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Prisoners of Fate?


Reinhold Begas, "Prometheus"

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In a 1994 speech, Sam Francis reportedly asserted that when whites ceased to exist subjectively, they would cease to exist objectively.

The current genetic destruction caused by demographic collapse and replacement immigration [2] (the de facto policy of replacing white populations with non-white populations) seems to be the consequence of a subjective euthanasia which preceded it.

This euthanasia occurred when whites lost control of their culture–when the ability to express basic racial interests and to engage in the associational activities necessary to maintain those interests became impossible. Since then, whites have been completely unable, no matter how hard some tried, to transmit their racial values either horizontally (to their fellows) or vertically (from generation to generation over time).

Racially-slanted “hate speech” laws are the final nail in the coffin, but they affect primarily “micro-speech”–small-scale speech by individuals (e.g., individual websites and postings to forums or social networks, small-circulation newsletters and magazines, self-published books, pamphlets, the occasional white politician, columnist, or celebrity who unexpectedly lets slip a politically incorrect thought)–that has already been marginalized and completely excluded from the level of true culture constructed by elites via the mass media and mass organizations, particularly schools and universities.

“Hate speech” signifies the transfer to the public sector of tasks previously performed by communal vigilantes with the tacit blessing of the government, and marks another milestone in the expansion of communal influence over the police and judicial apparatus. One side effect of the formalization of censorship is to create an unacknowledged, de facto division of prisoners into two classes, labeled by Solzhenitsyn “politicals” and “criminals.” In prisons and camps they remain recognizably distinct populations, despite forcible integration.

Even with the advent of the “anti-racist” racist state, communal vigilantism does not cease. In Canada, Germany, the European Union, and elsewhere, communal organizations retain their autonomy, guiding law-making and participating in law enforcement. This machinery is rapidly becoming the norm everywhere.

The Impossibility of Cultural Transmission

A notable feature of white racial consciousness is the absence of vertical cultural transmission-which is to say, transmission from one generation to the next, whether intra-family, via the educational system, or by means of a dedicated organizational nexus.[1] Vertical transmission has been impossible for a long time. It is rare indeed that anyone obtains pro-white ideas from his family, and never through the educational system, church, or community. More often than not the conscious man’s views are completely at odds with those even of close family members, including parents and children-never mind more distant kin.

Contrast this with vertical transmission within the Jewish community, which is alive and well. Of course, that community is not targeted for eradication, making all the difference.

Horizontal transmission is just as impossible as vertical transmission. The mass media promote only anti-white messages. Whites cannot obtain positive racial images from the media or other contemporary institutions. Such entities are instead the fount of white self-hatred and of the hatred of other groups for whites. We are the only race for which this is true. The racial consciousness of Blacks, Amerindians, mestizos, Jews, Asians, and others is not only transmitted and fostered, but conspicuously glorified by the media, churches, big business, and other influential institutions.

It appears therefore that “white consciousness” arises pretty much de novo each generation among a tiny minority of random individuals possibly selected for higher racial awareness. At some point in their lives they realize more or less spontaneously that something is amiss–specifically, they become conscious of, and instinctively adopt a hostile attitude toward, anti-white racism and policies designed to eliminate their race and the basic rights required to preserve it. Usually, a search for answers motivated from within leads to whatever racial literature or small groups exist. It seems very much a matter of inner-direction, of “seeking out.”

The same analysis applies to individuals who chance upon racial “propaganda” (material designed to persuade) and change their attitudes because of it. They must already have been predisposed to the message, inasmuch as the vast majority of people remain completely unaffected by equivalent exposure. “The truth will set you free” is far from the case. Education alone will not suffice. Small-scale alternative media, even prior to “hate laws,” constitute an extremely weak force in competition with the imperious, brute force exerted by the machinery of the dominant culture. It is imperative to comprehend the incommensurable nature of these vastly different mechanisms of transmission.

As the population implosion accelerates, racist states, despite possessing the totalitarian tools and the will necessary to suppress white racial speech entirely, will leave some as “flypaper” to catch, track, and sideline these spontaneously-arising opponents. Moreover, the continued existence (if it can be called that) of “racism” is useful to the state in galvanizing anti-white hatred among the population, whipping up frenzy, and serving as a moralistic unifying force. Germany, for example, is a communist state insofar as white racial speech and association are concerned, but a carefully monitored and controlled white “opposition” still exists.

The odds of a spontaneous “backlash” against the forces of evil seem non-existent. Since the 1960s, the media and academia have tantalizingly promised a “white backlash” (with a bit of a smirk, it always seemed to me) that never materialized. What did not occur in a whiter, freer era is not going to happen in a racist, totalitarian environment in which whites comprise a bare majority of the population, are rapidly dwindling in numbers and social and economic influence, and are discriminated against at every turn.

Depending upon the Weakness of our Enemies

In the absence of naturally-occurring, self-maintaining collective subjective consciousness and the ability to spread it by proselytization (the existing base being socially insignificant), racially aware whites are compelled to rely upon the occurrence of a chance misstep or failure on the part of the anti-white enemy prior to the attainment of complete genetic annihilation.

Although we have seen only Jewish, Leftist, and anti-white triumphs, never failures, this does not mean that a social cataclysm cannot occur. Despite official and unofficial propaganda to the contrary, the present masters of the universe are not God, or even the children of God. They have a long, conspicuous history of failure in the art of civilization.

The financial crisis of 2008 is instructive in this regard. The terrible suddenness and violence with which it drove the world instantly to the brink of total financial collapse revealed a deeply vulnerable system. Had events proceeded, tens of millions of people would have discovered their savings had vanished–FDIC-insured bank accounts, checking accounts, money market funds. Stocks and mutual funds, too, would have imploded. Bankruptcy of firms would have created massive unemployment. Few to this day comprehend the seriousness of what transpired.

