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A White Nationalist Guide to Game

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The following words are addressed to white nationalist men. White nationalist men tend to be both misogynistic and single. These phenomena reinforce one another and arise from a common root: an idealistic naivete about the female psyche and how to captivate it. I wish to combat both misogyny and loneliness by recommending greater realism about women.

This realism comes from an unlikely source: recent online discourse about “game,” i.e., techniques for picking up women. Some white nationalists will reject all talk of “game” because of its Negro gutter slang and Jewish promoters. But in spite of its origins, I wish to argue that game is merely the reassertion of nature and Traditional wisdom about sexuality in a form adopted to the present Dark Age (Kali Yuga), and that white nationalist men need to master it if their genes and values are to survive into the next Golden Age.

In traditional societies, men rule over and take care of women. As girls, they are ruled by their fathers. As wives, they are ruled by their husbands. As widows, they are looked after by their sons. Even a woman who enjoyed some choice in the matter of mates still received her male suitors under the lawful supervision and watchful eyes of her father, who hoped to find a man of the requisite caste, ability, wealth, and physical prowess, for these factors would ensure her continuance of the family bloodline and the protection of her and her offspring.

As the West underwent decline thanks largely to the revolutionary upheavals of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, women were kept in their traditional place more by social expectations than the legal rule of their male superiors. This persisted, more or less, until around the 1960s, when the Free Love counter-culture fully liberated women to do whatever they pleased. Today, all constraints have been cast to the four winds, and women roam the world acting on their own proclivities.

I am no misogynist; I am merely an observer with a knack for characterization. One thing I have noticed about women is that their minds are chaotic places, rife with insecurities, second-guessing, emotionalism, sensationalism, caprice, naivete, worries, self-contradiction, and an unhealthy preoccupation with immediate concerns.

Add to this the slew of other uniquely female maladies: premenstrual syndrome, Munchausen Biproxy, and post-partum depression, among others.

Now, throw women into a society that is the epitome of chaos, where men are effeminate, family life is turbulent (and daddy issues are nine times out of ten the cause of female self-ruination), drugs of every sort are easily accessible, and all positive values are inverted. Thus you have the potential for raw, unadulterated lunacy. These are the times we live in, and being wired as they are biologically, we almost cannot blame women for their often senseless behavior.

The senseless behavior that concerns us here is that of choosing male mates who would come across to most of us as either ugly, stupid, or downright degenerate. There are many beautiful, bright, and successful women out there who have their arms around sloppy, slack-jawed, grotesque morons of every race. We have all seen it, and we have all been equally confused, outraged, and discouraged by it, I’m sure. “How can that be possible?!” we would say to ourselves or the friend next to us. Many of us would then think “I’m good looking, successful, and can carry an intelligent conversation. Why don’t I get girls like that?”

The truth is that these evolutionary throwbacks have an advantage over the cerebral types in courting the hot chicks—an advantage that generally proves to be most decisive. Among today’s young crowd, it’s called “having game.” As the phrase is undoubtedly of urban slang origin, allow me to consult the Urban Dictionary website:

“The ability to seduce anybody of the opposite sex . . . or same sex for that matter.

10 minutes after he met her (he) was hittin’ dat ass, dat dude got mad game.

What exactly does “the ability to seduce anybody” entail? Nowadays it requires a series of mental games that someone with street smarts is capable of playing, and playing well. The woman’s mind, again, is a complicated place. It is like a rotating sphere with a number of different buttons, each of which can be pressed only within a limited time span. If you miss a button, it loses its overall effectiveness by its next rotation.

Most importantly, one needs to determine the proper sequence in which to press these buttons, as the wrong one could result in total, perpetual rejection. Another could land one in the ever-dreaded “friend zone,” wherein a woman sees a man purely as a platonic friend and will never consider him in a romantic fashion as long as they both shall live.

