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Iranians & the West  
Iranians—A Threat to Whites?

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The United States and other ex-European nations appear to be preparing a war against Iran.

Some military analysts innocently believe the United States will not attack Iran until it has first subdued the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, because to do so seems irrational. Such observers have not studied the Jewish mind.

But do racialists believe Iranians are a threat to whites? Two interesting objections along these lines were raised in comments to a previous TOQ article [2] about Iran.

An Iranian Invasion?

One expressed the perception that Iranians pose a threat to whites, and by implication are our racial enemies, because of immigration into white homelands.

TOQ editor Greg Johnson’s comment [3] in reply is worth quoting in full:

Iranians, to my knowledge, are not prominent among the Muslims invading the West. A good number of Iranians came to the US after the fall of the Shah, half of them Jews, but I do not think that large numbers of Iranians are currently settling in the West. If we were to attack Iran and set up a puppet regime, then suddenly the West would be flooded with Iranians, just as we are now being flooded with Iraqis. They send Americans to destroy Iraq, then bring in Iraqi refugees to destroy America and other white nations.

The largest Persian Jewish populations in the world are concentrated (in order of size) in Israel, the United States, and Iran. In the US the expatriates are concentrated in Beverly Hills, the exclusive Westside suburbs of Los Angeles, and in Great Neck (Long Island), New York. Kings Point, a village near Great Neck, boasts the largest percentage of Persian Jews per capita in the United States. In Beverly Hills, where Iranian Jewish wealth is ostentatiously displayed (see here [4] [article], here [5] [photo slideshow], and here [6] [brief commentary]), they comprise an estimated 25-50% of the population.

Persian Jews outside Iran are opponents of the Iranian government (they side with the “protesters”) and fervent supporters of Israel. They raise millions of dollars for Israel, which they regard as their spiritual homeland. Though Persian Jews practice rites similar to or identical with traditional Sephardic Judaism, they are not Sephardim (Jews of Iberian—Spanish or Portuguese—descent). Nor are they Ashkenazim. They belong to a third population group—Mizrahi, or Oriental, Jews.

Immigration of non-whites into the US is not automatic. It requires the formal or informal consent—indeed, participation—of government. It requires the existence of a vast, unpublicized financial and logistical infrastructure to import the foreign populations, and discriminatory laws and wealth transfers to maintain and advance them once they are here. Only Jews are capable of doing this for their own people. All other groups are dependent upon Jews and upon Gentiles in the Jewish establishment to establish, maintain, and operate the necessary social mechanisms to make large-scale immigration possible.

It is necessary to distinguish between the symptom (non-whites in white homelands) and the disease (a hostile ruling elite).

Iran and the Bomb

A second objection to the Iran article, raised by TOQ contributor Michael O’Meara, is that “a nuclear-armed Iran will unquestionably pose a threat to our European homeland.”

This thesis is reinforced by a “Pentagon adviser” (Jew or Gentile not specified) who told Jewish reporter Seymour Hersh:

Allowing Iran to have the bomb is not on the table. We cannot have nukes being sent downstream to a terror network. The bottom line is that Iran cannot become a nuclear-weapons state. [I.e., Israel and the US, aggressive nuclear powers, will not permit it under any circumstances.] The problem is that the Iranians realize that only by becoming a nuclear state can they defend themselves against the US. Something bad is going to happen.

Here, differing perceptions of factual reality come into play. There are no hard and fast rules, because we lack trustworthy information. As so often happens, a subjective probability calculus must substitute for reliable facts. Different people will therefore come to different conclusions.

But isn’t it imperative to take gross disparity of power into account? An Iran with one or a few rudimentary bombs is no match for Israel and the Jewish-aligned states (including the US and UK) that would retaliate against it or launch a preemptive strike. A formidable set of allies is arrayed against an aspiring nuclear Iran: the governments and secret police agencies of Israel, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, and China—indeed, all of the great enemies of the white race.

