From the Editor 
The 2011 American Renaissance Conference


Jonathan Bowden

140 words

The 2011 American Renaissance Conference will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, on February 4–6.

Mike Polignano and I will be there selling books, networking, meeting old friends, and making new ones. We will also have a private get-together for our writers and donors.

I urge Counter-Currents/North American New Right readers, writers, and supporters to attend.

Just one of the speakers, Jonathan Bowden, is worth the whole price of the conference.

Today, Tuesday the 18th, is the last day you can register for $100. After today, the price jumps to $135.

For more details, follow this link, [2], and tell them that Counter-Currents sent you.

Even if the  2011 conference ends up being canceled due to terroristic threats, like the 2010 conference, we will still be in Charlotte for the weekend. So make your plans today.