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A Bottom Up Solution:
Culture Hacking & the Cultivation of Everyday Genius

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My mentor is a very productive but anonymous activist with a 160 IQ. He told me many years ago that the White nationalist movement isn’t going anywhere if it is dominated by people making clownish and unserious incitements to violence.

The worst thing about clownish and unserious incitements to violence is not the bad image it projects; bad as this is, the worst thing is that it is a short-circuit from what really needs to be done.

The Third Reich and the Communist governments of the USSR and Red China are examples of radical “Top Down” solutions. All failed, and had horrible consequences for the citizens of Germany, Russia and its republics, and China. The Third Reich may have succeeded had it not lost the war, but we’ll never know.

What we do know is that the focus on Top Down solutions is a dead end. The Tea Party radio shows and commentary are all solely focused on top down solutions, encouraging adherents to protest the government and beg Big Daddy government to “fix the problem.”

My above-mentioned mentor goes through life solving problems both technical and human. I have observed how he has an incisive mind that is very strong at “drilling down” into problems, and fixing them. He is able to do this because he has spent his life doing complex problems in mathematics, physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, computer science, and even organic farming. He made a computer-controlled automatic chicken house that regulates temperature and keeps his chickens fed and watered while he is away working his long hours.

You don’t need a 160 IQ to be an everyday genius. 120 should be sufficient. What matters is that you cultivate your native abilities towards practical ends.

The information technology field is still a good career choice, both high level and low level. I help businesses use computers and peripherals to better organize their offices, and I help ordinary folks get on the Internet and sell their stuff on Ebay, among other things. I’m a “no job too small” computer handyman.

If you have children, tutoring them a half hour a day, almost every day, in mathematics and science will make them excel way beyond their peers. Teachers and administrators will classify them as “college bound” and treat them accordingly. They will become very confident in their own abilities to solve problems, and not just math and science problems.

Math and science training seems to strengthen the brain in all fields, including writing, philosophy and rhetoric. A little knowledge of science gives a person a rich array of metaphors that seem to apply really well in real life. A metaphor I discovered is that of the evolution of pathogenic bacteria. Oppressing the ordinary, symbiant staphylococcus aureus bacteria with overuse of antibiotics created the monster of “Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus.” MRSA killed 17,000 people in 2005, according to Wikipedia.

Overuse of political correctness and anti-white memes is creating a “resistant” population among Whites. Moreover, being forced into the middle of the Muslim-Jewish religious war is teaching us about Semitic social strategies, just as bacteria can acquire resistance via horizontal transfer from different species of bacteria via plasmids:

Evolution with horizontal transfer. So bacteria acquire genetic variation through random mutation, but, unlike humans or oak trees, they also regularly get new gene variants through the process of horizontal transfer — that is, they can pass DNA back and forth to one another directly. For example, bacterial genes can be incorporated into small self-replicating circles of DNA called plasmids, which can be “injected” into other bacteria. The receiving bacterium may even incorporate some of the new DNA from the plasmid into its own genome and pass those genetic sequences on to its descendents. Importantly, bacteria do not have to be closely related to share DNA. Horizontal transfer can occur across even distantly related species — which would be a bit like you picking up the family pet and winding up with a few cat genes in your genome. In terms of evolution, this means that bacteria do not have to rely on random mutation to produce a beneficial gene variant. One species might pick up an advantageous gene from another species, and the process of natural selection could begin to act right away, spreading the new variant through future generations.

Horizontal transfer has important implications for the evolution of antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

Horizontal transfer can speed up the evolution of antibiotic resistance. Bacteria don’t necessarily have to wait for the right random mutations to come along to, say, adapt to penicillin. If another species or strain has already gone through the process of accumulating the mutations to resist penicillin, the appropriate resistance genes are probably already floating around in bacterial populations. This means that a population that encounters penicillin for the first time may already include a few individuals that carry highly-evolved resistance genes, allowing the strain to evolve quickly to evade the antibiotic.

Horizontal transfer aids the evolution of multiply-resistant strains. Plasmids can carry several genes, and so, separate genes to resist several different antibiotics can make their way onto the same plasmid. For example, in 2003 biologists discovered a single MRSA plasmid that conferred resistance to the penicillin and streptomycin families of antibiotics, as well as two other antibiotics and a disinfectant commonly found in wet wipes! Since the genes are physically attached together, selecting for one of those resistance genes lets the others hitchhike to high frequency. So exposing a bacterial population to say, streptomycin, may also unintentionally favor the evolution of a strain that resists the other antibiotics as well. http://evolution.berkeley.edu/evolibrary/news/080401_mrsa [2]

We can develop resistance via horizontal transmission as well, via transfer of ideas and memes, rather than genes.

The Islamic concept of Taqqiyah, which is “dissimulation about one’s true beliefs” is absolutely necessary given the Jewish adeptness at dishonest debate tactics and top down discourse distortion.

Another horizontal transmission we need to adopt is the “Market Dominant Minority” way of life. Market Dominant Minorities such as the Hindus and Pakistanis who own convenience stores are able to act more independently of the government and corporations because they aren’t dependent on hostile institutions for employment and livelihood. They are a “tribe” that is able to act collectively, and even keep their banking “within the tribe.”

Lastly, the “Culture of Learning” is very strong among Asians and Jews. Even if you are an electrician, you should study electrical engineering and become an electrical inspector. If you are an auto mechanic, you should learn how to “hack” cars and roll your own plug-in hybrids or electric cars.

The “steam punk” and “cyber punk” movements are very healthy trends. If I wasn’t tied down by work and family obligations, one thing I might do is move to Kalamazoo, Michigan, and tinker over at “The Geek Group” http://www.thegeekgroup.org/ [3] which provides a “do it yourself” science laboratory/artisan workshop. It’s amazing such a thing is even legal! Get there while you can!

If you’re not sure what you want to do, get the Lindsay books catalog http://lindsaybks.com/ [4]described as “Exceptional technical books for experimenters, inventors, tinkerers, mad scientists, and Thomas-Edison-types.” They have a project where you fabricate a lathe from hand tools, and then fabricate a whole machine shop from the lathe using things like motors from old washing machines.

One worthy project I would suggest would be fabricating things built to last, or refurbishing antique devices for resale, as discussed [5]by Alex Kurtagic. An example might be a washing machine that is both highly energy efficient, and designed to last for decades.

Some takeout restaurants in Silicon valley give out porcelain “takeout dishes” and ask you to return them when you can. You can fight back against the “throwaway society,” which is literally killing the ecosystem through the Pacific Garbage Patch.

Many great inventors were critical of the power and activism of Organized Jewry, such as Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. If you make yourself relevant to society based on a practical yet revolutionary design or invention, people will be more likely to listen to your social critiques. This is what I call “Culture Hacking.”

It’s a fact that Americans are going to be a lot poorer, and some combinations of high tech and low tech solutions may mitigate our looming impoverishment. Attacking the throwaway society is a full-frontal attack on International Banking as well. Attacking the bankers and helping ordinary people with your invention would be a great act of Culture Hacking, and Bottom Up solutions.

We are facing serious economic and material problems. You should never assume that “someone else is going to take care of it.” Maybe you will be some kind of hero-inventor. Look at the lasting fame of the guy who invented peanut butter!

In conclusion, we should pay attention to high tech, low tech, and science. We need to get back to “tinkering,” and the Culture of Learning. We need Francis Bacon and Leonardo DaVincis among us once again. You don’t need to be a super-genius, just a bit above average, intellectually curious, optimistic, persistent and industrious. The scientists I know are very optimistic, happy, capable individuals. Our individual success will contribute to the success of the cause of the survival of European man into the future.