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Secrets to a Happy Life:
A Primer for 20-Something Whites

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Is age 36 comparatively too young for me to be dispensing life advice?


But I’ve seen enough misery among White friends, relatives, and co-workers who are in their 30s and 40s that I’m motivated to write. A lot of the misery, I’m convinced, is caused by the death-inducing lies fed to Whites by the popular culture — a culture that is heavily influenced by consumerism, pharmacology, misguided White liberalism and our Jewish ethnic competitors.

Whites today are a mess. They’re declining in numbers, politically dispossessed, and confused about who they are. They are ignorant of their history and haven’t even thought of their future as a race of people. So it should come as no surprise that they currently aren’t making any future to speak of. I’m chipping in to reverse this trend.

Don’t think of this as anything definitive or comprehensive. It’s a jumping-off point, food for thought, a spark for the mental juices.


1. Get married

Once upon a time, mothers wanted this. Fathers wanted this. The whole family wanted this. They put pressure on younger people, and it worked. Today, that pressure is gone. It’s not good a good thing for Whites generally, or you personally.

Staying single into your 30?s and 40?s is recipe for isolated misery. The natural order of a healthy American life is to get married. Christians believe this, and correctly. Atheist racialist evolutionists believe this, and correctly. Whatever else motivates you, you should believe this, too. Because it’s true.

The “death culture” is one primarily aimed at Whites. Reject it. Don’t think that a happy life means perpetual adolescence and never-ending bachelorhood or bachelorette-hood. It’s a lie.

You look better at age 25. You have an open window, and you need to climb through it.

I cannot fathom the number of very smart and very attractive White women I’ve seen go unmarried. If you’re a woman, read “Just Marry Him,” the 2008 article from The Atlantic.

Read it if you’re a man, too.

I repeat: get married. It’s the rare person whose life is so important that they can’t be bothered to get married. Most presidents of late have been married, with children. If leaders of the free world can manage it with their schedules, so can you.

Marriage can be miserable. I need not go on about this. But it is far superior to the alternative: loneliness, partnerless-ness, family-lessness. On balance, I think studies show that married people are happier and live longer. Human beings need a partner, a family, a sense of the future. Lying in bed every night knowing that your body is the end of the genetic line should be a bracing thought. So kill the thought by getting married and having kids.

I am convinced that some Whites (usually women), disappointed by their inability to find a partner, declare themselves to be homosexual and pair off that way. I’m frustrated by this, partly because I doubt the actual “homosexuality” of these folks.

I’m not pointing fingers here, but maybe Whites of both sexes need to dispense with the notion that they’ll marry a matinee idol. You might be happier with a chunky White man with bad eyes who can give you children than another miserable chunky White woman who can’t.

The bottom line: wait for the perfect man or woman, and you’ll be waiting a long time. Marry someone you can stand, who you can imagine waking up next to every morning. Doesn’t sound romantic, I know, but there it is.

2. Marry a White person

You’ll be happier. I encounter dozens of White women who, convinced by Jewish propaganda that a Black man will enrich them, end up living ghetto lifestyles. Don’t buy this lie.

There is nothing more completely revolting and dispiriting to me than the sight of a White woman trailing her Black or Hispanic “ghetto daddy” and their corn-rowed, ghetto-beclothed young ones. Typically, she herself has often thrown in with the ghetto lot, dressing in sweatclothes and adopting a ghetto hairstyle of some kind.

But it’s not just me who’s made unhappy. These women are not really happy. They have descended to the undercrust of life, seemingly without an opportunity to return. These women are sometimes physically abused, living in lowly conditions, and otherwise ill-cared for (personal observation).

I don’t imagine that the thousands of White males who’ve married Asian women are as miserable as the White partners of Blacks, but I counsel avoiding this route as well. An Asian woman might have some advantages over a White woman — less feminist comes to mind — but try overlooking this for the good of the race.

By marrying a White person, you will be more closely related to your children. And since you would be more closely related to your White children, psychological research shows that you would be likely to have better rapport with them.

Your in-laws will be White, which will make things easier. They understand you. You understand them. The whole extended family will be White. A nice shelter in an increasingly hateful world.

And let’s face it — it’s not like White people are unattractive. A Jewish male might face the temptation to marry a pretty blonde “shiksa,” but he’s encouraged to get past that and marry into his ethnicity. You, White gentile male, should be marrying the pretty blonde (or brunette, or redhead). Many Jewish mothers would agree.

3. Have children

Don’t wait until your 40s. It is simply a lie that childbirth at 42 is as easy and risk-free as childbirth at 28. The media tells you this because it’s not interested in a healthy White society — it’s interested in quite the opposite. In fact, it’s much harder for women to get pregnant after age 35.

So many White women have been devastated by this falsehood: they put off children for an empty career end up pregnant with Down Syndrome babies, birth defects, birth difficulties, the need for fertility drugs, you name it.

Listen to nature: have children in your 20s and 30s. Have lots of them. Don’t worry about paying for them. They will not starve, believe me.

