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Are You an Übermensch?
Take This Simple Test & Find Out!

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I suppose you’re reading this website because you care about the fate of Western culture and the race that produced it. Perhaps you are, in your own way, trying to do something to preserve your heritage and your people. Like me, you realize the terrible menace posed to the West by non-white immigration, and by all the isms that twine around each other in the noisome innards of Political Correctness: multiculturalism, egalitarianism, feminism, relativism, etc.

I want you to imagine for a moment that you are able to see into the future and know with absolute and total certainty that we will lose. For example, not only will whites become a minority in America and Europe, they will eventually be wiped out. Imagine for a moment that you know – again, with complete certainty – that white people and the civilization they created will be completely obliterated.

I want you to think of some aspects of Western civilization that you love or revere. Take the works of Plato for instance. Suppose you know that in the future there will be no one who will be interested in reading and preserving Plato. Oh, he’ll be around in libraries staffed by Asians, but eventually more and more voices will be heard calling for an end to teaching “dead white males” like Plato, who are simply no longer “relevant.” After several generations, new editions of Plato will cease to be printed. In a few hundred years, the old editions will have disappeared. In time the works of Plato will be completely lost. Now, simply apply the same pattern to Aristotle, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Wagner, Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Goethe, Kant, Mozart, Rodin, Bach, Botticelli, and Blake. Imagine the works of these men simply disappearing from the earth, because no one cares to preserve them.

We need not restrict ourselves to high culture. Imagine your favorite films, which you suppose will always be around on DVD, Blu Ray, or whatever new gimcrackery gets invented, simply vanishing from the face of the earth: Birth of a Nation, Citizen Kane, The Holy Mountain, Vertigo, Metropolis, Fanny and Alexander, La Dolce Vita. Wait, that’s high culture too. All right: imagine all the James Bond, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones films simply vanishing.

Imagine a world left with nothing but rap and salsa music, the Madea films, Telemundo, ghetto fiction, and donkey shows.

Please do not nit-pick. Please do not tell me “Well, it’s implausible to think that all of it will be lost. . . .” No, actually, it is not implausible. I put this scenario to someone once who said to me (I kid you not), “Oh, the Jews and the Asians will preserve our culture.” I will admit that if white, gentile, European people died out the hope for preserving our (high) culture would lie in the Jews and the Asians. But suppose they are not able to contain and control the dark tide after all? They imagine that they will be able to, but suppose not. I am inclined to believe that once superior peoples mix with inferior, it is only a matter of time before the superior is degraded and done in. In another essay [2] published on this website, Derek Hawthorne quotes D. H. Lawrence writing in The Plumed Serpent:

And all the efforts of white men to bring the soul of the dark men of Mexico into final clenched being have resulted in nothing but the collapse of the white men. Against the soft, dark flow of the Indian the white man at last collapses, with his god and his energy he collapses. In attempting to convert the dark man to the white man’s way of life, the white man has fallen helplessly down the hole he wanted to fill up. Seeking to save another man’s soul, the white man lost his own, and collapsed upon himself.

Besides, this is my thought experiment, and I get to make the rules. So, to repeat: imagine that it is all lost. I am not saying I think it really will be lost, and that everything is hopeless. I don’t actually believe that; I think that there is real reason for hope. But my thought experiment asks you to imagine, just for a moment, that in fact things are completely, and totally hopeless; our culture irreversibly dying out. Everything great and beautiful that the West has every created is done for. Gone, as if it had never existed.

Suppose that were the case – what would you do? When I first considered this scenario, I was filled with an almost indescribable sorrow. I felt as I imagine a man would feel on being told he has only a year to live. Why do anything at all, if it is all futile, if everything is for naught? Would you be able to continue listening to Wagner, or would it now be an unbearably painful experience, knowing as you do that soon Wagner will never be performed again? Would you stop reading Plato? Perhaps most significantly, would you stop trying to do your part to preserve your culture and your people? After all, what’s the point? You’ve seen the future, and you know that there isn’t a point.

For Nietzsche, you are an Übermensch if you are able to look the eternal return squarely in the face and say “yes” to it. This also involves a thought experiment. Imagine that everything that has happened and is happening now – including all the really awful things (e.g., Madea’s Big Happy Family) – are destined to happen again an infinite number of times in exactly the same way. If you think about this carefully, it’s truly horrifying. But the Übermensch is able to say yes to this awful prospect: to will that everything happen over again infinitely, including all that he has done. This constitutes a supreme act of self-assertion: to will that one’s own acts be repeated infinitely, unalterably.