The innate psychology of the elite virtually insures an eventual crisis of massive proportions, regardless of the specific form it takes. For example, can a viable social order really be constructed upon the moral foundations of Sodom and Gomorrah [3]?

The need to concentrate power, to murder hated enemies, to imprison, torture, silence all dissent, and to exalt the selfishness and greed of one race over the interests of all others, is simply unworkable in the long term.

Even Communism, triumphant for seven decades, and Zionism, triumphant for six, only survived thanks to powerful allies in the Western establishment. Without their protection and massive subsidization, both would have collapsed. Communism and Zionism were never independently viable.

The anti-white regime, by contrast, is global. It is obsessed with genetically eradicating its dray horse–white people–though there is no outside force to prop it up. China, for a time, might fulfill the beast-of-burden role. One can even imagine a period of efflorescence. But the nature of the elite will ultimately compel it to destroy the Chinese, too.

But none of this matters. They will do what their nature impels them to do. No one can stop them, or, indeed, desires to. Even if everyone and everything is driven into the ground, institutions and elites will facilitate the current pathology and nothing else.

Willy Meller, "Schicksalsstunde" (Hour of Destiny) [4]Crisis No Panacea

So, the genetic survival of the white race appears to hinge upon some unexpected catastrophe. But it would be foolish to assume that such an event would automatically redound to the benefit of the white race, or put paid to the totalitarian elite. During the last major crisis, the Great Depression, Jews leveraged already formidable power to achieve racial dominance. Although pro-white movements briefly grew in size and influence, they were quickly crushed everywhere, internally as well as externally. It was Communism that emerged victorious over half the European world while extending its tentacles into the upper echelons of government and academia in the remainder. Communism “collapsed” when Jewish enthusiasm for it waned. Its Orwellian essence did not disappear, however, but became universal.

It is hard to see why the outcome would be fundamentally different this time. The same clique would possess the lion’s share of resources and power after the cataclysm as before, even if overall resources diminished greatly in absolute terms. It would remain the only group with actual experience in ruling at the national and international levels and accustomed to routinely employing the most brutal measures imaginable. Its cultural and genetic unity would remain intact.

Whites, who do not even consciously exist as a race anymore, have not ruled anything for a long time. They have gone soft. They are the victims of precipitous demographic decline, and, even as isolated individuals command fewer resources with each passing day–most of which, as a practical matter, are retained only at the sufferance of the state and powerful vigilante groups under its auspices. Jewry employed the British government to bankrupt David Irving and destroy his ability to function professionally, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has a long, reprehensible history of silencing speech by selectively utilizing the court system to bankrupt white groups with the objective of destroying associational freedom. Many other examples could be cited.

Finally, as in the Depression, World War II, and post-9/11 (another cataclysm that benefited Jewry and harmed whites), the repressive apparatus–the secret police force of the surveillance state–can expand enormously in the midst of crisis. Whites, as always, will remain prime targets of secret police venom.

The Organizational Nexus versus Leaderless Resistance

In response to these grim realities, it has been proposed that whites should create an alternative community and infrastructure, including media. Its purpose would not be to seize power, but to salvage enough from the wreckage, post-breakdown, to insure racial independence and survival.

Unfortunately, the freedom to construct an actual white sub- or counter-culture of this nature hasn’t existed since at least the 1920s–if not before. Indeed, a core concern of governments and Jewish organizations has been to insure by any means necessary that nothing like this ever happens. Law, human rights, freedom of speech and association, the Genocide Convention–everything goes out the window when it comes to accomplishing this one essential task.

Acknowledging this reality, a small faction has ridiculed the (to date) ineffectual organizational approach as “eat, meet, and retreat,” advocating “Leaderless Resistance [5]” instead. This entails individual, uncoordinated acts by rebels not easily monitored, controlled, or crushed by the totalitarian state or its adjuncts. It is hard to fault the underlying logic, inasmuch as the freedoms necessary to attain peaceful racial change have indeed been eradicated.

As a practical matter, however, leaderless resistance has proven no more effective than the organizational method. Both have failed miserably.

Spontaneous, isolated outbursts of rage against the state and its genocidal policies, typically involving violence or vandalism directed against some “minority,” have also occurred. (Due to their emotional rather than coldly rational motivation, and failure to select politically significant targets, such outbursts do not constitute leaderless resistance.) Media and politicians instantly magnify every socially inconsequential act of this kind into a national or international incident, mendaciously imputing guilt to the innate “racism” of all whites.

Such acts are remarkable for their rarity. Equivalent violence by “minorities” against whites is far more frequent, though rarely classified as “hate.” Given the magnitude and nature of the crimes against the white race, similar spontaneous outbursts will occur in the future. It is inevitable. The rulers are fortunate, however. Never before in history has a regime so evil enjoyed so little opposition given the monstrousness of its crimes.

“Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds. They have within themselves the power to become free at any moment,” said Franklin D. Roosevelt, the vain, self-centered cynic who fronted the alien conquest of the West.[2]

Contrary to his words, Roosevelt’s speechwriters understood perfectly well that men’s minds are the prisoners of whoever controls the media of mass communications–in 1939: Hollywood, the great newspapers, magazines, book publishers, and radio broadcasters.

Whites today remain prisoners of fate precisely because they are prisoners of their own minds–minds controlled by others.


[1] I here include as part of vertical transmission what is, in the Cavalli-Sforza/Feldman model of cultural evolution, separately designated “oblique” transmission [6].

[2] Address at the White House Conference on Children in a Democracy, April 23, 1939. http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/index.php?pid=15747 [7]

TOQ Online, June 4, 2009