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Game On:
Revenge of the Matriarchs

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I was walking past WalMart’s aisle of literature when I noticed what appeared to be an entire section of books featuring hot Amish women longingly gazing out over the open plain. After a closer look, I realized that I had stumbled onto the new genre that I’ve being hearing about: Amish Porn [2]. They’re a type of romance novel that take place in idyllic American communities [3].

To the modernist, this trend must appear very strange. American women are liberated from their homes, unburdened by the biological curse of motherhood, and treated by society like tiny castrated men. They’ve achieved the feminist dream! For some reason, a growing number of White American women aren’t even grateful for the cubicle that they’ve worked so hard for the opportunity to dwell in. They spend their lunches in the corporate break room, eating corporate food, in their corporate pantsuits, reading fantasy novels about being barefoot and pregnant in a country kitchen.

Early last year, I was reading National Geographic’s excellent article on the restoration of the Russian Orthodox Church [4] and it suddenly clicked for me. I was peering into America’s future . . . at a future stage of the same historical process. Every White Advocate ought to take the time to read this article and envision a restoration of Tradition here in America. Picture the return of righteous indigenous authority. How can we spearhead or even trigger it? How can we lead by example?

Every few months, somebody in the White Advocacy movement writes an article lamenting the fact that our movement ought to have more ladies. Our atheists and materialists will keep writing these because they’re fundamentally incapable of offering what women want: Tradition. When I go to church, I’m surrounded by beautiful young women, women who outnumber the men. In fact, women even outnumber men at our monthly White Advocacy meetings. I believe that it’s due to our chapter’s unique emphasis on fostering a family-friendly environment, embracing tradition, and focusing on local community concerns.

People who see things through modern eyes often mistakenly perceive tradition as being oppressive toward women when it’s anything but. For example, the institution of marriage has always been an imposition on men on behalf of women, with traditional women as union members and libertine women serving as “scabs” undermining the collective bargaining power. Ironically, the true enemies of female empowerment are the sluts. At least prostitutes are compensated for their treason!

Tradition is the weapon of choice of the tiny elderly women — the matriarchs [5]:

I recognize her kind from my years in the Soviet Union. There were always women like her in the few churches that were open in those days, women who scrubbed the floors, tended the candlestands, and stood through all the services when Soviet disapproval had frightened off everyone else. In a sense, they nursed the church through its long incarceration. They were the custodians of propriety and custom: Stand like this! Face the altar! Cover your head! Cross yourself! They were insufferable, but the church owes them a great debt. So I do what other Russians do when confronted by these vigilantes: I meekly bow and put away my camera.

One message this excellent article drives home is how some people under even the most hostile and oppressive alien regimes are quietly keeping the flames of religion, tradition, nationalism, and family alive.

This is a tremendous inspiration for me.

Travel back in time and tell a Russian dissident in the eighties that his omnipotent oppressors would disappear altogether within a few years; that the Russian national spirit would rise like a phoenix from the ruins of the once-invincible Jewish oligarchy. Would he believe you? Would you believe me if I told you that there are millions of potential matriarchs hiding in plain sight in corporate break rooms across America, patiently awaiting the opportunity to restore our White American nation and its communities to their former glory?

Occidental Dissent, February 12, 2010