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An Economy of Our Own:
The Need for White Economic Relocalization


Jan Davidsz. de Heem (1606–1684), "Still Life With Parrots," late 1640s,

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Recently I  was at a supermarket that uses the American flag for its logo. The ladies at the deli were handing out samples of buffalo chicken salad, and I asked if I could buy a pound of it. They said, “No, it only comes in sandwiches that were made at a warehouse in Massachusetts.” We can assume the sandwich assemblers were recent immigrants, possibly illegals. Then the ladies at the deli complained that their hours had been cut. I was infuriated. The process of outsourcing jobs and insourcing illegal and legal immigrants has massively accelerated.

What other conclusion can we draw from this article in the Hindustan Times entitled “US healthcare expansion means big business for India [2].” So let’s get this straight. We are borrowing money from China, to pay India to administer our healthcare system? While there are millions of unemployed?

War has been declared on us.

When white Americans have been outsourced and insourced out of our jobs, we won’t be able to fall back on the Welfare State. Welfare is not for people like us. People like us work to support the welfare state. When we have no work, there will be no welfare state.

Besides, the people I know, in the culture I grew up in, cannot stand to have our work taken away from us.  We are proud, independent, hard working people, not a flock of “Social Services Sheeple” who can be bought off with food stamps and free cheese.

Outsourcing and insourcing are not products of “market forces.” They are products of sheer inequities of power. The reason you are being laid off and your job is being shipped overseas is because the people who control the commanding heights of the economy have the power to do it to you. If outsourcing is the imperative of impersonal market forces, why does it not happen to your bosses too? Simple: the reason corporate fat cats are not laid off and their jobs shipped to Bangalore where some bright young MBAs will do them for pennies on the dollar is because you don’t have the power to do it to them.

But you have more power than you think.


The key is economic relocalization: white Americans need to stop being employees who exist at the sufferance of evil elites and far-flung, vulnerable global networks. We need to retrain ourselves to look for opportunities to produce things for ourselves in as localized a manner as possible, and to encourage and support others in our communities who are doing the same thing.

We need to begin now, to get economic relocalization to reach critical mass while we still have the freedom to do so. We need to create something that is resilient enough that it can’t be outlawed or expropriated or crushed under the iron heel. We do not have much time left.

If we lose the country it’s our own damned fault. We are sitting atop more than enough resources; it’s just a matter or redirecting the resources into decentralized/localized rather than centralized/globalized economies.

Millions of ordinary laboring entrepreneurs can do things cheaper, better, more efficiently and more resiliently than Walmart and the US government. I have seen this with my own eyes time and again.

My focus is relocalization of the food supply, because this is the most basic form of local economy. We have to rebuild civilization from the ground up, and it all started with agricultural surpluses.

Right now we are no more than desperate hunter-gatherers of Federal Reserve Notes. All production and distribution is controlled through the fiat currency system, a diabolical network that can rob you of the fruits of your labor not only with printing presses, but merely with the stroke of a computer key.

Relocalization of the food supply will organize people on a micro-social level and teach us social intelligence again. With social intelligence we can turn our private car system into an ad hoc mass transit system, among other things. The only reason we don’t do that now is we lack social intelligence, which allows corporations and government to easily administer a centralized, granular control over us.

Agricultural relocalization will teach us the social intelligence we need to take back control of our own commerce. From this will proceed small workshops, “smith-shops,” repair shops, flea markets, and second hand trade – a million ways to ameliorate the painful economic contraction by withdrawing from and replacing the consumer-corporate economic model.

So the real mission is to increase social intelligence. Books won’t do it. This is something that must be learned from practice, from a radical change in “lifestyle.”

With social intelligence we can put Walmart out of business and laugh while the US government drowns in a vat of its own debt. That’s not our debt. We didn’t sign any loans to China, or agree to borrow money from Central Banks to give it to Israel or bail out Goldman Sachs or go to war on Iraq and Afghanistan.

If you are the sort of person that makes things happen, get in touch. I am not going to spell out the details of my easily replicated economic relocalization activities in this article, but I will talk to any individual I deem trustworthy. That is relocalization in practice.

TOQ Online, April 1, 2010