The game starts the second a man speaks to a woman, and may continue indefinitely depending upon what the man is seeking; the goal nowadays is usually to get the girl in bed. The pressing of the right buttons at the right time produces an electrical shockwave in the woman’s head that tells her “This man is sexy and I want to get to know him,” even if he is not physically attractive, and even if he is, in every other regard, an asshole.

Allow me to repeat: good looks, intelligence, social stature, education, and wealth are not sufficient for scoring with women anymore. Women have such an unlimited array of choices nowadays due to their liberation that the only way to truly snag one is to get into her head and steer her in your direction. That is what having game is all about, and that is an ability that we white nationalists need to develop if our race is to have a shot at survival.

I absolutely loathe playing mind games; whenever I stoop to the level of borderline childlike idiocy that is often necessary when “spitting game,” I feel almost like a shell of my true self. But this is the Kali Yuga, and game, like most forms of dishonesty and manipulation, is necessary for us at this point in time. Think of it as behaving like an agent provocateur with a crucial objective.

Most white nationalists are extremely cerebral people, and many more still are well-kempt, handsome, masculine fellows. I have met some of the most brilliant and most noble-looking men among this crowd. But the highly intelligent mind, with its preoccupation with lofty ideas and the like, is so foreign to the mentality one needs to pick up women that many of our kind simply have trouble finding mates.

We expect that the epitome of graceful white womanhood is out there for our taking, and that the rightness of our Cause and nobility of our spirits is all we need to get her. Unfortunately, this is far from the case. As such, a streak of self-defeating misogyny has arisen among our ranks, as well as among intelligent whites who don’t subscribe to our ideals.

Here is an example [3] from Occidental Dissent (October 25, 2009):

Young women these days have been stripped of all culture, taste, and refinement. The last traces of respectability are quickly vanishing. It is harder and harder to find a mate who is intelligent, somewhat interesting, and isn’t a whore. Increasingly, I find myself entertaining the dark thought that women are only good for one thing, which is sex. Most of my friends have already arrived at this conclusion.

Hence, this post. Young women are suckers for cads [4]. They deliberately seek out exactly the guys who are most likely to use them, treat them like shit, and dispose of them. They all entertain the same fantasy of being able to control males of this sort; often times in full knowledge of what they are getting into.

He’s right about one thing. Women have lost culture and refinement, but it’s only because the type of  civilization that once predominated has been supplanted by the Kali Yuga (the age of chaos), which itself is the fault of past generations of men. Without the order bestowed on all Life that is only possible by the agency of Higher Man—the culture bearer—one cannot expect a naturally chaotic creature to maintain her respectability on her own.

The author is wrong when he says women “deliberately seek out exactly the guys who are most likely to use them, treat them like shit, and dispose of them. They all entertain the same fantasy of being able to control males of this sort.” You see, it is not a love of being abused that drives women into the arms of “cads,” but rather, the skillful “game” that cads employ to get them. They mistreat women later on simply because they can. Say what you will about them, but they know how to control a woman’s mind.

What makes a race truly great is its ability to evolve and adapt to continually arising problems. The state of women today is one such problem, and rather than giving into despair and bemoaning how “whorish” and “uncultured” they are—both of which only lead to sexless “blue balls”—we ought to be surmounting this dilemma.

We are smarter, nobler, and better looking than the average cad, and if you add those traits to a little bit of “game,” the odds would be overwhelmingly in our favor. Again, these traits are not enough in themselves, but they do lend support at certain points. Think of game as the battering ram needed to breach an enemy castle, and a man’s positive personality traits as the ram’s covering arrow fire.

If you refuse to develop your own game and would rather sit and complain about how low women have sunk, then our race will not have the future generation of leaders it needs to carry the torch of civilization. It requires much trial and error, but the perks of success far outweigh the cons of how silly one might feel while “gaming.”

A successful game results in sexual intercourse—which should be reinforcement enough—and, later on, loving companionship. With the latter comes the possibility of converting the woman to our Cause—“culturing” her. I can attest to this from personal experience; once a woman loves you, or at least cares for you enough, she is much more willing to embrace thoughts and ideas that were hitherto completely absent from her mind. Most women can be brought into the fold only in this way.

