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Seeing America as a Battle for Economic Niches


Franz von Stuck, "Wounded Amazon," 1903

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I happened to see this tidbit by Peter Brimelow from VDARE [2]:

Wendy Gramm, wife of Republican presidential candidate Phil Gramm. During the Iowa caucus race, Mrs. Gramm dismissed complaints about low wages paid by the meatpacking giant IBP, of which she was a director, with a knee-jerk platitude from her days as an economics professor: “Wages of labor, like other prices, are set in a market.”

Yeah—but this particular market has been distorted by a policy-produced flood of cheap Latin American and Asian immigrant labor, which has allowed managements to choose a low-wage, low-quality, high-turnover personnel strategy. The immigrant supply is also subsidized by further transfer payments like education, welfare, and (often) refugee benefits. Result: American workers displaced, American towns transformed into alien islands, taxes increased, consumer prices probably lowered rather little overall (because labor is actually a minor factor of production—even assuming no mechanization or substitution), and an enriched special-interest group: IBP management and stockholders.

To which Mrs. Gramm, of course, belongs. Under the circumstances, it is surprising that the citizens of Iowa did not process her husband into chopped liver. Come to think of it, they did.

Subsidized Agribusiness has committed two huge crimes against America already. The first was destroying family farms, and the second is the demographic disaster.

Agribusiness used sneaky, behind the scenes, corrupt methods to steal taxpayer subsidies, and sell the benefits of living in America to desperate immigrants, though it should not have been theirs to sell. Agribusiness has been getting the government to look the other way, and only citizen outrage checks the immigration flood at all. There was obviously the Jewish interest in opening the borders, but Agribusiness was the sleazy henchman to this agenda.

During World War II, so-called “Victory Gardens” supplied 40% of America’s produce. That’s a big percentage, when you consider that this amounted to millions of little backyard gardens.

Even more amazing — that 40% was produced largely by hand tool farming. My grandfather didn’t have a rototiller, and he did 1.5 acres in the middle of Westfield, Massachusetts from the early 30s until the early 60s, when all the kids moved out and he got too old.

Forty percent of the country’s produce would be enough to kill agribusiness, because the millions of people working those gardens and eating from them would all have a strong vested interest in ending agribusiness subsidies and controlling the genetic pollution of genetically modified crop pollen

What America really needs is a revolt of the middle class against corporate interests, because corporate interests have been seizing every economic niche they can take, and until they finish economically, culturally, and racially strip mining us. We have to start fighting this in an organized, systematic fashion, on all fronts economic, cultural, and racial.

Examples abound of the government/corporate system taking down small businessmen. In New York state, Governor Patterson wants to change the law to allow supermarkets to sell wine, which will put a lot of mom and pop liquor stores out of business, many of which are still owned by hard working white families.

If you begin to look at America as a bunch of economic niches, which is how the Jews and Indians and Pakistanis and Chinese see the country, you see whites being elbowed out with the help of the government. The problem is many whites and even white nationalists don’t pay attention to this particular aspect. They are too “deer in the headlights” panicked about the more visible signs of our displacement.

Fighting for economic niches is the way to fight, because it’s how they are fighting us. We meet them on this field of battle FIRST, and then and only then will we be ready to open new fronts, such as electoral politics.

What I see us doing at this stage is a combination of organic farms and freelance Mind-Work. I know for a fact that at a certain skill level of Information Technology you can still make a living. Information Technology is a little bit like farming, actually. It’s coaxing the data to what you want it to do. protecting it, preserving it, cultivating it into more useable forms. For example, offices that get a lot of paper correspondence via Snail Mail that they will have to refer back to later can scan it in once and then only have to rummage through manila folders if they need an original. Otherwise, every piece of paper with information on it is scanned into the computer as an image file, organized well, such as according to clients or customers, and backed up regularly unto redundant backup systems. I have concluded that one should back up both onto local drives, and onto an Internet backup service (if you’re not too paranoid about that).

The Desperation of Globalism will Create White Resilience and then White Resistance.

We are not an effective Resistance, because we are not Resilient. Resilience must come before Resistance can even begin. Globalism is forcing Resilience on us. Resilience will build confidence and thus will create a collective ambition to destroy the current oligarchic rule and replace it with something less stupid.

Whenever deploying that excellent aphorism about “replacing it with something less stupid,” one should cite the Pacific Garbage Patch and the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone. Even if you start off talking about survival of the white race, stopping the growth of the Pacific Garbage Patch and the GOM Dead Zone is only going to happen if whites once again take control of our own destiny. So it is perfectly legitimate to argue with the assumption that white Survival is the only true bulwark against ecocide.

There are those who argue that whites are responsible for ecocide. This is not true. What is true is that a global Jewish oligarchy and it’s helpers hijacked white civilization and turned it to a Cancer Growth Economy with no rhyme or reason but Growth for the sake of Growth. Global Jewish Oligarchy (GJO) led straight to the Pacific Garbage Patch and the GOM Dead Zone.

If White people were allowed to live as comes natural to us, such as in the days of Maytag Wringer Washers that were more like the family’s kitchen sink that lasts generations, rather than a plastic throwaway “gadget,” that lasts 5 to 10 years, and Victory Gardens for white families instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup for whiggers, we wouldn’t have the Pacific Garbage Patch or the GOM Dead Zone.

To turn back the tide of global Jewish oligarchy, we have to retrace the steps they took that led to their power over us. The two main initiatives were Market Dominant Minority and Culture of Learning. Some will say that doing these things are against the Nature of White people. I say that we can adapt and survive, and plenty of us will do literally ANYTHING to win.

Fortunately for us, that ANYTHING at this time doesn’t necessarily mean risking life or liberty. Risking life or liberty comes later, if at all. That time may (or may not) come when we are enough of a threat to the GJO’s for them to attack us more openly and more broadly. When they outlaw our speech completely, and if this happens, it will recruit many more adherents.

It’s really a game of chicken, but we’re not forcing the hands of the GJO’s because we aren’t trying hard enough to WIN with a capital W. We aren’t posing much of a threat at all, and I know we could do so, even in ways that are perfectly legal.

The biggest “threat” we pose is if we get white people to see America the way Asians and Jews see it — namely, as an array of economic niches. This is of course a very “un-Aryan” way of looking at one’s sacred homeland. That’s what you get when un-Aryans are slowly taking over, and not enough whites are paying attention.

Getting muscled out of our economic niches and our demographic dominance is a new “Indian” war, except we are the Indians. We are to be “succeeded.”

What if American Indians had used cannon and explosives and Mind-Warfare such as espionage and suicide bombing, and attacked military bases and Washington, D.C.? And at the same time had propaganda arms justifying their actions? What if they had taken a gun to a gun fight? They didn’t, and they lost.

A Culture of Learning and the Market Dominant Minority is the only way to proceed, unless you’d rather be just another “beautiful loser.” I have noticed that it’s very difficult to find honesty and ambition in the same person. Honest people are lazy, and most ambitious people seem to have low ideals. And so the ambitious psychopathic sleazebags are selling our heritage and birthright, which isn’t theirs to sell but they do it anyway, for another new car, new boat, new plane. If we idealists don’t get some raw, red meat ambition, we’ll just keep taking the proverbial knife to a gun fight. We’ll become about as significant as the Red Man. And I don’t think we’ll get the consolation prizes of reservations or casinos.