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A New Podcast! 
Taking Action


In Costa Mesa, California, December 11, 2010

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Hello, this is Michael Polignano and today is December 18th, 2010. This is our second Counter-Currents podcast, entitled “Taking Action.” Today I’m going to talk a little about where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going.

But before I start, I’d like to offer thanks to the generous donors who joined the Counter Currents Donors’ circle. We hope you’ll be pleased to discover that you’re the first people to qualify for a new incentive we’re launching with this podcast. I’ll give the details a little later on.

But first I’d like to say that, since we started this business six months ago with our own money, Greg Johnson and I have done an exceptional job at getting the ball rolling. We’re only six months old, yet during that time, we’ve published two books, 458 online pieces, and more than 1,300 comments. Many of our articles have been widely reposted around the internet, including 48 on Euro-Synergies [3], the leading European New Right blog. We also know of 28 articles from our site that have been translated [4] (into German, Russian, and Czech).

This month we have released paperback editions of our first two books, Michael O’Meara’s Toward the White Republic [5] and my own Taking our own Side [6].

Greg Johnson has personally written 29 articles and translated 30 others. He is primarily responsible for the incredible increase in traffic to our website we’ve experienced since our inception. We had 26,054 unique visitors in November, up from 17,848 in October. And we’re on track to reach our target of 30,000 unique visitors for December. Your financial support allows us to devote more time to this venture, get our books in print sooner, and compensate our writers sooner.

So why do we deserve your support?

Number one, we are a politically conscious publishing company. Our aim is to create a North American New Right analogous to the European New Right. We wish to lay the foundations for a White Republic in North America. We are not conservatives. We are racial revolutionaries. We take a consistent and uncompromising stand on all the points that matter to the White Nationalist vanguard.

The second reason to support us that that we have talent and high standards. Our website and books are attractive, intelligent, and well-edited. If White Nationalists are going to change this society, then we need to start looking and acting like winners today.

Number three, both Greg Johnson and I have crossed the Rubicon. There’s no turning back to the safe anonymity of the “mainstream” for either of us, so we have nothing to lose by throwing ourselves behind this venture 100%. Failure is not an option for us. Regardless of what corrections or adjustments we need to make, we’re going to make this work one way or another.

I know what it’s like to feel alive, to wake up in the morning with energy and hope and purpose and go to bed feeling tired but accomplished. But I also know the opposite: going to bed bored and waking up tired, living in the haze of indecision, fearing the future and regretting the past. And I’ve made the decision to only pursue work I find personally meaningful, which is to say, work that helps me grow as a human being but also offers value to others.

Number four, we’re actively trying to build local community, and support efforts by other activist groups to do the same. Two weekends ago I was in Seattle meeting with activists including members of European Americans United, and last weekend I introduced Counter-Currents at an event in Southern California hosted by the Institute for Historical Review, which included activists from the American Third Position. A month ago we hosted an event in Santa Cruz attended by 18 people that included young and old, former conservatives, former liberals, national anarchists, and the Golden Gate Skinheads. Counter-Currents Publishing is more than just another publishing imprint: we’re an organization that helps bring like-minded Whites together. And we will continue to collaborate with other groups that build local white community regardless of what they call themselves as long as they are healthy organizations in word and deed.

If you want to meet like minded people in your area, contact us. If others are amenable, we will put you in contact. We will not, of course, share personal information without the agreement of all parties.

Which leads me to the fifth and final reason you should support us: we have a vision. We see the potential for how things could be a few years down the road if do the right things now. We have the drive, we have the time, and we have access to the talent we need to make it happen. The only thing holding us back at this point is the money.

Since no one likes to part with money, I’ll start with something you can do right now which could potentially benefit us tremendously and which costs you nothing. On the right hand sidebar on our site, we have an Amazon affiliate link up there at the top. If you bookmark and use this link for all your Amazon.com purchases, then we receive a commission on the products you order at absolutely no cost to you.

If you support us, and if you’re sitting in front of a computer right now, I encourage you to take action. Right-click on the Amazon sidebar link and choose “Bookmark this Link” in Mozilla Firefox or “Add to Favorites” in Internet Explorer. Then use the bookmark every time you buy something from Amazon.com, and we will receive a commission on the sale at absolutely no cost to you. Do it right now! Pause this audio, create the bookmark, and I’ll continue when you’re done.

