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Raising Consciouness, Building Community:
Kevin MacDonald Visits the Bay Area

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On Saturday, February 19th and Sunday, February 20th Professor Kevin MacDonald spoke on “Nationalist Strategies” and signed copies of his book Cultural Insurrections [2] at two luncheons in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

There were 22 people at the Saturday event, 23 on Sunday. The audience demonstrated the diversity of racially conscious white Californians, including men and women, professionals, students, working people, business people, and retirees. Three generations of one family were present. Several leading white community activists and organizers were also in attendance.

The events were sponsored by Counter-Currents Publishing and North American New Right. Both versions of the talk were recorded, and once edited, the best version will be available for download on this site.

The purpose of these events was not merely to raise consciousness, but also to enjoy fellowship and build community. On both occasions, some racially conscious individuals from the same areas met each other for the first time. We hope that the seeds of new friendships and future collaborations have been planted.

Participants were delighted at the opportunity to hear and speak to an intellectual pioneer like Professor Kevin MacDonald in a relaxed and intimate setting. There was serious intellectual discussion as well as laughter, spirited debate as well as warm fellowship. The general consensus was that the venues and food were excellent and that more such events are needed. They are already being planned.

First and foremost, we wish to thank Professor MacDonald for generously donating his time and knowledge. We also wish to thank everybody else who helped organize and implement these events, as well as all who attended. In the world we are fighting for, we could thank you all by name.