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A Revolutionary Act


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This essay is from Michael Polignano’s book Taking Our Own Side, available in a limited, signed and personalized hardcover edition here [2].

German translation here [3]

I believe that the fall of our multi-racial, multi-cultural regime will closely resemble the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. It will occur just as suddenly and unexpectedly, and will spring from equally humble acts of courage, responsibility, and good will.

At the beginning of 1989, Communism seemed invincible. It was guarded by the greatest apparatus of coercion and terror the world has ever seen, an apparatus that had murdered tens of millions of people and subjugated countless others. Communism also controlled the second greatest propaganda machine ever created—second only to the “free” media of the West.

None of the experts predicted the imminent fall of Communism. And they surely would have scornfully dismissed such a prediction. Yet fall it did.

Communism fell because it was founded on a lie. Although few believed this lie, the regime held on to power by intimidating most people into keeping their doubts to themselves. Each individual thought that he was alone because he was afraid to express his doubts to others and others were afraid to express theirs to him. The system fell when enough people took the risk of speaking against its lie, enough that the regime hesitated to crush them. In that moment of hesitation, a space of free communication was opened, millions discovered that they were not alone, the repression and isolation collapsed, and freedom was born.

America’s regime is based on the same fundamental lie as Communism: the lie of human equality. Only rather than expressing this lie through a command economy and the suppression of individual entrepreneurship our regime expresses this lie through policies premised on two phony ideas. First, the idea that racial groups cannot differ on average in innate quality. Second, the idea that any observed differences in societal outcomes between racial groups result solely from past or present oppression of one group by another.

We White Nationalists are not alone in believing that racial equality is a lie and that a multi-racial society based on it won’t work. I am convinced that many outside the White Nationalist community believe it too. The present regime has victimized virtually every White, and millions are aware of this fact. But most have been intimidated into silence and think that they are alone. Or worse, they have been convinced by the media that only unsavory or outright dangerous people share their beliefs: “rednecks,” skinheads, and bizarre Hitler cultists who live in “compounds.”

Ideas are not judged by logic alone. They are also judged by the individuals who espouse them. The most radical ideas will seem plausible to some simply if they are expressed in a measured way by a socially “respectable” spokesman—i.e., someone who is polite, well-spoken, educated, and of manifestly good character.

Desegregation triumphed not only because segregationist ideas were dismissed as false, but also because the segregationists themselves were portrayed as ignorant, inbred, and stupid. Intelligent and successful defenders of segregation never received any media attention. And to this day, people associate racism with stupidity and ignorance, even though it is the only scientifically-informed and morally-enlightened position to take.

One cannot readily counter these stereotypes through the anonymity and impersonality of the internet, making face-to-face persuasion necessary.

One of the most important subversive, revolutionary acts a White Nationalist can do is creating a space for free, in-person discussion of racial inequality and the threat posed to White survival by multi-racialism, multi-culturalism, and unlimited immigration.

Begin with your friends and family. Some of them might already agree with you. How will you know, unless you are willing to take the risk of talking to them? I am amazed at how many White Nationalists refuse to talk about their beliefs to their families, even to their children!

Run through a list of people you know. Ask yourself which ones live with their eyes open, which ones have direct experience with non-Whites, which ones have the courage to buck social trends. Then all you need do is take them aside, one by one, in a comfortable, safe, and private place and speak frankly. If one responds defensively, according to script, don’t give up too early or too easily. Try to bring the conversation down to the level of personal experiences. Most people are not interested in abstract theories unless they can be shown to explain their own concrete experiences.

More often than not, I suspect you will be surprised at how receptive your friends and family really are. We have the truth on our side, and plenty of thinking individuals see through the lie but have no one with whom to share their feelings.

Even if a friend or relative rejects everything you say about race, he will still have learned important lessons. First, he will have learned that intelligent, articulate, respectable people are racists, so it is all right if he is one too. Second, he will have learned that some are unafraid to dissent from racial orthodoxy. Third, he will have learned that he can go to you if he ever wishes to discuss matters further. Just make sure to leave the door open to future conversations.

Eventually, after a series of individual conversations, you might want to get a few individuals together for more in-depth discussions. And once you feel comfortable talking to friends, develop your skills in talking to strangers.

Those who do not feel quite ready to speak out should at least become good listeners. Being receptive to the awakening racial consciousness of others is enormously valuable. Simply cultivate a reputation for being “politically incorrect” and open to heretical ideas, and you will soon hear radical ideas coming from the most unexpected sources.

Now that the holidays are upon us, a lot of us get to see friends and relatives we don’t ordinarily see. Don’t spend this holiday season gorged on turkey and vegetating in front of a football game. The holidays are a time when we can reflect on who we are. Traditional gatherings remind us that we have a collective past and a collective future. They are ideal for having a serious conversation about our future and what threatens it.

You know the truth, so pass it on, and remember George Orwell’s oft-quoted words: “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

December 4, 2003