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Remembering Anthony M. Ludovici:
January 8, 1882–April 3, 1971

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Anthony Mario Ludovici was born on this day in 1882.

Ludovici was one of the first and most accomplished translators of Nietzsche into English and a leading exponent of Nietzsche’s thought. Ludovici was also an original philosopher in his own right. In nearly forty books, including eight novels, and hundreds of shorter works, Ludovici set forth his views on metaphysics, religion, ethics, politics, economics, the sexes, health, eugenics, art, modern culture, and current events with a clarity, wit, and fearless honesty that made him famous.

A passionate, principled defender of aristocracy and conservatism and a fierce, uncompromising critic of egalitarianism in all its manifestations, Ludovici was consigned to obscurity after the Second World War.

But in recent years, through the power of his thought and the promotional efforts of John V. Day, Ludovici’s writings have found a whole new audience.

In commemoration of Ludovici’s birth, we are publishing “Anthony Ludovici: Conservative from Another World [2],” originally published in Instauration.

See also John Day’s “What is Best Will Rule: Anthony Ludovici on Aristocracy and Democracy [3].”

I also wish to draw your attention to John Day’s extensive online archive of Ludovici’s writings: http://www.anthonymludovici.com/ [4]

John Day is also the editor of The Lost Philosopher: The Best of Anthony M. Ludovici [5], which in honor of Ludovici’s birthday will be available from this website for the remainder of the month of January for $20 in hardcover (regularly priced at $30) or $15 in paperback (regularly priced at $20).

The following excerpts from The Lost Philosopher are available on this website:

Because of the renewed interest in Ludovici’s work, many of his writings have recently been reprinted and are available at Amazon.com [15].