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Translated by Michael O’Meara

Czech translation here [2]

Of all the pathologies afflicting our society, “philosophical” relativism is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous, for its diffuse character, pseudoscientific logic, and air of tolerance (the highest value in our postmodern world) give it a distinct advantage over its philosophical competitors.

Since Montaigne, relativism has attracted numerous thinkers who reject the idea that a religion or a civilization can be deemed superior to another.  In the last sixty years, as the relativist paradigm extended its reign over all the Western nations, their populations have been so numbed by it that they are no longer capable of defending even the most basic principles of their thought and culture.

Far from safeguarding cultural diversity, relativism engenders a self-hatred, a xenophilia, and a radical individualism that flattens out ancient nations in unprecedented ways.

Today, relativism assumes the appearance of a learned discourse to legitimize the weaknesses of once glorious and brilliant nations, as they aspire to a total retreat.

Printed source: “Vaincre le relativisme?,” Rivarol, March 6, 2009
Internet source: http://unitepopulaire.org/index.php?limitstart=10 [3]