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An Appeal for Assistance 
“A Few Harmless Flakes . . .”

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When Mike Polignano and I started Counter-Currents Publishing and North American New Right back in June, we really weren’t convinced that there was an audience out there for an explicitly White Nationalist “metapolitical [2]” publishing house and journal with a focus on philosophy, political theory, religion, history, literature, the arts, popular culture, etc.

It is easy to satirize what we do (although the attempts so far have been leaden and witless). After all, whoever heard of highbrow, small-circulation journals and publishers purveying arcane material that appeals primarily to intellectuals having any influence at all on the world . . . ?

My favorite poster from the corporate parodists “Demotivators” is called “Teamwork.” The slogan is “A few harmless flakes working together can unleash an avalanche of destruction.” That’s what we are at Counter-Currents: “a few harmless flakes.”

Like Jesus and his disciples, like Marx and Engels, like Lenin and Trotsky, like Freud and Adler, like the Deconstructionists and the Frankfurt School, like Franz Boas and Co. Like the Zionists, the Neo-Cons, the Objectivists, and the Libertarians. Like the European New Right, like the Völkisch movement and other idealistic nationalist movements of the 19th and 20th centuries, we here at Counter-Currents are just a few harmless flakes . . . until we become something more.

Until we come together, acquire mass, acquire momentum, and change the world.

Frankly, we have been astonished and encouraged by the steady growth in our readership and the many high quality writers and commenters we have begun to attract. When you publish intelligent material, you attract intelligent readers. Thus Counter-Currents/North American New Right is becoming the center of a world-wide network of racially aware people who are highly literate, intelligent, idealistic, creative, and intellectually adventurous. These are the kinds of people who can change the world [3]. (The next step is to move from virtual community to face-to-face interaction and collaboration–and we are already working on that too.)

We went online on June 11, just under six months ago. In that time, we have published two books, 422 online pieces, and more than 1,150 comments. Our full traffic statistics are printed below, but I can’t resist mentioning that in November, we had 44,833 visits to the site from 26,054 unique visitors, who looked at 617,183 pages and racked up 915,553 “hits.”

To give you an benchmark for comparison, it took TOQ Online, the previous site I edited, nearly a year to build the kind of traffic that we have achieved in less than six months.

In addition to my editorial work, I have personally written 25 articles and translated 28 others.

Based on the statistics and the growth trends, I can confidently say that Counter-Currents and North American New Right are here to stay.

Many people have expressed their gratitude for the many hours we have put into the website and our print publications. Many have offered their financial support. We are flattered and we are grateful. Here’s how you can help.

1. How you can help Counter-Currents at no cost to yourself

Amazon.com has an affiliate marketing program. If you visit Amazon through the Counter-Currents site and make any qualified purchase, Amazon will pay Counter-Currents a commission at no additional cost to yourself. The link to Amazon is near the top of the bar to your right, just below the Shopping Cart link.

If you have Amazon.com bookmarked or listed as a favorite on your computer, click the following link and then replace your bookmark with the page that appears. This will allow you to go directly to Amazon.com, and Counter-Currents will receive the same commission.

http://www.amazon.com/b?_encoding=UTF8&site-redirect=&node=53&tag=thesavdevarc-20&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=9325 [4]

2. Web Traffic

Our readership continues to grow dramatically. Here are our statistics from June 11, 2010, when the site first went online, until the end of November.

Month Unique Visitors Number of Visits Pages Viewed Hits Bandwidth
June 6,145 10,328 70,732 200,824 6.08 GB
July 9,387 17,329 119,254 348,172 10.01 GB
August 12,174 22,348 93,379 333,614 10.17 GB
September 17,063 34,510 147,051 580,550 16.39 GB
October 17,848 35,921 140,365 611,367 17.93 GB
November 26,054 48,336 171,833 915,553 26.39 GB

3. November’s Top Ten Articles (with date of publication and number of readers on our site [they are also read on other sites and forwarded around as emails])

  1. Trevor Lynch, The Dark Knight, movie review, September 27: 2,782 views
  2. Vic Olvir, “Sylvia Plath: Stasis in Darkness,” November 9: 2,228
  3. Greg Johnson, “White Nationalists and the Political ‘Mainstream,'” November 5: 2,058
  4. Greg Johnson, “Secret Agents,” November 21: 1,803
  5. Greg Johnson, “Implicit Whiteness and the Republicans,” November 12: 1,777
  6. Trevor Lynch, Hellboy, movie review, August 6: 1,662
  7. Greg Johnson, “The 2010 Midterm Elections,” Nov. 3: 1,660
  8. Kerry Bolton, “Lovecraft’s Politics,” August 23: 1,489
  9. Miguel Serrano, “Last Encounter with Carl Jung,” October 28: 1,476
  10. Jonathan Bowden, “Criminality, Elitism, Nihilism: James Hadley Chase’s No Orchids for Miss Blandish,” November 7: 1,380

Three points are worth noting.

4. Measures of Influence

Counter-Currents/North American New Right articles have been widely reposted and commented upon online, but two measures of influence are most telling.

5. Why You Should Donate to Counter-Currents/North American New Right

Like all promoters of ideas that go against the current, Counter-Currents and North American New Right depend on the donations of readers and friends to survive and to grow.

Your contributions will go to pay honoraria and stipends to writers for Counter-Currents and North American New Right.

Over the years, I have seen many talented writers appear, only to disappear a few months or years later.

At first, they are sustained by sheer idealism. But after a while, they learn that idealism alone cannot sustain them when they are hit with temporary feelings of discouragement or competing personal obligations.

By paying writers, we can sustain their interest and enthusiasm through the ups and downs of life. Our goal is to foster talented writers and keep them in the fight for the long haul.

You can make two different types of donations:

Recurring donations fall into four categories:

To make a donation, click https://counter-currents.com/donate/ [8]

Remember: Those who fight for the Golden Age live in it today.

Thank you–our loyal readers, writers, editors, book buyers, commenters, and donors–for everything you have done to make possible our success so far.

Greg Johnson
Counter-Currents Publishing Ltd.
& North American New Right