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Iranians & the West  
Cloud on the Horizon

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Israeli officials, neoconservatives, and Zionists are pushing relentlessly for the military destruction or internal overthrow of Iran. The drumbeat of anti-Iranian propaganda on television, in the print media, from Jews and government officials, while not yet as intense as anti-Iraq propaganda prior to the 2003 invasion of Mesopotamia, is ceaseless and mounting.

Iranians (or Persians), the largest ethnic group in Iran, are not Semites [2]. Unlike Jews and Arabs, they are Indo-Europeans. Iranians have a distinguished Aryan past. Many Iranian “minorities” also have Indo-European origins or speak Indo-European languages. As elsewhere across the highly admixed Eurasian borderlands, the racial and ethnic picture in Iran is highly complex and a millennium and a half of Islamic religious and cultural overlay further differentiates the populace from Europeans. Nevertheless, in biocultural terms, the people of the West and Iranians share common Indo-European and proto-Indo European roots.

Whites and Jews do not.


Pat Buchanan wrote [3] recently that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) “is surely aware a US clash with Iran, with him at the president’s side, could assure his re-election. Last week, Reid whistled through the Senate, by voice vote, a bill to put us on that escalator. Senate bill 2799 would punish any company exporting gasoline to Iran. Though swimming in oil, Iran has a limited refining capacity and must import 40 percent of the gas to operate its cars and trucks and heat its homes. And cutting off a country’s oil or gas is a proven path to war.” (Reid, who is white, has a Jewish wife and children.)

In contemporary politics it’s always six of one, half dozen of the other. Rather than military attack, Buchanan therefore favors current US policy: “US interests would seem to dictate supporting those elements in Iran who wish to be rid of the regime and re-engage the West”—elements he describes as “the leaders of the Green Movement who have stood up to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollah.”

In other words, Buchanan and the establishment Left prefer a clandestine coup d’état (”regime change”) engineered by the secret police agencies and governments of the ex-West on behalf of Israel.

Prior to the 1991 Gulf “War,” Israel’s disinformation machine depicted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein as a tyrant and a danger to the world. According to ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky, “The Mossad activated every asset it had, in every place possible, from volunteer agents in Amnesty International to fully bought members of the US Congress.” The same process is at work now, with “Holocaust denier” Ahmadinejad-Hitler replacing Saddam-Hitler as the embodiment of ultimate evil.

Iranian girl

Iranian girl

Two years ago, in an article [4] in The New Yorker (July 7, 2008), Jewish journalist Seymour Hersh revealed secret Buchanan-Obama style US subversion inside Iran, including murders, creation of minority ethnic strife, and political meddling designed to overthrow the government there. Although Hersh’s account covered Bush Administration-Congressional Democratic policy, things have not changed under unitary Obama-Reid-Pelosi Democratic dominance. (US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi [D.-Calif.], a Catholic Italian-American, has a Jewish son-in-law and Jewish grandchildren.)

Jewry and Israel are guilty as well. The Times (London) reported [5]:

Ehud Olmert, the former Israeli Prime Minister, in a speech at the weekend, alluded to a report in The Times on Saturday that Mossad was waging a covert war of assassinations across the Middle East, targeting Hamas and Iranian officials.

“There are a huge range of options between a full military attack and accepting a nuclear Iran,” Mr Olmert said. “There are other means that, together with other things happening, and they are happening [emphasis added], can create a result that would not allow the Iranians to reach what they are trying to reach.” (February 16, 2010)

The January 20, 2010 Jewish assassination of Hamas member Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, again according to [6] the Times (February 21, 2010), occurred within the “context” of anti-Iranian policy. Since the murder had been deceptively arranged to look like a natural death, it was only discovered because the government of Dubai is not as controlled as the ex-Western governments that quietly facilitated the killers’ movements.

“The mission was not regarded as unduly complicated or risky,” the Times reported. According to an Israeli source, the killers were “very much aware of the CCTV [closed-circuit television surveillance cameras] in Dubai” that led to their being discovered—though not captured or punished. They got away scot-free. It’s creepy reading and watching [video [5]] how the swarm of psychopaths glued themselves to their unwitting victim, especially knowing our government is in league with them, and that Dubai is but the small tip of a very large iceberg.(1)

It would appear that Jewish elements are accustomed to operating with impunity in ex-Western nations possessing far more advanced police systems and technological capabilities than Dubai. Indeed, how could it be otherwise, when Jewish and Israeli firms are so deeply enmeshed in providing, staffing, and training the public and private “security” apparatus in those countries? Jews anticipated that, like the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, Dubai officials would be unable or unwilling to reconstruct and assemble the multiple CCTV images of their operation into one account.


Neither coup d’état nor invasion is acceptable.(2) The fact that the Iranian nuclear program is being used as a pretext for the Great Power assault compounds the evil, for Israel bristles with weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, acquired with the criminal connivance of officials in France, Norway, and the United States, and concealed from public view by cooperative media establishments.

From a strategic and fiscal perspective, the destruction of Iran is folly. It is not in our interests. It is iniquitous. But our corrupt and self-absorbed ruling class is not known for prudence, self-restraint, adherence to law, or morality. Even if its impetuous hatred ultimately brings our own house crashing down around our heads like the Twin Towers, there is nothing whites can do about it.

Only dissent by a Jewish minority can eventually alter the course of events, because only Jews have primary influence in such matters. Everyone else is merely along for the ride, remaining silent or choosing which Jewish faction to support on the basis of expediency, obedience, conformity, or normative preference. Precluded by a totalitarian political and cultural regime from making independent contributions to an artificially circumscribed “debate,” and certainly prevented from advancing non-Jewish interests or values, Gentile ideological and policy input must remain derivative, marginal, and uninspiring, à la Jimmy Carter, Mearsheimer and Walt, etc.

The internal Jewish schism over Middle East policy that seems to be forming will take time to develop—too much time, it appears, to spare the Iranians, who, as a minor power, will likely be destroyed either by a subterranean coup d’état or neoconservative military violence.

From the standpoint of history, race, and community, our primary interests align more closely with (more or less) Indo-European Islamic Iranians than with anti-white Jews, Israelis, and ex-Western governments currently riding high at everyone else’s expense. There is no evidence that Iranians desire the extermination of our people.


1. For a concise analysis of the social dangers of free-roaming Jewish death squads, see sociologist James Petras, “Mossad’s Murderous Reach: The Larger Political Issues [7].” Killings like the one in Dubai are what elites were chortling about in the despicable movie Inglourious Basterds [8] (2009), about which Jewry’s most powerful censor wrote, “If only it were true!”  Abraham Foxman, “Inglourious Basterds Should Be Recognized With An Academy Award [9],” HuffingtonPost.com, February 18, 2010.2. Israel Defense Forces website, “U.S. Army Chief: ‘Iran attack option on the table [10],’” Feb. 14, 2010.

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