There is also a non-sexual incentive for mastering the art of seduction. One who knows how to manipulate women has the potential to manipulate the masses, for they are essentially passive and feminine. From getting women’s numbers, one of our own can gradually ascend to getting people’s votes in a local election or something similar. Just look at David Duke.

The Practical Side of Game

We shall now move to an examination of how game is carried out; the popular phraseology is “spitting game.” Fortunately, the Internet offers an endless array of blogs and tip-giving websites for our use. Some of these, no doubt, were written by urban Negroes and other hoodlums, but the utility of their ideas is far more important than their origins.

Firstly, one must understand that there is no single method of success. Different situations call for different approaches, be they at a bar, in a library, or at work. Game is only the first principle—the will-to-romance, if you will—and tactics are different manifestations of it.

For example, a man should never single-handedly approach a group of more than two girls for the sake of meeting one of them. For one, female gaggles tend to think that if all of them aren’t getting attention, then none of them ought to. Secondly, the man in question will simply appear strange to them. “Why is he all alone? Doesn’t he have any friends? Can’t he see that it’s a girl’s night out?” are the thoughts that will be running through their minds.

The film Big Daddy hits it right on the head when Sonny teaches Julian that “initiating the conversation is half the battle.” Such is why this is the most difficult part of gaming. The possibilities in this regard are absolutely coterminous with the context, which means that one cannot give a solid answer as to “how.” I can, however, give a few examples of situation manipulation.

I was once at a restaurant that had a bar right next to my table. Sitting there was a tall, slender blonde with blue eyes whom I resolved to meet. As it just so happened, this place was a microbrewery with its own unique assortment of beers, one of which was titled “The Blonde Bombshell.” I strategically walked up to the bar in a spot next to the woman and placed my order with enough volume for her to hear it. Surely enough, like clockwork, she responded.

“A fan of the blondes, eh?” she inquired with a come-hither look in her eye. “Guilty,” I responded with a smirk while slowly shaking my head. A longer conversation then spilled out naturally, I got her number, and the rest was fait accompli.

It’s really just about sizing up the situation in a Sun-Tzu fashion. If a girl looks like she’s in a pissy mood, don’t waste your time. If she appears to be totally absorbed in her cell phone, she’s likely talking to one or more other guys already (and she’s also probably high-maintenance). If several men have been approaching a woman that night, you will just appear to be a dorky cliché to her if you follow suit. Sometimes you will even get lucky and a girl will approach you, making the game outlandishly easy.

After initial communication occurs, the button-pressing begins. Below are some core methods to stick to provided by becomeaplayer.com [5], with my additional commentary.

SMILE. Remember to smile constantly; while you’re talking, while you’re listening, while you’re doing just about anything. I can not stress this rule enough, smiling is the most powerful weapon in any player’s arsenal. It let’s the women know that your probably a fun guy to be around and someone they would like to know or be involved with.  This single rule alone can improve your success with women by over 100%, use it wisely . . .

Subliminally, smiling communicates self-confidence and superiority, for we only smile and laugh at things to which we feel superior. Make sure you look her dead in the eye as well. Looking away suggests insecurity, which will destroy your chances immediately.

Never talk too much or bring up subjects that will be boring to her; let her initiate the topics of discussion and do most of the talking while you simply relate yourself to her statements by saying things like “me too.”

The second one is extremely important. Do not discuss politics or give any inkling as to your racial views. Keep the conversation simple and try to keep her talking about herself. The indoctrination process can begin several months later, after you’ve already had sex with her and she’s eating out of your hand.

Tell her a joke, because jokes stick in your head.

By this, the author is not talking about going up to a girl and saying “So, did you hear the one about the bear and the rabbit?” Instead, be sarcastic in your speech. Make fun of her playfully if she slips up with a word, says something that doesn’t make sense (which they are prone to do), or does something else unusual. They are insecure beings, and if a man demonstrates that he is above them, they eat it right up.

