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Jeff Gates’ Guilt by Association

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Jeff Gates
Guilt by Association: How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War [2]
Santa Barbara, Cal.: State Street Publications, 2008

Guilt by Association is a tour de force exposé of Jewish power. It is a big-picture look at how Ashkenazi groups have achieved the stunning level of control they exhibit in the two former Cold War adversaries, Russia and the United States. Much of this power—which should come as no surprise—springs from Jewish acumen in acquiring wealth, both lawfully and otherwise.

Gates comes to this task well-prepared. As former counsel to the US Senate, he understands how power is wielded. He also has a deep background in finance, which is important in understanding the ways Jews have manipulated world finance for their own gain.

The subtitle of the book refers to the way America and her allies were dragged into fighting an unnecessary war in Iraq. As bad as that may be, it is minor compared to the historic damage Gates claims Ashkenazi groups have done to Gentile nations.  Press releases describe the book’s scope:

In an account covering presidencies from Woodrow Wilson to George W. Bush, the author chronicles the influence wielded by pro-Israeli agents operating inside administrations over the past century regardless of party.

Harry Truman, a political product of organized crime from the 1920s, recognized Israel in 1948 over the strenuous objections of Secretary of State George Marshall and the entire US foreign policy and intelligence establishment.

Guilt by Association makes treason transparent. The corruption that plagues American politics is traced to an alliance with elites and extremists loyal to the Land of Israel. Unable to rid politics of campaign finance corruption, the US finds its security imperiled by those skilled at deceiving America into waging wars for the Zionist state.

Tracing this corruption to criminal syndicates from the 1920s, Guilt by Association reveals how those skilled at displacing facts with beliefs wield clout from the shadows. Both deception and self-deceit play critical roles in enabling this criminality to expand its reach on a global scale. Guilt by Association documents how by operating in the realms of politics, media, academia, think tanks, and popular culture corruption came to dominate politics, as shown by presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama. Chronicling systemic corruption that predates these candidates by decades, the book explains how organized crime expanded worldwide while the US discredited itself in the eyes of a global public astounded that Americans would tolerate such corruption to their own detriment. Featuring sophisticated analysis presented in layman’s language, Guilt by Association will transform political debate in the US and beyond.

This chronicle of duplicity and trans-generational manipulation describes how dysfunctional personalities are identified and then positioned for elective office. Chronicling systemic corruption that predates the current presidential candidates by decades, Guilt by Association describes how organized crime expanded worldwide in plain view yet with legal impunity.

Realists about Zionist power such as former Congressman Paul Findley and Ambassador Andrew Killgore have lavished praise on the book, with Findley calling it “magnificent, timely, and persuasive.”

Gates reveals something positively gangsterish in many facets of the Ashkenazi subculture he examines. For instance, he writes, “The Zionism chronicled in this account describes a transnational organized crime agenda featuring financial and political domination by elites and extremists.” A current manifestation of this, Gates argues, can be found in the fact that “the war in Iraq is the product of a trans-generational syndicate skilled at displacing facts with (false) beliefs. Those masterful at manipulating thoughts and beliefs are also responsible for enabling organized crime to expand to a global scale.”

If you find credence in the old saw that money makes the world go ‘round, you stand to benefit from Gates’ chronicling of not just criminal activity in the US, such as smuggling booze during Prohibition, but also the ongoing pillaging of wealth from both Russia and America. As he does throughout the book, Gates links various Jewish actors to show how maximum leverage is achieved. For instance, he points to how Larry Summers used the perceived authority of the World Bank, Treasury Department, and then Harvard University to create a team of “predominantly Ashkenazi advisors” who went on to enable the oligarchization of Russia “lawfully” and “in plain view and with impunity.”

As he writes, “Yeltsin predecessor Mikhail Gorbachev charged in July 2005 that $1 trillion had been hidden abroad by those ‘plundering’ Russia. The facts suggest the total may be considerably more. . . . the Yeltsin government enabled an Ashkenazi elite to take organized crime to a national scale.”

Bringing the issue closer to home for Americans, Gates cautions,  “The Russian experience confirmed that this global syndicate is masterful at committing nationwide frauds by corrupting a nation’s lawful authority, including the office of the president . . . With the pro-Israel bias of mainstream media, the political environment—both in the US and abroad—is ripe for frauds on an unprecedented scale.” Do the names Madoff, Bruce Karatz [3], Bruce Friedman [4], and Marc Dreier [5] mean anything to you? They should because they fit the profile of members of the Ashkenazi syndicate Gates outlines.

Whether explaining financial fraud, getting America to fight wars on behalf of its “ally” Israel, or how the charge of “anti-Semitism” is misused to control critics, Gates’ broad approach is unusually instructive.

Gates in essence reveals the secret to Jewish power: their ability to employ magic to deceive the masses. For instance, Gates write with respect to financial fraud the public allowed it in part because they were “a public induced to believe in the wisdom of financial markets—despite the facts.”

This can be generalized to serve a host of areas the American public has been unintentionally complicit in its own harm. We are “a public induced to believe [insert target of deception]—despite the facts.” Gates is perfectly correct in stating: “Thus the role of self-deceit and, in the Information Age, the disproportionate power wielded by those with outsized influence in the media, pop culture, politics, academia and think tanks.”

The good news is that Gates promises that Guilt by Association is but the first in a series of books to explain these critical developments. Get ready for them by getting a copy of the book and following updates here at his website [6].

TOQ Online, May 14, 2009