Making partner at Stumpson & Wickwacker is not more fulfilling.

Children are an absolute delight. Yes, they are also a pain. But don’t listen to the lies about how having kids will ruin your life. They won’t. Your life is not so important that you can’t change a damn diaper. This will put you in touch with reality. Someone changed your diaper, after all — give back, as the liberals like to say.

It just isn’t normal to go childless. Healthy life means being surrounded by all ages of Whites, from infancy to deathbed. This is life, and this is how it should be.

You look like an idiot with all your yuppie toys and no kids at 46. I’ve seen this White couple all over — on my side of the family and my wife’s. They have spectacular homes, very nicely decorated. Great, I admire that. But what lurks there is creeping death, and a certain sadness.

Few people accomplish all they seek in life. Your kids are your chance to live on. Don’t be the end of the family line, as Morrissey sings. Maybe it’s okay for him — he’s Morrissey. You shouldn’t be. Someone needs to be there in the future to enjoy the moping of Morrissey.

Having children is pretty much your primary life job. Get to it. And if an adorable blonde two-year-old squealing “daddy” and running into your arms when you get home from work isn’t enough, take a darker view: Your race is dying, White people. Resuscitate, stat.

Do it for the rest of us. I have never seen older White people light up so brightly as when they see White babies and children. You can almost hear them thinking, “thank God there are some left.”

Don’t listen to those childless Whites who proclaim that they’re perfectly happy without children. How would they know? If they were so naturally happy, would they feel the need to point it out?

And for God’s sake — dogs are not a substitute for children. “Well, you know, Max is really our baby,” I’ll hear childless White couples say about the Golden Retriever. No. He’s not. Max may be a nice dog, but calling him “your baby” makes a mockery of the human experience.

4. Live in a White area

Unless you’ve got a specially-tailored pro-White urban plan (like working to influence the urban opinion machine or getting really rich), get out of the cities. They’re great places for adventure, I know: I lived in New York City for seven years, and liked it, for the most part (counting the racial and Jewish reality lessons the place taught me).

But they are no place to raise a White family. Steve Sailer has even shown that they tend to choke off White families because of the costs involved.

Working and living in non-White areas corrodes the soul. It raises the blood pressure. You just don’t get along as well with Blacks, Hispanics and aggressive Jews as you do with your own White kind, believe me. In White areas, your neighbors will watch out for you. You can borrow jumper cables from them. They can borrow sugar from you. It’s nice. It’s comforting. It’s good.

It’s also so obvious I wondered whether I had to include it. Demographically, this is what Whites do, anyway. When they seek urban life, they sometimes head for White cities like Portland, Oregon. Fine.

5. Get rich

One pro-White figure of great stature recommends living off 90 percent of what you earn, and saving or investing the rest. That’s a good rule . . . live on a little less than what you make, basically. Try to stay out of debt, recognizing that education debt and mortgages are hard to avoid for normal people. Do not live on credit cards. Start the retirement account early. Slow and steady wins the race. Don’t put a lot of money in cars. They’re a terrible investment because they lose value so quickly.

6. But don’t let your career overtake your life

If you’re miserable on the job, you’ll be miserable, period. This is where you spend a lot of time, even if you’ve managed to escape the clutches of law firm life or some other week-gobbling enterprise.

It sounds trite, but it’s true: Do something you enjoy, something you’re good at. It’s going to take a hell of a lot of money to be satisfied with work you don’t like. What isn’t true is that if you “do what you love, the money will roll in.” Tell this to a writer. Still, better to do what you love.

7. Consider going to church

It would be way too hypocritical for me to suggest a rigorous faith life for anyone, which is why I say “consider” going to church. (If you already go, great — stick with it.) I see a great centering power, and hewing to Western traditional ways, in church. If nothing else, plant your rear on a pew for an hour a week to meditate. Even an atheist can do that, right? In college I might have said that believing in God was more important than going to church. I now believe that going to church is more important than believing in God. Just a thought.

8. Avoid drugs

Every other White person seems to be gulping down Prozac, Xanax, you name it. I am not a doctor, but I suspect these drugs are heavily overprescribed. A little bit of anxiety and depression is normal. Deal with them by talking to friends and family, finding a hobby or talking a walk. Maybe a little Jack Daniels if none of those work.

9. Know your family history

I am shocked by the number of Whites who don’t know ancestors beyond grandparents. You might find some comfort in knowing who your ancestors were, what they did and where they came from. I suspect that a “who cares” attitude toward this topic is helped along by the demonization of Whites as a people. So screw with the system a little and find out where your blood comes from. You might expand this to learning a little about your race’s history, from Greco-Roman times through the present. Your child will learn who Cesar Chavez was, but will he learn who Charles Martel was?

10. Stand up for your race

In ways big and small, there’s something more you could be doing. If you’re looking for a cause or a purpose larger than yourself, consider tackling the White plight. It will not win you admiration from the current power structure, but will give you the happiness that comes from fighting for a real cause.

From The Occidental Observer [1], November 17, 2009