My thought experiment, of course, is different. But how you respond to it also determines whether or not you are an Übermensch.  Are you able to see the future as bringing the destruction of all that we hold dear – and still live in this world and enjoy all those things while they last? If so, you have learned how to deal with death as a dying man does – enjoying all those things he values, in the time he has left. This is important, but it does not make you an Übermensch. Here’s the real question: are you able to see the future as bringing the destruction of all that we hold dear, and still act to defend and preserve our culture?

Yes, suppose you know for sure that all will be lost: will you still fight to save it all? If you respond by saying “What for?” then you are not an Übermensch. No indeed, you are the Last Man. If you think the best course is to take a Spanish class, or develop a taste for rap, or, worse yet, fry your brain on Political Correctness and decide that “it’s really all for the best,” then you are not even the Last Man. You’re not a man at all.

Faced with the prospect of a dark (in more ways than one) and dreadful future, the only honorable choice is to fight to preserve your culture and your people even if your efforts come to nothing. Many of us are doing that, soldiering on even though we remain pessimistic. Despite all the pessimism, however, we still hope. What I am asking you, however, is whether you could act to do what is right even if you are certain of failure. If you not only can do that, but find it impossible to imagine what else you could do with your time, then you are an Übermensch. In other words, if the only option for you is to fight for what’s right even though you believe you will fail, then you have passed the supreme test of character, and are more than merely human.

This perspective draws as much from the Bhagavad-Gita as it does from Nietzsche. (For more information, see Derek Hawthorne’s masterful review [3] of Julius Evola’s The Metaphysics of War.) Informed by the god Krishna that his future contained nothing but a nullity, the great warrior Arjuna fought on because it was his duty to fight. For a man like Arjuna – who was, again, more than a mere man – there was simply no other option.

To repeat, I am offering you only a thought experiment. I do not, in fact, believe that all is lost and that our situation is hopeless. Quite the reverse, in fact. If you have understood my thought experiment, however, you will see that it can be a source of tremendous strength. Too often individuals like us become dejected, and slide into do-nothing-ism. Some drop out of the cause entirely and wind up raising children and backyard chickens in some isolated, majority white (for now) hamlet in the boonies. But if you have understood what I have said, you will not be able to settle for this. In moments of dejection, when you feel that all is lost, you will remind yourself that even if all as lost you must act anyway, and that no other course is possible. That is, if you wish to retain your self-respect. If you do not wish to retain your self-respect, then we have nothing to say to each other.

“All this may be true,” I can hear some good souls saying, “but what, concretely, can I do?” This is our central problem. We all want to do something to fight the good fight but what can I, as an individual, do exactly? Well, some write, some speak, some organize meetings, some talk to and try to “convert” as many people as they can. Some ambitious folks with the luxury of time have started organizations, magazines, and websites. If you can’t do any of these, then you can at least help those that are.

In other words, you can give them money. I am Counter-Currents’ top donor. I give them a modest amount of money on a monthly basis. I do this because I believe that of all the “movement” outfits around today, the approach of Counter-Currents is the most promising. So many of the other groups deal only with matters like IQ, demographics, etc. One gets the impression they think that all we have to do is expel all the non-whites and paradise will return. This is extremely misguided. A culture that would allow our sorts of problems to arise in the first place is seriously warped. What we truly need is nothing less than a seering, all-encompassing critique of the whole post-Christian, Western world. Counter-Currents aims to establish an American version of the French New Right – one that is engaged not just in ivory tower intellectualism, but with a critique of popular culture and the creation of an alternative community. (Read the Counter-Currents mission statement here [4].)

I didn’t start this essay thinking I would end it with a fund-raising plea, but here goes. How much do you spend on Hollywood movie tickets a month, or on buying DVDs, or on a cable subscription, or on Starbucks coffee, or on tamales, or fried chicken? Is it $25 a month? $50? That money goes to support our enemies. Why not send it to Counter-Currents instead [5]? Just how much is saving Western civilization worth to you? Be an Übermensch. Invest in hate. Now [5].