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More on the Dynamics of Race-Mixing

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After the publication of “Race-Mixing: Not Just for Losers Anymore [2]?” a friend sent me a link to a Yahoo article [3] on inter-racial dating. The article, written by an Asian man who actually snared a white woman, contains a table (below) with useful statistics about inter-racial marriage that confirms one of the points in my article, namely that Asian males and Black females are the big losers in inter-racial dating and mating.

1) In 2006, there were 286,000 couples with a black husband and a white wife. Given black males’ aversion to marriage, we can infer that the amount of cohabitation with white women is much higher. There were 117,000 couples with a white husband and a black wife. Frankly, even this number seems shockingly high. It would be interesting to know just how much white ancestry these black women need to have to be acceptable mates to white men. I would guess that it is well above the average white ancestry for American blacks.

2) In 2006, there were 530,000 couples with a white husband and an Asian wife. There were 174,000 couples with a white wife and an Asian husband.

Since white nationalists are nowhere near being able to ban race-mixing outright (not yet), it is imperative that we do everything in our power today to prevent it as much as possible. We need as many arguments as possible, from as many different angles as possible, to persuade people that race-mixing is bad.

A good place to start is to circulate the meme that “Everyone thinks that whites who date outside their race are somehow defective. If you don’t look defective, then people will just assume that you have some hidden physical, ahem, shortcoming, or a psychological problem. If you don’t want people thinking you are somehow defective, then don’t date a non-white.”

One likely question you will hear is: “But even if that is true 99 percent of the time, what about the 1 percent that are not defective?”

Here is my answer: “The tragedy of inter-racial dating is that the non-defective few will always be lumped in with the defective many. If you want to avoid that tragedy, don’t date a non-white.”

And if you don’t think that everyone already believes that white race-mixers are defective, then get to work spreading the idea around, and eventually everyone will.

Please write to me here or post a comment, if you have concrete ideas and arguments for discouraging race-mixing in the present context.

TOQ Online, June 7, 2009