“The Iranians don’t have friends,” a “former high-level Defense Department official” told Hersh. “If necessary, we’ll keep knocking back their infrastructure [with stealth bombers and standoff missiles]. Put bad stuff in ventilator shafts [of the alleged underground nuclear facilities] and put them to sleep [kill them].”

While it would be desirable to put the nuclear genie back in the bottle, that is not going to happen. Of the two remaining alternatives—a monopoly of nuclear weapons by Jews and states servile to them or a more equitable distribution of power—which is preferable? The Jewish-aligned states pose a deadly threat to the survival of the white race.

Fool Me Twice

Finally, do Iranians really have, or will they soon develop, nuclear weapons? The 2007 U.S. National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) concluded that Iran ended its nuclear weapons program in 2003. Mossad says Iran will have a bomb by 2014 at the earliest. Others estimate later.

Tehran says its nuclear program is peaceful and Western spies are lying when they say Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons.

Jews claim there are “two parallel nuclear programs in Iran”—the one declared to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which is legal, and a secret operation run by the military and the Revolutionary Guards. But Zionists offer no evidence to substantiate the claim.

Even neoconservative Richard Armitage, an extremist who embodies everything wrong with the United States, hedges: “I think Iran has a secret nuclear-weapons program—I believe it, but I don’t know it.” This despite Israeli, US, and God knows how many other foreign spies and internal turncoats swarming over the Iranians like insects (HUMINT), and ultra-sophisticated electronic and satellite surveillance (SIGINT) eavesdropping on every move they make.

The brazen lies previously deployed by officials to invade and overthrow Iraq undermine the faith of some in the apocalyptic Jewish and American accusations. Indeed, one of the justifications for the invasion of Iraq in March 2003 was the lie propagated by the US and Britain that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein had revived his clandestine nuclear weapons program.

Perhaps it is time to set a limit on our gullibility, or malleability. Jews and governments have cried “Wolf!” once too often.

Whites, of all people, should be wary of such accusations, having been victimized by the same tactic numerous times. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the ADL, both tightly interwoven with the US security apparatus, blatantly promote the lie that white “racists” pose a dire threat to the government and citizenry of the United States. The government and mass media not only parrot this Big Lie, but behave exactly as if it were true.

Judging from the rhetoric of Jewish groups, the media, and even some government statements and publications, it appears that white freedom of speech and assembly have been classified, de facto, as criminal “hate,” or even “domestic terrorism.” The de jure change needed to reflect this, a mere formality, will eventually follow.

There have been far too many victims of this crass assault upon liberty to enumerate, but Ernst Zündel’s [7] case is representative. Zündel, a German Canadian writer and publisher, was persecuted for decades by the government of Canada and by free-roaming thugs. The authorities permitted domestic terrorists to threaten his life numerous times, including multiple assassination attempts, without punishment.

Finally, three nations—Canada, the United States and Germany—conspired to violate his human rights by jailing him for seven years. Canada kept the poor man caged in solitary confinement for two years under anti-terrorism legislation. The disgraceful Canadian Justice Pierre Blais, according to the Associated Press, “ruled that Zündel’s activities were not only a threat to national security, but ‘the international community of nations‘ as well” (emphasis added).

These people label anyone a “terrorist,” no matter how false the charge, if it suits their purpose. Governments, the media, and academia fall into line. Look at Iraq. Why should anyone believe them about Iran?

On Their Own

Theymogendavid have lied too much, for too long.

They have hated too intensely and indiscriminately.

They have destroyed everything worthwhile.

Blood drips from their hands. They have murdered, bombed, tortured, beaten, jailed, destroyed, and defamed too many human beings—including tens of millions of whites—with utter impunity.

They are not our demigods.

We should refuse to trust them, or believe in them, anymore.

If Zionists and neoconservatives want to crush Iran, let them do so using their own blood, and their own silver.