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All-Time Leading Hitlers

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catThe United States believes that it has the right to interfere in the affairs of any country for any reason. Comparisons to Nazi Germany aren’t apt, because the Nazis would’ve never had the gall to claim that nuclear proliferation on the Korean or Indian peninsulas was any of their business.

All this requires a well-oiled propaganda machine to convince the boobs that they’re out fighting for freedom. And, of course, the standard way of saying that the dictator you want to demonize is evil is to say that he is “like Hitler.” I searched for the following phrases in Google with quotation marks to see which government heads are the leading Hitlers.

Google Phrase Hits
Saddam was/is like Hitler + Hussein was/is like Hitler 448,900
Ahmadinejad is like Hitler 118,000
Putin is like Hitler 40,200
Sharon was/is like Hitler 25,400
Mugabe is like Hitler 24,600
Milosevic was/is like Hitler 3,170
Stalin was like Hitler 10
Castro is like Hitler 7
Kim is like Hitler +
Jong-Il is like Hitler
Pinochet was like Hitler 2
Khamenei is like Hitler 2
Olmert was/is like Hitler 2
Netanyahu was/is like Hitler 1

That’s quite impressive, but as far as Hitlerness is concerned, nobody can compare to the last two US presidents.

Google Phrase Hits
Bush was/is like Hitler 1,936,000
Obama is like Hitler 1,280,000
Carter was/is like Hitler 63,000
FDR was/is like Hitler + Roosevelt was/is like Hitler 12
Clinton was/is like Hitler 9
Reagan was/is like Hitler 9
Lincoln was like Hilter 7

Poor Carter became a Hitler for criticizing Israel in that book of his.  It looks like being president before the internet era took off really hurt Clinton’s and Reagan’s Hitler rankings. Obama has only been in office for 8 months. In another year he will become the all-time leading Hitler.

Interestingly, even entire countries can be “like Hitler.”

Google Phrase Hits
Israel is like Hitler 427,000
US is like Hitler + America is like Hitler 12
Iran is like Hitler 9
Iraq is like Hitler 6
China is like Hitler 2
Korea is like Hitler 2

Poor Israel is really not well-liked. They’re Hitler, and the people who oppose them are Hitlers too.

From HBD Books, September 5, 2009