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Cosmic America

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Celebrate Diversity

Celebrate Diversity

Jim Jones grew up in small town Indiana, in a community that epitomizes the White American people and our way of life. But Jim Jones didn’t. Jim Jones was a bit off, dwelling on death, killing stray cats, and holding bizarre funeral ceremonies for his dead animals. He eagerly imbibed Marxist propaganda from a young age, arriving at a synthesis of Marxism, religiosity, and death that eventually culminated in a cosmic explosion of multicult madness that left over 900 American corpses rotting in a sweltering third world jungle.

But 900 bamboozled cult followers are a mere drop in the bucket relative to this same tragic story playing out at a national level. We are, with our Christian faith poisoned by Marxism and Zionism [1], transforming into Jim Jones’ religion. We are, with our multiracial families and communities, replacing our traditional families with Jim Jones’ rainbow families. We are, with our cult-like mission to tear down and rip apart every last memory [2] of White America, drinking Jim Jones’ suicidal Kool-Aid.

According to our cult leader, Barack Obama, “being an American is not a matter of blood or birth.” America’s not like other nations, you see. We’re not defined by a common heritage, a common culture, a common religion, or even a common geography. Unlike every other nation in history, we’re defined by a creed, a creed so epic it can’t be be put into words. But you know that feeling, that Cosmic American feeling, when it strikes you. It’s a cultural rainbow, encompassing radical Islamists, Jewish capitalists, and Black Panther militants. It’s a racial rainbow, encompassing every alien lineage from every remote corner of the world. It’s more than a mere rainbow, it’s a double rainbow [3]!

If the new America were any more high, the UN would send a trip-sitter.

I’ve spent years trying to explain to people that America is a traditional nation that belongs to a specific people with a distinct identity. But there are simply too many people who’ve “gone cosmic,” rejecting the very notions that we have sovereign borders or that we have a right to assert any kind of in-group/out-group identity whatsoever. This new nation has been coming into bloom for decades, steadily marching through our academic institutions, our media outlets, and our federal government. Without firing a shot, Cosmic America has invaded and overthrown White America.

Cosmic Americans

Cosmic Americans

We traditional White Americans are now a stateless people, like Kurds and Tibetans, only more confused about our predicament. While Kurds can easily discern who is and who is not Kurdish, it can be exceptionally difficult to discern who’s Cosmic. Save for a small subset of Black Americans like Jamara Newell [4] who adhere to Marcus Garvey’s vision of Black nationhood, all non-Whites who consider themselves American are Cosmic. That’s the easy part. The hard part is that a large and growing subset of Americans who look just like you and me have gone cosmic.

Like the protagonist in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, we’re surrounded by people who are hostile to us, who fully intend to deprive our nationality of the conditions of life necessary for us to survive as a people. They could be your wife, your brother, your pastor [5], or even your conservative talk radio host [6].

While the campaign to transform this country from an Anglo-American Republic into a third world plutocracy was spearheaded by a Jewish elite [7], the fanciful notion of bringing all the races together into one cosmic race was embraced by Mexican intellectuals in the early 20th century. They proposed that Mexico’s fusion of European (Spaniards), African (Slaves), and Asiatic (Natives) blood would result in La Raza Cosmica [8] – a cosmic race of the future that would transcend concepts of race and nationality in the name of humanity’s common destiny.

No. Barack Obama’s speech writers didn’t travel back in time and write that shit. These intellectuals predicted the future. Their cosmic illegal immigrants are “transcending” America’s borders as we speak. The census bureau confirms [9] that they’ll be manifesting their destiny as the Americans of the future. While Sarah Palin looks to the untrained eye like a healthy White American, she’s actually hellbent on pursuing policies and ideals that will marginalize her own people. She’s a Trojan Horse, a militant liberal “anti-racist” in the guise of a folksy frontier woman.

The Power of the Coming Race

Behold, Humans of the Future

When she declares that every good American abhors racism, she’s not talking about rejecting racial hatred or supremacism. She’s talking about any sense of ethnic identity whatsoever. Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, and the rest of the false opposition are revolted by the mere suggestion that we as a people deserve the same right enjoyed around the world to preserve and celebrate our inheritance. Their disdain for the racism exhibited by Barack Obama and the NAACP isn’t driven by a concern for the welfare of the White victims. It’s driven by pious indignation at the thought of anybody being “divisive.” It’s driven by their being even more eager than Obama himself to forcibly integrate the random crowd of humans who happen to occupy the space between the Rio Grande and the Great Lakes.

In Obama’s defense, the man is a fellow community organizer with a life-long career of explicit advocacy for his people [10]. He’s just been coached by Axelrod [11] in the art of hypnotizing Cosmic Whites into helping him pursue his anti-White agenda. It’s a winning formula, capitalizing on the decades of multicult indoctrination from our textbooks and sitcoms. Like the Manchurian Candidate, tens of millions of Americans are brainwashed to be shocked and infuriated when they hear somebody being “racist” and to bubble over with hope at the thought of their own dispossession.

We saw where this same path led to in Mexico . . . a failed state. We saw where this same path led to in Jonestown . . . tragedy. Cosmic Americans are hellbent on repeating this same disastrous Utopian vision of cosmic harmony. Right now, we White Americans are a dwindling and powerless minority surrounded by a seemingly omnipotent and omnipresent regime. But we can’t lose perspective. Every generation in American history but the ones alive today would have recognized this brainwashed suicide cult for what it is. Most other nations around the world still have their senses, and are passing on the kool-aid. If we can hold out just a little bit longer, the Cosmic American experiment will reach its only possible conclusion, with its adherents riding a mystical comet of messianic bullshit into oblivion.

While we should continue to persuade White Americans to spit out the kool-aid and join ranks with us, we shouldn’t be overly concerned with numbers and statistics. There’s no way around it. At the very least, tens of millions of Whites in America are too deeply entangled in the Cosmic American cult to rescue. Before long, their power will fade, their wealth will evaporate, and their lack of a coherent sense of identity will guarantee that they won’t be able to organize in pursuit of anything. The Gods of the Copybook Headings [12] will sweep them from the pages of history and the future will belong to us.



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