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Jim Goad on Seven Things We Discuss at Counter-Currents All the Time

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“Seven Ideas You Can Never Discuss on Television”, April 3, 2011

In 1972 comedian George Carlin famously delineated the “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television.” All seven words dealt with bodily parts or functions at a time when such things were simply not mentioned in polite company. If anything, Carlin was understating the case—back then, I don’t remember anyone on TV even suggesting that nipples existed, much less coming out and saying “tits.”

In the intervening decades, society has not only shed such taboos, it has actively embraced vulgarity. At least on cable TV, one is now allowed—in some cases encouraged—to not only say all seven of those words, but to use them in a single sentence while demonstrating them for the camera. These days we have reality shows about crippled midget meth-smoking stripper Satanist hermaphrodites with AIDS competing against similarly afflicted freaks for cash prizes, and it’s “all good”—even something worth celebrating.

Modern culture has disabused itself of the false notion that the human body and its various functions are unnatural or unspeakable. It has rid itself of most sexual hang-ups, but—since all societies define themselves primarily via taboos—in its stead it has erected a new and equally fraudulent idealized vision of humanity entirely unsupported by science, logic, or evidence. There’s a whole new set of dirty words that didn’t used to be dirty—all of them derogatory terms for people who aren’t white males—and a forbidden set of ideas which one must not permit to seep inside one’s head without risking censure, shunning, verbal abuse, career death, and possible assault.

The new sacred cows come in new shapes and colors, but they’re still sacred and they’re still fat fucking cows. The taboos have switched from the sexual to the cultural, but shiver me timbers if they aren’t enforced with the same blind, vengeful, true-believer tenacity as the old taboos. Ironically, these taboos find their deepest roots among a presumably “edgy” demographic—but the detached, ironic smarm so endemic along the Left Bank is only a thin crust atop a molten core of inviolably sacred assumptions and risk-free sanctimony. There is a new prudery afoot, and it’s based entirely on a faulty, illogical, and unsustainable myth of universal human equality. Read the whole article.


  1. Baron Adams
    Posted April 5, 2011 at 1:17 am | Permalink

    Why George Carlin? Must you invoke a Leftist hero when making a right-wing point?

  2. Fourmyle of Ceres
    Posted April 5, 2011 at 2:58 pm | Permalink

    Baron Adams makes a useful point:

    “Why a Leftist hero when making a right wing point?”

    Carlin shifted his understanding of politics from the youthful oppositional defiance of the Adolescent, to the realization that, to loosely paraphrase Tom Metzger, “It’s not right of left; it’s powerful, or powerless.”

    The seven words you can never say on television seem almost calculated to keep you looking in the wrong direction, where your energies can be displaced at no threat whatsoever to the status quo. Telling the adolescent you can’t say this insures he will think of, and act on, little else, one way or another, particularly when the this relates to carnal gratification.

    So, Eros triumphs over Civilization, for a Season, and that Season lasts for as long as our Posterity remain Adolescents in Mind, if not in Body.

    Seen any Adolescents in the bodies of Adults?

    In the words of a narrator in John Steinbeck’s Flight, “I have known boys of forty, because they were not around when a man was needed.”

    There’s a lot of that going around these days, and This Is Not By Accident.

    Our seven things deal with the triumph of political control by thought control, and are tolerated because we look in the mirror, see what looks back, and are afraid; contemptuous, yes, but afraid at what we have allowed ourselves to become, individually, and collectively.

    Jim Goad focuses on the seven Ideas – IDEAS – you can never discuss on television, the controlled State media.

    The Answer is to avoid being Charlie Brown, one more time, and don’t let Lucy hold the damn football.

    The Answer is to not play THEIR Game, on THEIR Terms.

    For their TERMS, replace the Seven Ideas with Fourteen Words.

    For their GAME, replace Lucy’s Game of Football – a Game where we NEVER move down the field, NEVER make points, and ALWAYS fall flat on our ass, with a different GAME, a different Focus, from the purposeless, safe, controlled Game of Children, to the Purposeful Practice of Nation Building.

    Focus Northwest.

    • Axel Johnston
      Posted April 5, 2011 at 9:33 pm | Permalink

      “There was once a shrewd necromancer who told a king that he had discovered a way to make gold out of sand. Naturally the king was interested and offered him great rewards for his secret. The necromancer explained his process. It seemed quite easy, except for one thing. Not once during the operation must the king think of the word Abracadabra. If he did, the charm was broken and the gold would not come. The king tried and tried to follow the directions, but he could not keep that word Abracadabra out of his mind. And he never made the gold.”
      –Collier, The Secret of the Ages

      Ah…thought control…

      • Fourmyle of Ceres
        Posted April 5, 2011 at 10:50 pm | Permalink

        In reply to Axel Johnston:

        You cited Collier on thought control:

        “…The king tried and tried to follow the directions, but he could not keep that word Abracadabra out of his mind. And he never made the gold.”

        In reply:
        Isn’t that a summary why we have nothing, virtually nothing, for more than FIFTY YEARS of “conservatism,” and false flag, lightning rods desigend to keep us from focusing on effectiveness?

        We are ALWAYS invoking vast, transnational conspiracies, which only reinforced the sense of powerlessness, and enhance the demoralization sought by the Adversary.

        No one seemed to realize, with the exceptions of Rockwell and Covington, that the answer was to shift our thinking from going after the safe targets, which were designed to absorb all of our energies and make the Childish among us feel we were actually Doing Something, to doing what is right for us, our Families, and our Race.

        Remember, all the Adversary has done to us was done without firng a shot, by controlling the pictures we saw, and the words we heard and read. Installation of privately controlled central bank? Check. Soft war on the White Race by Civil Rights and Affirmative Action? Check. Soft war on the White Race by deconstructing immigration, and fostering the illegal immigration of low quality people, many of whom are hostile to America in general, and the White Race in particular? Check.

        All, incidentally go to demonstrate how much conservatism was simply a false flag/lightning rod, designed to keep people watching the right hand, which provided entertaining distractions., while the left hand did what it wanted to, and “conservatives” voted to expand the civil rights/anti-White Initiatives, and the supporting bureaucracies, even when they controlled the Budget Committees, and the Executive Branch.

        The techniques are simple, and work beautifully for them.

        They can work for us, no less effectively, for a very welcome change.

        What wins First Prize is structuring the techniques in terms of a metapolitical project, the creation of a metapolitical framework, and then a national project, and a national analytical framework.

        A Mr. Covington seems to have provided the last two.


        Find your Inner Child – whether it is fat, bald, stupid Charlie Brown or his thirty years older counterpart, fat, bald, stupid Homer Simpson, and throw him down your Inner Well.

        First Rule of Fight Club IS?


        Don’t be a professional victim, not for one damn minute more. Begin tonight to take control of your life, and define it in the fulfillment of a greater Purpose than your self, and your self gratification.

        Focus Northwest.

    • I
      Posted April 5, 2011 at 11:47 pm | Permalink

      Classic Carlin bit here: “The Owners of This Country”

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