All right! To everyone who just did that small bit to support us, thank you and congratulations. You’re more than just a passive consumer of information or entertainment. You’re willing to act instead of just sitting there. To everyone who didn’t shut the audio off and bookmark the link, I ask that you be honest with yourself. Why didn’t you take action? Are you not serious? Is it because, in your heart, you have already accepted defeat? I can accept it if you don’t support what we’re doing, but if you do support us and if you’re sitting in front of a computer right now, then do it now! Some of you might be saying to yourself “yeah, that’s a good idea, but I’ll do it later.” . . . But then you’ll never do it. You know, one definition of character is “the ability to follow through on a decision long after the excitement and emotion of the moment has passed.” Don’t be a harmless flake. There are too many talkers, and not enough doers in this movement. Be a man of character and take meaningful action!

The second way to help us also costs nothing. Our first two titles, Toward the White Republic and Taking our Own Side, are now available in paperback from Amazon.com. If you have read these books and like them, go post positive reviews on Amazon.com.

The third way you can help us at no cost to yourself is to link to our articles on Facebook, Twitter, or email, or to talk about us over the phone or in person with your friends and family. This helps us build traffic to the site, and the more traffic we get, the more books we will sell, and the more people will support us through donations and by utilizing our Amazon affiliate link.

We at Counter-Currents are grateful for donations of all sizes and kinds, from one off checks to regular, recurring payments. Which brings me to the incentive we’re launching for those who making a one-time or a recurring donation of $120/year and up. We’ve decided to offer a special something to the first 200 people who do this. We’re calling this group “The Vanguard,” and in addition to the benefits I’m about to outline, we will offer special rewards down the road that are only available to the Vanguard. To qualify, you need to either sign up as a recurring donor of at least $10 a month, or you can make a one-time donation of $120 or more during any given calendar year. What you will receive, in addition to the status and recognition of being a Vanguard member, is a copy of our collectable, hardcover, stitch-bound edition of our journal North American New Right, which is limited to a print run of 200 numbered copies. This edition will not be made generally available. The only way to receive a copy is to join the Vanguard. Unless you state otherwise, the number you receive will be assigned according to the date you first signed up for recurring payments. So those who sign up earlier will have lower numbers. For one-time donors, a donation of $120 or more before the end of 2010 qualifies you for 2011 Vanguard status. There is a limit of 200 members, so don’t delay!

There are other benefits for recurring donations as well. For details, see the donations page on our website.

You know, one of the best things about going after what you want passionately is that you grow as a person in the process. Real change takes persistence. One has to do the right things, long enough, consistently, before one sees results. This struggle will test our character individually, as well as our right to exist as unique group of people. And there are undoubtedly obstacles that will come up along the way. But even when something happens that’s seemingly bad, the superior individual can transform it into a positive by growing and learning from the hardship. Victory or defeat in any struggle occurs in the mind first. No war has ever been won or lost, no people have ever been conquered until they first consciously or subconsciously accepted defeat.

Above all, we must act out of strength and a knowingness that what we’re doing is RIGHT. And right not just for us, but for all of humanity, for other species and for the planet as well. Humanity is at a perilous point in history where technological advances have progressed beyond our current ability to keep those technologies in check and use them to help instead of hinder our cultural and societal development.

There’s not a price in the world you can put on the feeling you have, when you wake up in the morning excited about the day, eager to take on the world and pursue your dreams. Knowing that you’re doing something meaningful, taking charge, and not being a passive victim of circumstance, or a product of your environment. Of course there are monetary challenges to what we hope to accomplish, but we can and will overcome them. It’s just a matter of time.

In any undertaking in life, there will be people who discourage you, who say you can’t do it. Usually the people who lost their dreams long ago and who have let themselves fail in life will be the ones who try to dissuade you from your dreams. Don’t let them! Don’t let anyone steal your dream. Or to quote a famous philosopher: Do not throw away the hero in your soul! Hold holy your highest hope!