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In the 20 years I have identified with the cause of American white nationalism and revolutionary Euronationalism, I’ve never felt that European Americans had much chance of freeing themselves from the System threatening their existence. Their best hope, I always thought, was that the System would eventually collapse from its own internal contradictions or that Europeans would show us the way.

My pessimism, of late, has begun to wane.

As the Jewish Pied Piper of my youth put it, “the times, now, they are a changin’.”

The onset of recession in 2007 and the banking failure in September 2008 have devastated the economies of not just the United States, but all Western (i.e., white) countries integrated into its world capitalist order.

In addition to the economic crisis — the cherry on top of the cake — there’s the man called Barry, who’s roused whites in ways we nationalists have never done.

Disgust with the System is at all-time high — and rising.

For the first time in my life, I sense that the System might possibly stumble in ways favoring our people.


What is this System?

Rooted ideologically in late 18th-century rationalism and institutionalized mainly after 1933/1945, it is made up of a “group of interacting, interrelated, and interdependent elements forming the complex” responsible for the management and direction of that massive globe-trotting enterprise known as the United States of America.

These elements include Wall Street, the major corporations, the universities, the think tanks, the Military Industrial Complex, the three branches of the federal government, the mainstream media, and the major banks and financial institutions — all of which are either interdependent or are in synergy with one another.

What makes these different elements part of a single complex whole is their convergence (or confluence), for each element fulfills its individual function only in conjunction with the others. It is the System, moreover, that informs and governs these elements, not the elements themselves.

Through the confluence of these elements making up the System’s major institutions, the social, political, economic, and communication facets of American life are dictated, oriented, and coordinated — with the aim, ultimately, of serving the System’s highest principle: Money.


[2]Money, indeed, is both the essence and the ends of the System.

A quantitative, material unit of value, money rules the System at the expense of everything that cannot be bought.

It thus subordinates the substance of society to the market in which it circulates, annihilating, in effect, the substance of society.

One’s tradition, community, and identity are thereby sacrificed to a world of shopping centers and plasma-screen TVs — whose society of the spectacle associates us with Negroes, Mexicans, and funny-dressed exotics.

In several national broadcasts (e.g., July 20, 2004, December 20, 2006), former president George W. Bush solemnly advised us that it is our civic duty to “go shopping.”

Vigilant in opposing everything that might conceivably obstruct the circulation of money, the System, as such, wars on the history, culture, and genetic heritage of America’s European founders.


The System, though, is now stymied by a terrible crisis.

Everyone acknowledges it.

But there’s some question as to exactly what type of crisis it is?

Most focus on its economic aspects.

But it seems to be something more than that — something that happens whenever a severe economic downturn becomes part of a larger, potentially terminal, system crisis.

Within the next half-dozen years or so, this crisis, I suspect, will culminate in a system-wide breakdown — which will destroy the System’s legitimacy, hollow out the state, and cause whites to look around for alternative loyalties and identities.

I say this not because I see it in my crystal ball or because it is my most heartfelt desire, but, rather, because we seem to have entered an age of cascading catastrophes, in which one disaster inevitably sets off another.

Too dysfunctional to survive the approaching economic, political, and social storms — (remember Katrina — it’s worse now that Barry’s pals are in charge) — the System is increasingly impaired by the cancer of its own corruption.

Even pundits who see the crisis solely in economic terms acknowledge that it could, potentially, shatter the country’s social foundations and short-circuit the normal operations of its institutional life.

In some places, already, the street lamps have gone out, paved roads have been turned to gravel roads, public services have declined or disappeared.

Meanwhile, the economy continues its descent, the key indicators keep dropping, and the avalanche of ongoing bad news depresses consumer spending (the mother’s milk of the System).

Desperate, the System looks to Helicopter Ben to shore it up with more worthless money, which of course is no way to remedy its debt crisis.

The moment, though, the System ceases to afford “schools, public transit, paved roads, libraries, and street lights,” I think it will not be too much of a stretch to claim that some sort of major social breakdown threatens.

Breakdown has the virtue of making things qualitatively clearer.

