster Mohel demands, “Where is the child?”

In his artistic rendering—for this is a scene from San Diegan Matthew Hess’s anti-circumcision comic book Monster Mohel [2] (2010)—the villain reflects in his external features internal Jewish evil. (Though written and edited by Hess, the artist is a Brazilian freelancer named Gledson Baretto [3], who works by commission.)

Because Sarah (the impliedly Gentile wife) had been promised by her Jewish husband that baby Glick would not be circumcised, she asks what this means.

“Oh, please Sarah,” the swarthy bastard sneers. “Did you really think I was going to deprive our son of his Jewish heritage? Glick will be circumcised the same way I was and that’s that. You’ll just have to live with it.”

[4]But one guest, über-Aryan Miles Hastwick, corporate scientist, inconspicuously slips away from the rest and transforms, Superman-like, into Foreskin Man, a superhero who battles circumcisers with the aid of plasma rocket boots and superhuman strength. San Diego’s island-based Museum of Genital Integrity, which Hastwick heads, conceals Foreskin Man’s underground chamber, from which he ventures forth to battle evil.

(A literal-minded reader, missing both the crusading point of the comic and its alleged anti-Semitism, was unimpressed: “All the hype of the name ‘Foreskin Man’ leads to quite a disappointing read when you realize Foreskin Man doesn’t have any sort of powers relating to his foreskin. It should grow out of him and wrap around opponents or shoot lazers or SOMETHING. I’m sure this would be pretty disgusting to draw but hey, it would be a hell of a lot more interesting.”)

As the mohel intones “Thank thee, O Lord, for the joyous metzitzah b’peh for which I am about to partake,” rugged, blond Foreskin Man, readying his attack, thinks, “That’s it, Monster. Keep babbling.”

After decking the mohel with an eight ball to the head and evil henchman Yerik with the heavy end of a pool cue (“Lights out!”), Foreskin Man kidnaps little hybrid Glick and delivers him to the Intactivist Underground for safekeeping: “We will raise him as one of our own.”

[5]By the seaside at dusk, joined by Foreskin Man, members of the Underground set a wooden structure ablaze in a scene reminiscent of a KKK cross lighting. Circumstraints [6] have been attached to the frame, which is constructed in the shape of a shield displaying the phallic Intactivist Underground symbol, and it burns against a darkening sky.

“‘Foreskin Man,’ with its grotesque anti-Semitic imagery and themes,” the ADL monotonously intones in its press release [7] condemning Hess’s comic book, “reaches a new low and is disrespectful and deeply offensive.”

Mysterious Author

Monster Mohel, which has made international waves, is Issue No. 2 (of two) in the self-published Foreskin Man comic book series.

“I’ve been a fan of comic books since before I could even read the words in them, so I wanted the art to be at least as good as the story,” author Matthew Hess said.

William Pierce, the founder of the National Alliance, likewise experimented with the comic book medium with New World Order Comix No. 1, The Saga of . . . White Will! (1993). (YouTube [8], 4 mins. YouTube, a subsidiary of Jewish Internet giant Google, censors pro-white content when it discovers it. It works in conjunction with the ADL, a powerful Jewish hate group, and a network of YouTube informants. This video has been removed in the past.)

Active (or Intactive) in the anti-circumcision movement since 2002, Hess wrote a statutory ban of the practice and sought a state legislator anywhere to sponsor it. Last year Massachusetts State Sen. Michael Morrissey agreed. Hess helped enlist seventeen witnesses to testify in favor of the ban, but the bill was killed in committee.


On his MySpace webpage [10], New York-born Hess, 42, describes himself as “married,” “straight,” and “White/Caucasian”—a self-identification which does not absolutely preclude his being Jewish. According to news reports he was circumcised as an infant.

Media sources have been unforthcoming about Hess’s racial/religious background.

According to the website [11] of the group Hess belongs to (Intactivists), “Intactivists’ only issue with Judaism is circumcision. A significant proportion of Intactivists are Jews. Several of its founders and leading lights are Jewish—Edward Wallerstein [12], Ronald Goldman [13], Leonard Glick [14], Mark Reiss [15].” The site also contains a link to Jews Against Circumcision [16].

One unnamed “Jewish affairs advocate,” “who wasn’t speaking in an official capacity,” told a reporter [17],

We have not uncovered any kind of bigotry in their background or anything like that. That said, it seems that they are so fanatical in the belief of their cause that they are just either willfully blind or willfully ignorant to the fact that they have stooped to trafficking in these really hateful tropes. (Emphasis added.)

The machinery that enables Jewry to “investigate” in this manner and do much else besides is sinister in the extreme. It renders the United States and other ex-white countries unfree and anti-democratic.

Seeks Ban

As noted, Matthew Hess seeks a legal ban on infant circumcision. Jews are enraged that he obtained the 7,100 signatures necessary to place his proposal on the San Francisco ballot in November.


