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Failing Up:
The Future of the Democratic Party

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Barack Obama won’t run for office in 2012. Just as the GOP’s crushing 2008 defeat resulted in a revolt within the party that brought it back to life, the DNC’s inevitable 2010 defeat will have a similar effect for them. The vanguard that brought Obama into office is already mired in disillusionment and disarray. The exodus of working class White males from the DNC has destroyed its electoral viability, particularly in the Midwest. If Obama doesn’t show himself the door, he’ll be shown the door in the 2012 primaries.

But he’s unlikely to object, as he was already a lame duck when he swore in. His entire tragic career has been one of his restless ambition driving him to fail up in search of the power to impose the social justice he craves. At every stage, from the streets of Chicago all the way up to the Oval Office, he’s failed over and over again to accomplish any of his political goals. At every stage, he blames the office he’s in. He refuses to accept that he’s incapable of mastering the political process and relies on his oratorical gifts and the soft bigotry of low expectations for non-White politicians to climb up to the next office.

[2]To the untrained eye, Obama appears to have reached the highest possible office: President of the United States of America. But there’s a higher office, one that empowers him to be an agent of global change. It’s an office unencumbered by electoral cycles, partisan politics, tough compromises, and the stifling requirement that he limit the scope of his activism to one single nation.

That office is that of the former President. It’s the one he was born for, where he can rely exclusively on oratorical fluff, where he can deal exclusively with international elites, and where he can devote the entirety of his attention to his pet causes. He’ll no longer be bothered with distractions like governing, being a commander-in-chief, and pandering to gun-toting evangelical crackers.

While the DNC is facing an existential crisis, our monolithic bipartisan machine will assuredly return to stasis. Karl Rove’s dreams of a “Permanent Majority” fail to account for the probability that the party in power will sabotage itself. His coining that phrase is ironic, given that Mr. Rove has single-handedly sabotaged a secure GOP majority once already. His nascent “shadow network [3]” of Business Republicans and neocons will serve GOP voters yet another round of buyer’s remorse.

[4]In light of this, the DNC’s path to victory is pretty direct: class warfare. They’ll reinvent themselves as the populist, protectionist, and isolationist defenders of the working class underdogs of every color and creed. Hillary could accomplish this with Bill out in front. Jim Webb [5] is ideally positioned to exploit this opportunity. Whoever the candidate is, he or she will offer an implicit appeal to tribal identity to lure back Midwestern Whites and an explicit appeal for the working- and middle-classes to unite against the corrupt Republican elites.

The GOP’s complete disavowal of social issues, complete refusal to acknowledge or identify with White American interests, and its eagerness to accomplish libertarian and neocon goals at the behest of its business interests [6] and the Israel Lobby [7] will assure that the Democratic defamation is both accurate and deserved. Midwestern Whites will be tempted to give the DNC one last chance to live up to the populist and cornucopian promises they stockpile in their campaign buses (where they’re presumably stored between campaigns

From Fair and Delightsome: http://delightsome.wordpress.com/2010/10/10/failing-up/ [8]