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The American Revolutionary Cargo Cult


Sympathetic Magic: Cargo cult soldiers imitate American soldiers

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Thousands of primitive islanders scattered across dozens of remote islands in the South Pacific belong to “cargo cults.” These tribes participate in religious rituals that have been warped to one degree or another by their contact with “the White man” . . .

Lacking the slightest clue about the origins of these planes and their sacred “cargo,” they build elaborate replicas of control towers and landing strips from leaves, branches, and coconuts. For decades, they’ve patiently and precisely performed the rituals they believe will magically result in the messianic return of the “cargo.”

One example of this phenomenon has emerged among the White American tribe. They’ve begun to mimic the outward appearances of a historical Boston Tea Party protest in the vain belief that donning tricorn hats, rambling on about “liberty,” and “making their voices heard” will magically result in the messianic return of the traditional American nation.


Cargo cult airplane, created to draw back American planes full of free goodies

The disorganized and disoriented thrashing of the Tea Party movement is the last spasm of allegiance to the institutions, principles, symbols, and mantras of our indigenous mercantile elite: the founding fathers. Their impotent protests and empty rituals are the death twitch of a decapitated nation, one loyal to the dogma of a bygone elite. Our founding fathers, like the pilots who visited those remote islands during WWII, are long gone — never to return.

One can hardly blame White Americans for their ignorance of the the occult war and their having lost it. Can one can blame islanders for their ignorance of modern society and its aviation? The oligarchy that founded America, Freemasonry, was secretive. The founders, wealthy merchants and landowners, refused to submit to the distant and derelict priests and noblemen of the Old Regime, so they orchestrated what was ostensibly a spontaneous popular uprising against “tyrants,” state religion, and everything else that stuck in the craw of this wealthy but heretofore disempowered elite.

The oligarchy that toppled America, Jewry, is also secretive, disguising their machinations as popular movements and couching their agenda in ideological constructs. Unlike a king with his decree or a pope with his edict, both Masonic and Jewish oligarchs have historically had to rely heavily on crypsis when projecting power. The end result is that these White Americans who are losing their country don’t really know from whence it came or where it went.


Tea Partiers imitate style, but have no grasp of substance

The “Tea Party,” America’s revolutionary cargo cult, is both completely naive and completely devoid of real power, so its fate is preordained. Their restless energy will be redirected toward being useful idiots of the mainstream American political landscape. Their frustration about rising taxes will be exploited to benefit the plutocrats and multinational corporations. Their frustration about this government’s manipulation of the markets will be exploited to remove government oversight. Their anxiety about the sweeping demographic and sociocultural changes will be exploited by demagogues who will appease them with legislative half-gestures . . . if at all.

The Obamacare distraction, the first real test of the movement, proved how easily distracted they truly are. For several months, Fox News and the pharmaceutical lobbies hijacked them to avoid a Democratic effort to transfer the taxpayer’s graft from private corporations (Republican) to bureaucracies and not-for-profit organizations (Democratic). Sadly, their primary focus as of this writing is actually on reversing that defeat. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury are orchestrating even more egregious “bailouts” and monetary schemes that might have been their focus had they been congenitally capable of focusing.

[4]Ordinary White Americans are indeed growing restless and losing faith in the system. This is true, but irrelevant. Without a competent indigenous elite directing the angry mob, it will either be defeated or distracted. Popular revolutions don’t happen spontaneously. Mobs simply can’t organize themselves into structured organizations with coherent messages and the ability to project real political power. Unless true leadership emerges, Americans will continue to fall for warmongering neocons, charming hucksters, and foreign technocrats.

From Fair and Delightsome: http://delightsome.wordpress.com/2010/08/28/the-american-revolutionary-cargo-cult/ [5]