Hess writes:

MGMbill.org [19] [Male Genital Mutilation Bill] is a private non-profit organization based in San Diego, California, seeking to pass a law that will end the practice of male genital mutilation (circumcision) in the United States of America. Currently, girls are protected from genital mutilation by U.S. federal law, but boys are not. Although legal protection of only girls from circumcision would seem to violate the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the fact remains that it is still widely considered to be legal in this country to mutilate a boy’s genitals in the name of social custom, hygiene, religion, or any other reason. This is true despite the well documented lifelong damage that male circumcision causes each of its victims. It’s a practice we need to end now.

Hess is not alone in his opposition to the primitive ritual. Days ago screen star Russell Crowe blasted circumcision [20]. (He’s groveling mightily now to shed the “anti-Semitic” label that was immediately pinned to him.) According to the New York Times, 30%-50% of male infants in the US are still being circumcised.

How a Narrative is Constructed


"Foreskin Man" creator Matthew Hess

The public was alerted to the latest “Nazi” threat to the Jews (i.e., Foreskin Man), as near as I can tell, by a neoconservative syndicated columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, Debra J. Saunders, on June 2, 2011.

It seems that pulverizing foreign countries and killing their heads of state, murdering and torturing Palestinians, persecuting people like Demjanjuk for decades on end, suppressing speech, and manipulating the political process doesn’t keep Jews fully occupied.

In its reporting, the New York Times struck a melodramatic pose reminiscent of the winsome female hysterics in Charcot’s old photographs from the Salpêtrière: “If the anticircumcision activists have their way, cities across the country may be voting on whether to criminalize” the practice.

Jewish groups see the ballot measures [there was briefly a second one in Santa Monica that has already been pulled] as a very real threat, likening them to bans on circumcision that existed in Soviet-era Russia and Eastern Europe and in ancient Roman and Greek times. Checking for circumcision was one of the ways Jewish children could be culled from their peers by Nazis and the czar’s armies. “People are shocked that it has reached this level” said Marc Stern, associate general counsel for the American Jewish Committee.

Yeah, right.

The uproar over Monster Mohel and the San Francisco ballot measure is a case study of how contemporary narratives, stories, and social constructions are invented and peddled to the masses.

The objective phenomenon of Jews ruthlessly stomping an inconsequential local citizen initiative and one self-published comic book into the ground is translated via narcissistic self-absorption and the megaphone of the mass media into a virtual pogrom: Jews nationally menaced by blond anti-Semites!

Among the media outlets and pundits that have sanctimoniously blown the story out of proportion, discrediting their objectivity and credibility and revealing their tenuous relationship to reality, are the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Francisco Examiner, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, metro ABC and CBS television outlets, Southern California Public Radio, the San Diego Union-Tribune, the ADL, the American Jewish Committee, Commentary magazine, the Jewish Journal, Heeb, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), the Jerusalem Post, Haaretz (Israel), David Frum, the Wall Street Journal, the John Birch Society’s New American magazine, WorldNetDaily, Glenn Beck, South Dakota Politics, Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail (Canada), The Week (UK), the Daily Mail (London), and the Herald Sun (Australia). The neoconservative-Christian First Things, founded by philo-Semitic Roman Catholic priest Richard John Neuhaus, is demanding ostracism and censorship [22].

A Sober Assessment

Jews and powerful media outlets assure a rapt international audience that Hess’s measure to “criminalize” circumcision will be on the San Francisco ballot this November.

Yet their cries of “anti-Semitism” have already scotched a similar measure (also written by Hess) in Santa Monica, California. Jena Troutman [23], its blonde sponsor, caved in immediately to the pressure. Which is understandable. Who wants to be beaten to a pulp by America’s crazed Al Capone with his baseball bat?

Given the realities of Jewish power, it seems likely the San Francisco initiative will likewise never see the light of day.

Nevertheless, follow the logic.

First, the measure would have to actually pass in the face of opposition from all media outlets, Jewish organizations, and politicians. Jews have already mobilized. According to the Washington Times, “Jewish groups have joined with legal professionals, doctors and elected officials in opposing the measure through the recently formed Committee for Parental Choice and Religious Freedom.” (“Choice” and “religious freedom.” I like that. Did Mel Gibson have them?)

Second, Jews aren’t known for obeying laws. They do what they please. Laws are for lesser folk not “chosen” by God, a position tacitly endorsed by the legal system. If the measure passed, Jews could flaunt it and bask in the “persecution” limelight.

Third, the ordinance would face ultra-expensive legal hurdles.

Fourth, local authorities would actually have to enforce the ban and prosecute violators. (They don’t enforce immigration laws.)

Fifth, the proposed penalty is a $1,000 fine or a year in jail—a misdemeanor.

Finally, those inclined to obey the law, if any, could step across the municipal line and legally perform the Stone Age ritual outside city limits.

As for the comic book, when have Jews, liberals, or conservatives ever supported freedom of speech?

In his defense, Hess enigmatically promises that Issue No. 3 will “deal with a different kind of circumcision,” implying either a move back to political correctness or possibly forward to African tribal circumcision as hinted at in Issue No. 1, Dr. Mutilator [2] (2010).