Clear enough so that everyone will be able to see that the media created Messiah of light and sound — our narcissistic African prince, Barry Obama, who promised to lead us out of the mess “we” have gotten ourselves into — is just a simulacrum (a contrived image) behind which stands a nonentity, whose Negro mediocrity is embarrassingly evident. (Is it any wonder that the rats [Emanuel, Orszag, Romer, Summers, etc.] have started to jump ship?)

The affirmative-action hire is undoubtedly compounding the crisis with his ineptitude, but the real culprit — we should never forget — is the political, financial, and disproportionately Jewish oligarchy living off the System’s fruits.

This oligarchy is so deeply vested in the System that it automatically resists reforms that might correct the System’s imbalances, fearing, rightly, that reforms would inevitably come at its expense. But even if the oligarchy sought a meaningful correction, it is now powerless to do so, for the System controls the “oligarchy,” not vice versa. The sole possible recourse at this stage in history is the system’s overthrow or collapse. This is the lesson Gorbachev learned in 1991.

As major structural problems go unresolved, the System becomes correspondingly more dysfunctional and destructive — adding further stresses to its “malperforming” functions.

Like a drunken boat tossed about in the storms assailing it, the System’s ship of state is headed now toward the greatest budgetary deficit in world history — one it can never, conceivably, get out of — though its oligarchic crew thinks — if it ignores the fact that the economy has gone to China, that its own predatory monetary values have corrupted its self-correcting powers, that most of its former authority has been turned over, in the name of free trade, to global market forces beyond human control — it will somehow muddle through.

In this spirit, the country’s unpresidental president (so “African-American”) keeps chanting his unconvincing Herbert Hoover mantra — “The economy is headed in the right direction” — as if the mounting ruins were a recovery.

With the studied indifference distinct to his race, Barry seems not to care if he talks through his ass, tells lies, distorts perceptions — he’s paid to do that, after all — but white Americans, he will soon learn, are amused by only so many monkey antics.

But far more devastating than Barry’s mockery of political authority is the crisis’s destruction of the American ethos.

Without prosperity and opportunity, the basis of the American Dream, the United States forfeits its historic legitimacy.

Given that white Americans are a nation not in the European sense and that their national identity is consequently formed by creedal ideals, the loss of the Dream expressing the highest form of their creed implies the loss of their identity as a people — or, at least, their identity with the System allegedly representing them as a people.

If this middle-class ethos central to America’s national identity should go, the entire fabric of American society will unravel — for there’s nothing else to holds it together.

The crisis, in a word, is threatening the social compact upon which America is founded.


We should be encouraged by the crisis (though we too, God help us, are going to suffer from it). We should be encouraged not just because the hard times have set off anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiment but, more important, because the System can’t possibly manage the problems the crisis is creating.

Indeed, the System no longer seems able to do anything anymore without making a mess of it, which means it hasn’t much chance of riding out the rough waters it will soon have to cross.

Everyday in Washington it is publicly announced that the System is broken.

Middle and working-class whites — angry at paying for state-run boondoggles that increase their taxes and interfere with their personal/social lives — have finally figured out that something’s very wrong.

The brain-dead Tea Party (likely to be coopted by the GOP after the November election) is a symptom of the System’s degradation. It is no solution, of course, but it will likely be succeeded by a more formidable opposition.

The forecaster Gerald Celente (who’s something of a ham) says: “One of the good businesses to get into [now] may be guillotines. Because there’s a real ‘off-with-their-heads’ fever going on. People are really fed up.”

Because there’s little prospect of saving the System at this stage, the racial-cultural stakes will rise and, if we’re lucky, so will the accompanying white consciousness. Tricorn hats might then give way to Phrygian bonnets.

If there were to be a reconvening of the Continental Congress today, our grievances would be qualitatively more serious than those of 18th-century Virginians and New Englanders.

We are nevertheless very much like the founding generation insofar as our grievances can be settled only through a revolution that frees us from the System associated with the “United States” — and culminates in the founding of a White Republic.


At that point, then, when the System starts breaking down and whites feel their backs pressed up against the wall, we natives will get one last chance to do what needs doing — one last chance to free ourselves from this invasive System steeped in the perversities of liberal modernity.

As the System teeters, our job, therefore, will be to make it unambivalently clear that we, the heirs of European America, will settle for nothing less than an all-white state, in an all-white territory, with an all-white population.

This is the primal white-nationalist demand of European America.

And, as such, it’s non-negotiable.