My sardonic ways of conversing have almost always been my means to success. I recall one date I had with a beautiful, busty woman who had a funny voice, recited odd inside jokes that I could not possibly understand, and had a bit of snot in one of her nostrils. I tore her apart playfully for each quirk, making her extremely self-conscious but nonetheless enamored. If she were a male friend there would have been a brawl, but women love being picked on for some reason. One year later we concluded a long, passionate, rewarding relationship that I’ll never forget; I even made her racially conscious.

Another tip, which is somewhat intertwined with the above, reads:

Always compliment women, and they will always feel good about you, but don’t overdue [sic] it or they will think your [sic] just trying to score points (which you are, but you don’t want them to know that). Try to sound sincere and give her a unique compliment that most people will overlook. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with complimenting women in general, the next step is to begin giving them negative compliments (negs) in order to disqualify yourself as someone that is trying to pick them up. By doing this, you will have a non-threatening presence from then on and will be able to game her from a much more powerful position. The basic form of a neg is a positive followed by a negative, for example “I like the color of your shirt, but it fits a little funny on you . . . is it too small?”

There is an important dynamic to compliment-giving that the writer overlooks a bit. Firstly, never be too direct in your compliments during the first conversation with a girl. If you say, for example, “You are damn beautiful tonight,” she is likely going to think that you are odd, or even creepy. Save those remarks for a third or fourth date. Even the Baron Julius Evola offers some advice in this regard:

“. . . she is like a flame feeding itself . . . she loves even more as the object of her love does not commit himself, does not open himself up, and even creates some distance. . .”

In other words, she does not need endless compliments. The man who keeps dishing them out appears too eager—almost feminine in his own right. Offer a compliment only if she brings up a target, such as: “Yea my hair is a rat’s nest today,” upon which you say “You’re crazy. It looks fine.” Or better yet, leave a “neg.”: “Yea it is, in fact, I see some things crawling around in there.” After such a neg, smile and let her know you’re messing around. If she’s sitting or standing next to you, you might also give her a light shove with your elbow while reassuring her. If she playfully slaps you, touches your leg, or says “Screw you!” while giggling (do I really need to provide a translation here?), you are in like Flynn.

Finally, when the conversation is all said and done, do not ask for her number—demand it. Instead of “So, can I have your number?” it ought to be “I’m thinking you should give me your number so we can hang out some time.” This evokes your masculine auctoritas, your lordliness.

Nine times out of ten, you will not sleep with the girl that night. The game must therefore go on for a few more weeks. Evola offers more advice:

“. . . the feminine principle, whose force is centrifugal, does not turn to fleeting objects but rather to a ‘virile’ stability in which she finds a limit to her ‘restlessness.’”

In other words, you must be as a sun to her planet. Calling or texting the next day is a sure-fire way to kill your chances, as this suggests over-eagerness. Most of the time the girl will call or text you anyhow. If this does not happen, wait two whole days before initiating contact. After hanging out becomes a routine, never come across as “needing” to see her. The idea is to appear as a Stoic, unmoved mover that could not care any less about her; they see it as an enticing challenge, and it works every time.

My worst failures occurred when I was calling almost every other day, always being the one to request a hangout. I was being a “nice guy”—the worst mistake any man can make. The Hollywood image of the reserved, shy, apologetic, nice pipsqueak, usually played by some Jewish actor, does NOT get the girl. Don’t be Jon Cusack or Jason Biggs, but Jason Statham or Colin Farrell (but don’t smoke like the latter!).

Some words regarding text messaging: Women love to do it, and although I absolutely loathe it, it’s yet another arena in which we must be masters. Texts should never be very long, and one should never send two in a row. Let the women keep hammering you with the questions. Respond with simple, basic answers that prompt more questions, and always give about five to ten minutes before responding. If she does not respond, be patient even if it means waiting three hours. In his novel Mister, Alex Kurtagic offers similar guidelines in the scene describing how the main character met his wife.

