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Commenting Guidelines


Caravaggio's "The Incredulity of Saint Thomas," c. 1601

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1. Moderation is necessary in order to maintain civility, quality, and focus of comments. All comments are moderated. So do not expect your comment to appear immediately. And when it does not appear immediately, please do not fire off an angry email denouncing me for “censoring” you.

2. Give me your email address, in case I need to contact you. Your email address will not be publicly displayed. Henceforth, I will not post any comments that have obviously fake email addresses attached to them, no matter how good they are.

3. Please be civil and constructive. Don’t go off topic.

4. Make your comments substantive. Do not send me one-liners like “Awesome dude!” unless you are praising something I wrote.

5. Proofread your comments. I do not like to publish comments with missing capital letters, misspelled words, bad grammar, diction errors, etc. I will correct these if I think a comment is substantive enough, but I just don’t have time to fix everything that comes my way.

6. Don’t use emoticons, LOLs, and the like. Competent writers do not need smiley faces to communicate irony or humor.

7. Don’t use vulgar language, crude slurs, and other low-class and low-brow forms of expression. We are trying to raise the status of our discourse. I delete all comments inconsistent with that aim. You can be “evil,” but don’t be dumb or rude.

8. Don’t make personal attacks on our authors or other White Nationalist figures. Disagreements of principle are fine. I am all for well-reasoned and well-mannered criticism and debate, but I draw a line at ad hominem attacks. It is fine to poke fun at the enemy, but even then it should not at the expense of substance.

9. Don’t attack the white race as a whole or white racial subgroups and nations. There is a whole internet out there doing that. We intend to be a refuge.

10. Trolls get the hammer. Don’t post here if you want to spread disinformation, discord, and division. Don’t post here if you just want to draw attention to yourself. Don’t post here if you just want to vent. There are plenty of other sites on the internet for that.

Thank you for reading Counter-Currents/North American New Right and sharing your thoughtful and constructive comments.