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West-Coast White Nationalism


Jack London

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Slovak translation here [2]

Years ago, when a young woman set out from Alabama to go to college in California, her uncle told her the story of how California was born. America, you see, was populated by people who just did not fit in back in Europe: religious fanatics, horse thieves, bail jumpers, fortune seekers, and other footloose folk. When they settled on the East Coast, the ones who didn’t fit in there moved a little further West and settled. Those who didn’t fit in there, moved still further West. And so on, and so forth, until they reached the West Coast and couldn’t go any further. Then they started collecting. And that’s what explains California, the great cultural granola of fruits, nuts, and flakes.

I laughed, of course, when she told this story, because as a native Westerner, I know that it is true. I grew up in the inland Northwest, but when I first visited the West Coast, I knew that I was at home. The West Coast of the United States, from San Diego to Seattle, is the closest thing I have experienced to an earthly paradise. We have the best climate in the country. The temperature is almost always mild, no matter where one’s area falls on the spectrum from steady sunshine to perpetual gloom. Aside from the coastline itself, we have some of America’s most beautiful landscapes, ranging from deserts to towering snow-capped volcanoes to rainforests. We have America’s best food and wines, some of its most beautiful cities, and some pretty formidable cultural resources. No, we do not have the art museums of New York City, Washington, D.C., and Boston. No, we do not have the Metropolitan Opera. But we can always visit them during the two weeks of the year when those cities are neither freezing nor sweltering, then hasten back to where living is easy.

The West Coast also has a lot of white people. Seattle and Portland are the whitest large cities in the United States, and outside the cities, Washington and Oregon are even whiter. California, of course, is now majority non-white, although whites remain the largest ethnic group.

The racial quality of Western whites is also very high. Furthermore, white Westerners really are more “laid back” and fun-loving. Western friendliness is not just politeness. It is combined with genuine openness. City folk out West tend to be much less pretentious than city folk back East. Even in San Francisco.

Many White Nationalists hope that when the United States falls apart, a White Republic will emerge in the Pacific Northwest, encompassing Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and parts of Montana and even some parts of Northern California. Harold Covington [3] is the chief promoter of this idea, but he is not its originator or sole proponent. There are White Nationalists moving to the Northwest who are not part of Covington’s Northwest Front [4].

The chief objection to the idea of a Northwest Homeland is that West Coast tends to be socially and politically liberal, even though the inland West tends to be socially and politically conservative. So, the argument goes, the Pacific Northwest is less hospitable to a White Republic than other, more uniformly conservative areas. (Of course the creation of a White Republic will be an uphill battle anywhere in America.)

White Nationalism is, of course, overwhelmingly associated with the political right both in Europe and America. But White Nationalism will never triumph if it remains confined to the political right. White consciousness must become hegemonic up and down the political spectrum. White liberals and leftists will have to realize that their values are not universal aspirations of all mankind. They are, instead, expressions of a distinctly white consciousness and will not survive or flourish in a non-white society.


Denis Kearney

There is nothing absurd about the idea of a racially conscious left, much less a racially conscious left on the West Coast. Indeed, it has already existed, and its headquarters was right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was here that Denis Kearney [6], 1847–1907, an immigrant from Ireland, founded the California Workingman’s Party to combat Chinese immigration. It was here that Jack London, 1876–1916, wrote passionately on behalf of both socialism and racialism (and experimented with ecologically sustainable agriculture). It was here that Michael O’Meara [7] was born in 1946 and began his intellectual odyssey from Marxist and revolutionary syndicalist to White Nationalist and prophet of the White Republic.

Furthermore, I have noticed that today’s West Coast White Nationalists tend to be socially and even politically more left-wing than White Nationalists from other parts of the United States. I’ll never forget the evening in 2003 when, at a David Irving lecture in San Francisco, I met a daughter of the ’60s counter-culture who told me that her two favorite books are The Lord of the Rings and Mein Kampf.

These are, of course, generalizations based on personal experience, not sociological surveys. They are, furthermore, tendencies, not general rules or universal generalizations. There are obviously many exceptions. But White Nationalism is the stuff of dreams anyway. So with that caveat, I think there is reason to believe that, if a racially conscious left arises again, it will be on the West Coast.