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Jewish Fanaticism

Ryssen3630 words

Translated by Greg Johnson

Russian translation here [1]

Editor’s Note:

The following short text by Hervé Ryssen is a description of his book Le fanatisme juif (Jewish Fanaticism). Eventually, we will publish a review of the entire book. In the meantime, this should whet your appetites.

The Jewish people have a plan for humanity; a grandiose plan that they have pursued on all fronts for centuries: universal peace on earth. The concept of “peace” is, indeed, at the heart of Judaism, and it is not just chance that this word (shalom, in Hebrew), is frequently used by Jews the world over.

In this perfect world that they would build, all conflicts will have disappeared from the face of the earth, especially conflicts between nations. This is why the Jews militate incessantly for the removal of borders and the dissolution of national identities. Nations being the causes of wars and disorder, it is thus necessary to weaken them and, in the long term, to abolish them in favor of a world government that can only make happiness and prosperity reign on earth.

Whether they are leftists or rightists, Marxists or liberals, believers or atheists, Zionists or “perfectly assimilated,” the Jews are always the most fervent supporters of the multicultural society, planetary miscegenation, and global Empire. When all other identities disappear, only the Jewish people will remain, recognized by all as the “chosen people” of God.

Jewish Fanaticism, first off, is the thirty million deaths, Russians and Ukrainians liquidated in the Communist adventure of 1917 to 1947. One can never say enough about the appalling role of Jewish ideologues, Jewish bureaucrats, and Jewish torturers in this story.

Jewish Fanaticism, it is this systematic eagerness to make Europeans feel guilty, to make them hang their heads and fall to their knees for crimes they did not commit, or for crimes for which Jews themselves might feel a little guilty but prefer “to transfer” to others. One thinks here of the leaders of the black slave trade, for example, or the shameless exploitation of the wealth and raw materials of the Third World.

Jewish Fanaticism, it is this unrestrained propaganda, conveyed through all the media, in favor of immigration and the multicultural society. Jewish intellectuals, Jewish politicians, and Jewish financiers bear most of the responsibility for the immigration invasion that has disfigured France in only 30 years. It is necessary to say it again and again: immigration is not a natural phenomenon but the result of a tireless campaign of cosmopolitan propaganda which is part of the politico-religious plan of the Jewish people.

Jewish Fanaticism, it is also warmongering politics that ultimately amounts to whipping up the hatred of the Western masses against any nation that still refuses democratic domination and the hegemony of Israel. Today they are preparing us for a war against Iran, as they once stirred up wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, and Germany.

Jewish Fanaticism, it is also this “great intolerance of frustration,” to give it a medical diagnosis. Anyone who has the audacity to say one word against the “Jewish lobby,” Israeli policy, or Jewish “over-representation” in the media immediately finds himself dragged through the mud by the whole media system, covered in spit, calumniated, vilified, delivered to the feet and fists of a hysterical mob hypnotized by the buzzwords of Big Brother.

In this new book of 400 pages, I base my case once again primarily on the writings of Jewish intellectuals, ancient and modern. Thus my conclusions are incontestable. If I speak about “Israeli hegemony,” it is because explicit documents allow us to say that the Jews seek to establish world domination. And if I write “the Jews” and not “certain Jews,” it is because my sources are now sufficiently many and varied to support such generality.

September 2007

French source: http://storage.canalblog.com/29/53/516490/47626715.pdf [2]