* * *

The “button-pressing” ideas given above should be considered a basic framework for spitting game, not an absolute equation. Each situation and each woman may call for something different. A girl with daddy issues is more likely to respond to crudely humorous remarks, while a girl from a healthy household might demand more intelligent manners of expression. A woman who’s had a few at the bar might have a better sense of humor than a woman in a bookstore who is sober.

On the other hand, a guy who is physically attractive will have better chances (covering fire) and could probably get away with a few slipups (incorrect button sequences), while a chubby guy will need to have his game down to a T to succeed. It’s all variable, but one becomes more capable in sizing up situations with practice and a little advice.

I have a friend who has slept with well over forty women. He is not particularly handsome, standing 5’7” with a beer-gut, tiny balloon-like hands, and a goat-like beard; to bust his chops, I call him “The Hobbit.” Nevertheless, he has one of the most flawless games I have ever witnessed and has landed countless gorgeous ladies as a result.

Not only does he know what to say and when to say it, but he also has an uncanny ability to determine what types of women he’s dealing with. If a girl comes across as having a high level of self-respect and intelligence, he generally avoids her. If a girl appears to be less-than-bright with insecurities and daddy issues, he pounces like a lion upon a gazelle—“Easy targets,” he calls them. His current woman was initially won over when he wrote her a note that said “I want to *** you like it’s the last supper.” He read her signals, knew what she would respond to, and dished it out with surgeon-like precision.

One important thing to note is that some women will not respond to you no matter how well your game is. A small minority of women have specific types of men that they prefer, i.e., guidos, gangstahs, blondes, brunettes with blue eyes, bodybuilders, etc., and will never deviate from these preferences. Often times women will only date members of a certain race, be it their own or another (the latter is unfortunate). I’ve gleaned from my experiences that the greater majority will respond to men who appear to be of their own race or something akin to it, and who have good game, regardless of sub-categorical types. As white men, that means we have a big pool to fish in.

Instead of dismissing game as something plebeian or that only works on dumb “whores,” we need to be open-minded and give it a shot. Intelligent white men, especially those of our creed, need to master the art of seduction. It is a Dionysian impulse that must be cultivated if we are to keep up with the nonwhite hordes that multiply indiscriminately every day, sometimes out of unions with our own men and women.

To those men who think me a braggart, I suggest you go to a bar or other public venue and give gaming a shot. If you already have a girlfriend or wife then you only substantiate my argument because it took a good game on your part to snag her! If you refuse to try it and would rather sit around in a misogynistic despair, then there is no hope for you or the generations of white posterity that you could have sired.

To those women who deem me a sexist, I suggest you search your souls a bit more deeply; look back on your ex-boyfriends and past one-night stands and reassess exactly what you were attracted to about them. If you find yourself saying “he appeared very confident” or “he was really funny,” then you only prove my argument—you’re talking about his good gaming skills.

Women have become merely another battlefield on which we white men must prove victorious if we are to save the race. Rise to the challenge that is the busty, smooth-skinned, broad-hipped, doe-eyed, sleek-figured white vixen!

We are better in every way than the meatheads, whiggers, metrosexuals, gangstahs, Asian sensations, guidos, potheads, and other goofballs out there who land beautiful women; those women could easily be ours.

We cannot allow ourselves to be outdone by slack-jawed, lazy-grinned, physically disproportionate, genetically-debased material simply because they have the courage to “hollah’ at” girls while we keep to ourselves and bewail the dating pool.

Yes, girls are wired crazily, and they often times act stupidly, but it is our job to be their source of mountain-like centrality. We must conquer them, bring them into our orbits, and turn them into the proud mothers of our future through our irresistible auctoritas.

Their whoreishness, erratic behavior, uncertainty, irrationality, insecurity, and the like ought to be seen as exploitable weaknesses, not impregnable fortifications.

Get out there and spit some game, white man! It will take many tries if you’re new to it, but that’s how one learns. Don’t feel self-conscious, and don’t get discouraged; heed the words of Nietzsche: “Be of good cheer! What matter! Learn to laugh at yourselves!”

And for God’s sake, get laid.